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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "What a way to refresh yourself.." This is what came to my mind after watching this film. Being a great fan of the mastermind Alphonse Puthren and his debut film Neram, this didn't disappoint me. But it did impress me.

    It may not be a life-changing, mind-blowing film. But a clean romantic comedy that lies closer to reality than you think. Unintentional and situational comedy that shows up almost in every scene of the film, can clean your mind of any stress or anything of that sort that you have at the moment.

    The direction of the film as usual is exemplary. The edits (that too done by the director) certainly utilities the factor of directorial edited films. The film certainly lacks a story but that factor is hidden by the beautifully captured visuals thanks to the cinematographer, Anend. Screenplay is good. Production value and art was natural at it's level best as most of the places shown in the film originally exists.

    The film is divided into 3 acts that covers 3 stages of the life of George, a care-free living youngster - the first one covering the romantic relationship of George while studying in 12th grade is the shortest one of the film. The second covering his collage life is the longest and the most stylish\epic one among that, making it my favorite. The last act shows the life of George after his collage life, now a working class fellow. The film's main plot is based on 3 different women that George fell in love with during the 3 different stages.

    Simple and elegant plot which lags a bit in the last half hour is the only problem with the film that I saw.

    Positives :-

    1. Nivin Pauly himself is a great asset to the film. The film too should be a great asset to him as this film is the best work I saw from him. He has improved his weaknesses like acting out emotional scenes and dance. OMG, the wonderful dance choreographed by Sai Pallavi is amazing. And Nivin has danced it to perfection.

    2. All other male stars. When I say this I mainly mean none others that Krishna Sankar and Shabareesh Varma. Shabareesh does a kind of one man show which is my other favorite of the film. Being a lyricist and a singer, the actor have given all his level best performance at all areas. Vinay fort, Maniyanpilla Raju was also good.

    3. All the three lead actresses were pretty good. Mostly Sai Pallavi who changed the entire course of the film with her cute performance as Malar miss smile emoticon

    4. Wonderful cameos. There are a lot of cameos throughout. First one being Jude Anthony as Jolly D' Cruz. Then there is Renji Panicker as David who did a stylish role with the superbly written dialogs from his own films. Finally there is the director himself as Ronnie who is a drug addict and the only or mainly the villain of the film.

    5. Superb stunt scenes. There is hardly 2 scenes of fights in the entire film and the main one in that being George's collage intro. I sure wished there was more of that frown emoticon

    6. Amazing cinematography and superb Edits.

    7. The best soundtrack I've ever heard along with Chandrettan Evideya and Neram.

    Negatives :-

    1. A little lag that happens the final half hour.

    Verdict - Premam is a surely must watch entertainer
  • This film doesn't have a strong story line but I wasn't bored for a second.I went to see this film coz of Alphonse Puthren(Neram) and also due to the fact that this was produced by Anwar Rasheed(Usthad Hotel,Bglr Days).

    Unlike Oru Vadakan Selfie which was like 99% Entertainment and 1 % story.This is way better it's like 50-50.No humourless comedy,no unwanted songs.Maybe because Alphonse editing it felt like a carefully crafted piece of diamond.

    Quick Review-

    Story - 7\10 - Simple and fun

    Songs - 9\10 - I personally liked Kalipu and Scene Contra

    Direction\Cinematography - 9\10 - Perfect setting,shots.

    Overall - 8\10 - One of the decent movies I have seen in Malayalam for a long time.
  • Watched the movie yesterday, the serum of rejuvenation that it injected into me yesterday is still flowing strong. I plan to watch the movie again possibly multiple times over this week. The movie has great humor, is amazingly truthful , beautifully heartwarming.

    Against the backdrop of simple and unassuming friendships, portrayed with excellent humor, multiple tales of love are presented. All the love stories presented have the genuineness of everyday life. Spectacular things do not happen which makes it so relatable. There are multiple points in life at which one is enamored by someone else and typically things do not work out all the way each time until finally it does. That is all the movie is about - a pretty simple and evident aspect of life.

    The movie is a total entertainer as it has great humor, presented with unabashed innovation,awesome songs, great scenery, timely stunt scenes to keep the pep up and most importantly the theme of love that flows through sincerely, straight into your heart, presented with all the vulnerabilities and insecurities that comes with loving someone deeply and giving someone else much more power than oneself.

