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  • borowiecsminus17 June 2016
    The Greatest "MON" Episode Yet
    Warning: Spoilers
    Yes, "MON" does stand for Master of None.

    This episode is truly, far and away, the greatest in the show's run up to this episode. While some may dismiss it as filler, I would argue that this is one of the few episodes that is not filler. The show is not meant to be a situational comedy, which up to this point, it was.

    The chemistry between Dev and Rachel is some of the best I've ever seen in a comedy. The dialogue is both witty, fast, and hilarious. While the "full-body" jokes got old real fast, the koala and octopus jokes were nice touches. The scene with the bathroom and the ghost was amazing.

    The directing isn't fantastic or anything, but it does a great job conveying a mood, especially on the plane ride back. The writing is brilliant. And the acting, well, it's not Emmy-worthy, but it certainly isn't bad.

    This episode made me like the show.
  • onion_bums1 January 2016
    Nashville rocks!
    This episode focuses entirely on the relationship between Rachel and Dev. It has some good jokes and funny moments but it is less hilarious than the other episodes I have seen.

    It develops the bond between Rachel and Dev. And they have awesome chemistry. Ansari and Wells are doing an excellent job. It rarely feels fake. I'm waiting to see where this goes. This episode goes far in terms of character development.

    I'm not a big fan of romantic stuff but this episode is really cute.

    P.S. Haven't seen Brian in a while. What's up with him?

    Watch out for ghost koala bears!
  • LorenBieg22 January 2018
    Can't stop smiling!
    Warning: Spoilers
    It's only six episodes in, but I'm so relieved to see Dev and Rachel get together. Their chemistry is amazing. The Nashville date was like the first part of a great rom-com. She says yes! They have a great time and seem perfect for each other. Dev screws it up. Then he makes a really great apology and they get food together. It's like the first six months of a relationship on a single date.

    Noël Wells as Rachel is star power. I was pulling for Rachel and Dev immediately. I want more.
  • zuri116 March 2016
    pure nihilism
    with 0 redemption for viewer

    it's all filler! no killer! (my Aziz Ansari impression) ^ had he had made this joke during the episode, my rating would bump up 1 star

    it's the worst episode of a TV show i've ever seen. i only laughed once during it.

    the episode with Carrie from homeland was great, whereas this episode is trash. is the point that relationships like the one portrayed in Nashville are soul sucking and its effectiveness as an episode rests on making the viewer feel the same desperation?

    ^ That could be interesting, but this show is supposed to be comedy and all of the comedy felt cliché and scripted. the characters seemed like shells of ideas. unlike the film The Comedy, which is also uncomfortable, but explores its theme in new and insightful ways, through genuinely interesting (and most importantly, believable) characters.

    This is a valueless episode. I would have given it 0 stars if I could have.