    Movie is novel in its presentation. The sequence of execution does not fit into any of the typical patterns. The movie presents three different time periods with the same characters which worked very well.

    Alphonse Putheren has himself played a small cameo role in the movie which is going to endear him to the malayali psyche even more . It is clear that a lot of hard work has gone into the movie and it has been designed to be an entertainer and the movie has worked really really well. He is clearly masterful as the impressions his movie left on me 24 hours back lingers on pretty strong - it is not just the joy of love, the vulnerabilities, the sorrow , the excitement everything lingers on - hats off!

    Just back from my third view of the movie. There is not one scene that does not deliver. You appreciate each and every scene and the movie comes to an end smoothly to a successful finish.
  • First of all I watched the movie without any preconceptions and expectations as I thought it would be a simple love story as the name suggests, but in turn it came out to be an excellent entertainer. The movie is so captivating right from the beginning. It's a mixed bucket of our nostalgic childhood and the exact revelation of our modern day life. Each and every actor played complete justice to their roles through out the movie. It's another type of a feel excellent movie which pumps you to the core. And of course there are many surprise packages indeed. And Alphonse Puthren, you are an absolute genius! The way you directed the movie deserves great applause. The turnovers, the frames, the cuts were simply brilliant. The type of celebration this movie injects is pretty much awesome. Kudos to the cinematographer and music director of the movie. Exceptional cinematography and some killer music! Goosebumps are guaranteed especially during fight scenes Watch it with an open mind keeping logic away and enjoy to the maximum. This movie is a sheer entertainer.
  • I went for 'Premam' after witnessing the massive positive response that the movie received from the day of its release and naturally expectations were sky-high,which luckily didn't turn wrong as Alphonse Puthren could succeed in producing a delicious entertainer with originality in narration right from the word go.Made on a template that brims with inventiveness and unique stamp of the narrator,Premam is a good example of how intense belief that one has on himself can result in an alluring creation.

    Premam presents three different phases in the love-life of Protagonist George with hope,despair,success,failure,re-invention and optimism all going hand-in-hand on the course of the narration.The screenplay written by Alphonse himself smartly utilizes genuine situational humor to ensure that the audience is glued to the seats till the end of the feature.

    "Butterflies are mentally mental,so is love" unveils on the screen as the end credit starts to roll,a perfect way to end all the madness associated with love that the movie showcased in its running time of around 166 minutes ranging from simple infatuation to deep love and from budding romance to heart-break and finally tying knot with the 'one'.

    The tempo of narration is somewhat slow or rather realistic,but never really tests the patience of the audience due to the emotional connect that the lead characters manages to develop and maintain with the viewers because of Alphonse's dexterity in presentation and the strong support of the whole technical and acting departments.

    Nivin Pauly continues his winning streak,this time with a pinch of #Kalipp added to his usual romeo avatar.The actor has managed to pull off three different phases in George's life with ease and won the hearts yet again after his character "Umesh" in the recent release "Oru Vadakkan Selfie".All the female leads did their job pretty well with Sai Pallavi being the pick who made me fall in love with her instantly likable character 'Malar'.Madonna Sebastian was lovable with her realistic performance and unmatchable cuteness.Anupama Parameswaran did her part well even though she had less screen presence compared to other female leads.Vinay Fort and Saubin Shahir were hilarious.Alphonse Puthren,Renji Panicker and Jude Anthany Joseph made their cameos remarkable.

    The score by Rajesh Murugesan was innovative and tailored for the storyline.Lyrics by Shabareesh Verma were refreshing.All the 7 songs and numerous song-bits used were situational and never harmed the pace of the narration."Malare" song in particular was brilliantly shot and the best part of the score.Cinematography by Anend C Chandran was good while the cuts by director himself was fine.

    Overall,'Premam' is a delicious tale of love that has its heart laid at the right place.

    Verdict::With Focused Direction,Well-Written Screenplay,Lovable Characters,Perfect Casting,Good Performances,Sound Technical Support & Refreshing Music Premam Is Undoubtedly The Best Entertainer To Comeout From Mollywood In Recent Times.Go For This Wholesome Entertainer & Enjoy All The Fun In Store.Love Is In The Air!
  • What do we talk about when we talk about love? One can expect a detailed answer from Alphonse Putharen's visually stunning second feature aptly titled Premam.

    Nivin Pauly plays the ubiquitous lover George whose eventful life, from the age of 17 to when he grows into an adult, is what basically the film talks about. Other than his supportive and hugely carefree friends, there are 3 to 5 characters that play pivotal roles in his life. I will abstain from mentioning who and what they are because I think the makers purposely avoided publishing a trailer or showing them in the colorful posters. George is shamefully flirtatious and we, as an audience, almost empathize for him towards the end. Because he is one man greatly affected by love, and all that comes with it.

    It starts by showing the rawness of the college-school scene that is prevalent in Kerala, where lungi-clad boys await their chosen girls to come out of their protective dens just so they can blow a whistle or pass that atrociously written love letter. Brilliance is the only word that can be used to describe the exceptional writing that introduces us into the film, hinting at what would be a long journey, in parts. The parlance, the neighborhood (Aluva Puzha, et al), the country behavior, and the relatability factor is so deliciously palatable. You will be swooned over by the photography and the inventive camera work, which reminds us about the creative person at the helm.

    There is an ocean of humor with great timing that will definitely bowl you over. The small talks, those rejection slurs, those native semi-expletives, and wonderful situational comedy are what many sequences of the film made of. The textual graphics and arresting rock music will first intimidate you, and then numb your senses as you stay hypnotized in your seat.

    Pauly has grown glamorous and confident since his Malarvadi Club days and with this, he has really included himself in the top actors currently working in Malayalam cinema. I could even say he surpasses Fahadh Faasil in terms of character portrayal because he is just too damn good. The supporting cast is equally competent, including the débutantes.

    Great sound mixing, great editing, great music, great direction, great art setup, great everything, unless one starts to wonder about the story's movement. 3 songs stuffed in the first 40 minutes points to the most dangerous fact about the film, which is the absence of a measurable story. The second half blows a little, but soon picks up. The story, told in three parts, is a linear outline of a 5-second account of George's life, and thus, looks stretched. Of course, it manages to salvage the problem with a good climax that is followed by Putharen's remarkable crediting style.

    Yes, when we talk about love, we usually talk about a bed of roses. But, Premam as a film that talks about the proposals, the rejection, the anticipation, the competition, the tragedy, the happiness, and the pleasure that is derived out of a sweet thing called love. The writing is immensely powerful if one manages to stay hooked, which the filmmaking factors do ensure.

    It is definitely a watchable film that will brighten you up, but won't change anything. Because people still believe that love is calculated, when it is usually just random.

    BOTTOM LINE: Premam is a kaleidoscopic narrative of a man's life as he goes on a wide search for love, which is sure to make even the most serious man laugh like a drain. Recommended!

    RATING: 7 stars out of 10. 2015's best film yet.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES
  • Don't think otherwise I wrote a review for the film which got released 6 months back. What to do when I want to watch other language films, I need to wait for subs ;). That is where the delay. Anyhow here we go !

    Premam film doesn't have a strong story line but I wasn't bored for a second. The way I got recommendations to watch Ustad Hotel, Bangalore Days & Neelakasam Pachadkal & Chuvannabhumi, likewise I got recommendations to watch Premam too. (Ofcourse I watched it with subs, manaki Hindi ye raadu sarigga.... inka malayalam aithey illileyoo..;) ) The way Malayalam Industry is making films now a days is spending very low budget and getting huge revenues. Actually Premam will come into that category.It's an emotional ride filled with good performances,extreme highs & lows and situational comedy and you travel with the characters throughout the story. Considering the scope of Malayalam industry this film has taken it to the next level actually. Overall it is a visually appealing chronicle of love with few blemishes.
  • This film is just mind blowing!,i have never seen such a well executed movie with a brilliant sound and screen play in Malayalam cinema.

    As the title cards of Alphonse Puthren's 'Premam' came up, I couldn't stop thinking of those butterflies - the swallow tails and the cabbage whites, the blue bottles and the bird wings - that once flitted around with fragrant memories of an entire generation's childhood laden on their pretty wings. They seem to have wholly vanished and are no longer seen fluttering around these alley ways ridden with smoke and dust and have perhaps moved on to greener meadows where the sparkle of an unsullied dew drop awaits.

    It is this perfumed whiff of reminiscences that the film rakes up with its very first scene that makes 'Premam' one of the best films that I have watched till now this year; one that it maintains till the very last scene that comes almost after three hours. Bursting with hopefulness and loaded with resilience, 'Premam' is a stunning cinematic piece that talks of the process of falling in love, breaking a heart, nurturing a stinging memory or two for the rest of your life and above all, letting go and moving on.

    'Premam' follows its protagonist George (Nivin Pauly) and the three women who walk into his life - Mary (Anupama Parameswaran), his first love during those baffling pre-degree days, Malar (Sai Pallavi), his new teacher at college who surprisingly reciprocates his feelings and Celin (Madonna Sebastian) who finally lays down an anchor to his otherwise bobbling life.

    And then there is love itself, and the different shades that the oldest of human emotions brings in its fray. It does take a few years for George to get over the dejection that his first love had brought along with, and when Malar grabs his hand and walks forward life sprouts flowers all around. It's when these petals had long wilted and withered by, that Celin arrives accentuating once and for all that fresh shoots are bound to spring up after the heavy rains.

    'Premam' adopts a juicily unmarked conversational tone for the most part, and the audience draws in a few chairs and sits along with George and his pals as they plan and replan his life. It's no shocker then that his joys become ours as much as his grief does; his exultation and desolation are all ours to share as well.

    'Premam' spellbinds you with some real awesome performances from a group of young actors who seem to have thrown caution to the winds and who have gone at their respective roles - long or short - with a vengeance. The casting director of the film merits a bow, for there is not one actor in it who looks out of place.

    Nivin Pauly as George is tremendously remarkable, and comes up with one of his best performances till date. As he breaks down and walks away from the real love of his life, he manages to throw an entire cinema hall into silence with his tears, as much as he had driven them into irrepressible fits of mirth not much earlier.

    The three girls are equally extraordinary, but it's Sai Pallavi who wins the show hands down, with a bravura feat as the guest lecturer Malar who wins over George's heart. She lights up the screen with her fabulous screen presence, and with the most precise of expressions underlines that she is here to stay. Madonna Sebastian with her curious Bambi-esque eyes and agreeable smile breezes in while Anupama Parameshwaran retains the youthful charm that is required of Mary to the hilt.

    It's impossible to think of 'Premam' without that dazzling musical score by Rajesh Murugesan, with many a hummable number forming a part of the highly notable soundtrack. 'Premam' almost qualifies for a musical, and a decent one at that, since this is one film where you really do not mind those songs gushing into the narrative unapologetically; where the music camouflages itself and remains an indiscernible part of the account.

    Equally arresting is the cinematography by Anand C Chandran, who throws in an assortment of splendid visuals that capture the essence of the film to the core. His camera is unhesitant and ventures as much to the corner of an aisle to catch an incessantly chirping sparrow in action or on to the placid waters of a pool where a wayward frog has landed himself in. The verdant greenness that pervades his indoor and outdoor frames is stimulating and this ocular wizardry that Anand throws in contributes much to the stellar film that 'Premam' evolves into.

    'Premam' elevates Alphonse Puthren onto a pedestal of sharp film makers who have figured out the actual potential of the medium that cinema is. And in their competent hands long-standing tales assume ground-breaking forms and enthuse the viewers in ways and manners never seen before. Much more than an unabashed crowd-pleaser, which it surely is, 'Premam' is a bracingly alive film where almost everything,

    To all Malayalam movie fans don't miss this spectacular film!
  • Filled with simple jokes, emotional performances and situational comedy, it feels fresh and beautiful than any other recent sterile Malayalam movies. The second act with Malar is simply the best part of the movie and where all the "Premam" happens. Kudos to a mesmerizing performance by Sai Pallavi as Malar. Nivin Pauly is at his best, some of his scenes are jaw droppingly powerful. Anupama E Parameswaran and the rest of the cast does a great job too. It's an emotional ride with extreme highs and lows and you travel with the characters through their arc and the story is gracefully wound up. It's one of those films you never want to end, coz you're having such a great time following its story and characters. Cinematography is beautifully ambient, music is catchy, story is simple and Direction is superb. The love of Alphonse Puthren is evident in his Directing and editing. In short Premam is simply one of the best movies I've ever seen and you too must watch it!
  • Observations from multiple big-screen viewings, most of those without English sub-titles (important-enough factor, since I do not understand the nuances of the Malayalam language, the way a native speaker would).

    Had no idea about this when it released, other than the fact that it was a reunion of sorts for most of the talent in front of, and behind, 'Neram', which was okey-dokey, to say the best. Had no expectations going in, other than the promise of good music and visuals that the trailer promised.

    Well, the first viewing kinda blew my mind away, since I never thought that being short on content, from a high level perspective (Infatuated boys love, lose and love again, then lose again, and then almost love again - to put it mildly) could afford so many opportunities for some amazing writing, acting, visuals and scores. Every person in charge of his/her department absolutely excels, and in terms of style, this hearkens back to 'Iyobinte Pusthakam', regardless of the differing mileux and genres of both works. I've always been a proponent of content being king, but this one kinda screams for execution/style over all else, and I've bought into that stream of thought firmly after seeing how well this one has been brought to life.

    Among its many strengths, casting is key. With one actor having to evolve over the 3 phases of life that the movie focuses on, Nivin Pauly, and the actors playing his friends, need to look, sound and behave in an age-appropriate way in each of those phases, while being consistent with their age and state of mind within those. And boy do they nail it, with the 3 main leads, and assorted characters around them having their own individual criss-crossing arcs across those phases. Another one of its main strengths are all of the running jokes/gags (one of which is to do with spelling/grammar/structural mistakes in a letter professing teen love, that loops all the way until the end) across each of those phases, that is not left hanging at any time, and one of the main reasons for multiple viewings, where one can marvel at the effort that has been made across this work of art. The background score is one of the strongest ever committed to celluloid, hearkening back to last year's superb 'Ohm Shanthi Ohshaana' (trivia: the helmer on that one, Jude Anthany Joseph, makes a funny cameo in this one) being as strong in its scoring department. Shaan Rahman is not missed, with this one having Rajesh Murugesan doing the honors, as good as he was in Anthony Putheran's earlier 'Neram' (pun fully intended, if you understand the language). Technically speaking, though it might seem minor, this movie integrates CG almost seamlessly, and this generation's film-makers, especially the ones who do not place any weight or value on that aspect, and others, need to take a page out of this movie, and see how they can 'up' their overall game.

    Nivin Pauly has always been good, subtly taking over the characters he (literally/figuratively) inhabits in each of his flicks - '1983', 'Ohm Shanthi Ohshaana', 'Oru Vadakkan Selfie', 'Neram' and even 'Ivide', in which, I thought, his character got short shrift.

    In my first viewing of this though, I wasn't all gung-ho about all aspects of this flick as I am being now, with my criticisms spanning (my perceived, at the time) lack of new content and how the leads' family lives are kept to background/ignored altogether, even with strong casting on those supporting characters who are (unfairly, as I thought at the time) ignored (example: Renji Panicker, who plays Pauly's dad, who is fantastic in the 2 scenes he's in, but has nothing else to do). I don't feel as strongly about those aspects now, but thought I'd just put them out there.

    All in all, this one makes for multiple great viewings, especially among those who consider themselves students of the craft. And yes, great for mainstream audiences as well, which kinda explains its box office, as well as cementing cult status.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am astonished at such an overwhelming response to a poorly scripted film. I didn't find genuine humor in this. To name some , a flirt says some rubbish to one lead actress and later brings horse into a restaurant. I don't find all this unintentional. In Tamil films you could see certain characters exclusively meant for comedy and they will have intentional comedy scenes which doesn't go along with the script or kind of separated from the main frame. Such were the roles of Vinay fort and the character who accompanies him. There is only below standard flirting scenes and those activities that youth do out of infatuation and I didn't see a genuine love story too. he tries to find girl after girl after each love failure which happens due to different reasons. How can anyone compare this film to classic love stories in malayalam. What impression will this film give internationally about malayalam films if this is a huge box office hit. I find silly reasons for its victory, 1) mouth publicity and marketing 2) curiosity about the lead actress 'malar' 3) certain stylish fight scenes and scenes that teenagers find to celebrate due to sheer fascination (like smokes and booze).
  • I don't like this movie. The story of movie is very simple. First he loves a girl. After that he goes for a lecturer in his college. While she goes he got a new lover which is the sister of his first lover. The third lover is much younger than him. Actually he doesn't know who he has to love certain. I don't know whether his third also going to be flop. I don't watch Malayalam movies much. Because i am getting bored and can't sit with all the non sense they where doing in the movie.But i love old Malayalam classics. Anyway i don't know what happens to new generation Malayalam movies. And the movie got a IMDb rating of 8.6. while Malayalam movie's all time hit Nadodikkattu got only 8.5 and Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha (1989) got only 8.4. i can't believe this.
  • If you have some sense in ur brain. kindly don't watch this movie and waste your time and mood. But if u are a frustrated college student. going after every girl you find around. This movie will be a tutorial for you.

    The movie is just about a few boys who fall after every girl they find, from a neighbor , lecturer and so on.. It was quiet boring.

    + The film has a few classic comedy scenes, but not worthy to waste 3 hours to see that 15 minute comedy.

    The directors tried their level best to win over Santosh pandit. but could not... Pandit's movie had at least a story.
  • Dear Alphonse Puthren,

    I think I know the reason why Premam was such a huge hit despite being a pretty average film.

    You conjured up a few clever and remarkable moments, beautiful images and cast pretty women whose combined impact sort of out-weighed the poor writing and average acting.

    Your film offers scenes from three different stages in the life of George. The first stage is his life as a love lorn teenager. This portion of the film has a magical and almost dreamlike quality to it, mainly due to the sepia tinged cinematography. Frankly Alphonse, some of the scenes were quite cringe worthy and the teenager's antics amounted to stalking of the female character.

    The second stage is George's life as a rowdy college student. This part was quite entertaining and the slow motion fight scene was very well done. The actress Sai Pallavi makes quite an impact with her pizza face and wild dancing.

    The third stage is George's life as an adult. This part was unremarkable at best. But the film does not go on for too long.

    The language you used in the film is very candid and colloquial. Slow motion scenes are used to great effect. The visuals were very striking The songs were catchy and the women were gorgeous.

    Nivin Pauly and his beard make quite an impact - especially in the second part of the film. The supporting was average at best.

    When you really think about it, the film is nonsense. But it is tolerable nonsense.

    I will watch your next film, Alphonse Puthren. Hope you can work harder on your writing.

    Best Regards, Pimpin.

  • Yes yes Nivin Pauly has acted well but more than that it was the director's vision which gave this movie its heart. The storyline is nothing new - a young carefree lad George falls in love for the first time and many times thereafter and how his outlook of the world changes with each lady love of his life. Alphonse Puthren gave a new life to the script with his impeccable cinematography and detailing. Each and every role is etched perfectly and acted with excellence. The roles played by the support actors as George's best friends tingle your heart because when their friend is heartbroken they cry with him too. After a very long time has a movie come where the emphasis is not on the family drama but on the adopted family that we get as our friends. The background score of the movie is excellent keeping up with the tempo of the movie frames. Though I felt there were a couple of unwanted scenes here and there but whole and whole it was a good entertainer. P.S.- Nivin Pauly looks stunning in that black shirt, mundu and those aviators..!! *sigh*
  • A big thanks to director Alphonse Puthren.I watched this movie after the 1 1/2 year.Melodious Music by Rajesh Murugesan and Lyrics by Shabareesh Varma.Shabareesh Varma also played an excellent role in the movie as Shambu.Background Score by rajesh Murugesan is ultimate.I cannot understand the Malayalam,but even i watch this movie daily.Debutant Actors Anupama Parameshwaran,Sai pallavi, Madonna Sebstaian acted very well. The Bgm score in the final part is fabulous.Cinematography is excellent. The actor Nivin Pauly done a great job for his role.The comedy is excellent.Vinay Forte acted very well. So it is not film, its a film of feelings,love and emotions
  • Okay, we travelled some 35 kms to catch a Malayalam movie that too running without subtitles, which starts at midnight (11:50 pm) at Mayajaal and reached our room back in the morning 3:30. We were mad to do this, but we did it. We weren't disappointed, it was really worth it.

    Premam, second movie from Alphonse Puthren who gave us a bilingual Neram, which really caught my eye and also introduced Nivin Pauly and Nazria to me. Premam is about Nivin's three stages of love. When he was in school, then during his final year of college and he was an adult. It was like Autograph, but this was even more fun.

    Alphonse Puthren has given his best in his second movie. And, Nivin as usual he was fantastic and it was really a treat to watch him on screen. I thought Oru Vadakkan Selfie is going to be the best of his movie this year, but this one was even better.

    First love was fun, where almost all the boys in her neighbourhood follows Mary when she leaves her tuition centre. And, she chooses someone else and Nivin ends up helping them in their love. This part was pictured in most beautiful locale. How green is Kerala, fantastic.

    Second love was the best in the movie. It happens during his final year in college when he fell in love with a Tamil speaking guest lecturer Malar. She looks so lovely and her Kuthu dance was terrific that was literally stunning. If I have seen the title credits correctly, I think she's the one who choreographed the Rockankuthu song. Looking forward to see her in more films. And, there was another lecturer who loves Malar teacher one-sided. He was fun who even ask Nivin himself to help him and he teaches Mava sorry Java. Nivin's rugged look in this part suits him well and maintains that "gethu". And, this love ends in a tragic way.

    The third and final part's love story comes with an unexpected twist. It may look bit too much, but you still got to love it. The director himself does a cameo in this part.

    Music was really fantastic. Aluva and Malare songs were too good, especially Malare with Malar teacher. And, Scene Contra was a different love failure song. The interval looked forced as if just because it was mandatory like a strategic timeout in IPL when the team where going good. And, cinematography was rich and the director himself is the editor as well so that part was handled well.

    All three ladies was beautiful, but we came out in love with Malar teacher. Nivin's two friends also come along with him throughout the movie and provide enough laughs. We got some 70% of the jokes, I wish they had released it in Tamil also like Neram or at least could have added subs, but never mind.

    Easily the best romantic movie of this year so far. After OKK, this movie puts a smile on your face from the start until it ends and I loved this even more than OKK.

    The movie's running length was big, but you never feel it. Premam was like a long ride on a rainy day in an empty road with Raja sir songs for company. You just wish the ride goes on and on.

    My Rating - 5.0/5.0. Not to be missed.
  • Premam – Film Review By Vince Augustine

    The day before yesterday I was trying to understand acting; I was reading a book by the legendary John Gielgud, about acting Shakespeare. It made no sense to me. Yesterday I watched Rainer Werner Fassbinder's "The Marriage of Eva Braun." In my opinion, the film almost touches Greatness. But the acting (Maria Schygulla) was what really blew the roof. Today I set foot in a cinema hall after a very long time. I was accompanying a college friend who was going to be watching Premam, a second time around. He had earlier called me one midnight after just having watched Premam. He was excited, breathless and quite wordless too! What I managed to decipher was that he wanted me to watch it. And that he would be there too.... to drink and sup in the revelry of pure motion picture bliss! The only bribe I coaxed from him was the few remaining drops in a Pan Tadeusz Vodka bottle. After the movie my friend asks me for my opinion. I tell him to read my review in tomorrow's papers. He thinks this is my first review. It is actually my third. And hopefully I have learnt to write a review in the interim. I should thank my friend and the makers of Premam for inspiring me to write again. So here goes.... Let's deconstruct first... Cafe Agape is the setting for the final act in Premam. Agape is an often used term in the Bible, referring to the highest form of Love, and symbolized by Jesus' sacrifice. Director Alphonse Puthren uses the name and the motif (the decor and architecture in the café) to crown the protagonist's experiences of love in this last act. But sadly it doesn't hold. The last act is the weakest link the movie. By the last act George (played by Nivin Pauly) has grown into this surly if successful café owner: the acting and writing choices here are very awkward tonal shifts from the first two acts. The second act is unevenly longer but the strongest of the three. It furthers some threads from the first act rather believably: from boys to men to boys again. There are a few nice surprising touches: the sober teacher character Malar (Sai Pallavi) suddenly breaking into a dance, Shambhu and the episode with the Silk Smitha magazine. But some travesties are also committed: George's family angle is given a scene chewing episode (Renji Panicker) but not furthered at all. The college gang episodes seem like afterthoughts added by the screenwriters to balance out the college perspective. The whole professor sidetrack is caricaturish and gratingly unfunny due to some overtly enthusiastic ponging by the actors Vinay Fort and Soubin Shahir. The first act is intended to be light but turns out to be surprisingly lightweight. It is nothing but a series of unimaginative and repeated set pieces involving suitors being chased down and beaten up by the father of the local beauty Mary (played by Anupama Parameshwaran).

    So isn't Premam all about love? It is .... • about the love for Nivin Pauly's by now familiar Boy-Man alter ego • about the strange love for shooting frogs, sparrows, butterflies, moss, thickets, and groves in

    random fashion • about the love for milking Blockbuster tropes that have helped generations of mediocre films turn

    Into cult blockbusters • about the love for shamelessly serenading a Goddess called Entertainment at the cost of Cinematic

    Truth •about the love for Trending and not for writing a coherent story

    I get it.... I am getting carried away. So let's get back to our simple conversation..... The acting is uniformly good... Nivin Pauly can't go wrong with a character like this. Wait! He can. And he does in the final act. The girls are all good. Anupama Parameshwaran has quite a presence but her role as Mary is fluffed over for the most part. Sai Pallavi is an easy on the performer and gets the juiciest part. Madonna Sebastian has the charisma of a movie star but gets the weakest of the three female parts.

    Krishna Shanker and Shabareesh Varma are enthusiastic enough despite half baked roles. There is some patchy framing and unnecessary hand-held camera work that offset the effect of otherwise competent cinematography. One of the major plusses for the film is the almost syncretic balance between the soundtrack and the choreography. OK we get it. Premam is about love. But where's the story ? It is actually about an ordinary teenage boy role playing Christ's passion in his pursuit of love. This Christ some cardboard disciples (disguised as friends in the movie) whose main purpose is to interact with Christ's fringe world. The fringe world connects these characters to their surrounding environment and also to the audience reading their story.

    Into the sanctum of Christ's life enter three women ..... and Christ's life is lead to its meaning. The Kerala New Metro Wave's (post 2005; as I'd like to call it) calling card is Premam. Nivin Pauly has a claim on this wave and God Forbid if Alphonse Puthran initially conceived Premam while watching the Last Temptation of Christ.
  • For all those who experienced love in their life this movie will be a nostalgic one. The Old days of School, College days.. Oh My God ! everything !came in to mind as it is. Me and my friends were smiling and cheering from the beginning of the movie. Even the small dialogues or sequences were crafted superbly by Alphonse Sir.

    Love this film a lot !

    A Real Entertainer in Malayalam !

    Nivinetta you're Kola Mass :)

    Movie Rating:

    Script - 10/10

    Artist Performance - 10/10

    Direction - 10/10

    Technical Side - 10/10
  • I have watched so many many movies throughout my life, some movies I could categorize as great cinematography, outstanding acting, brilliant scripts, superb story telling, spellbinding background score, etc..However there are only a handful which have rattled my emotions while belonging to all above categorizations. "Premam" by Alphonse Puthren stands on top of that list as it conquers the perfection of movie making.

    Got to know about the movie through a friend of mine and I had high hopes for it. Well,my hopes were satisfied although can say whoaaa...did not expect that coming. Premam redefined my view on movies made in India as mainstream Bollywood/kollywood movies have hardly quenched the thirst for brilliance. (Except for "Aamir Khan" productions.)

    Covering breathtaking topography in Kerala district, the movie maintains its own rhythm with well developed characters. Performance by actors have simply took it to the greatness as every single actor gives their role the utmost justice. Must say "Sai Pallavi" did steal the prize among the cast, as she portraits her well crafted character with sound dialogues and expressions.

    Music in "Premam" is mesmerizing. Rajesh Murugesan has delivered his best with an amazing background score/soundtracks which will stick in your mind for a long time. Im truly grateful for the director. He surely knows how to arrange all these talents to present us the optimized result and all I can do is writing these words on IMDb to convey my thanks.

    The movie may have gotten closer to me as the culture and people somewhat resembles my country(Sri Lanka)though nothing can replace its originality. Has a running time of 2.30 hrs, hence make sure to have a peace of mind prior to watch this movie. Im truly sad that I have missed it on big screen still being viewed the blue-ray version.

    Fingers are crossed for the next masterpiece by Putheran...
  • This movie is a master stroke when it comes to love stories.

    Loved everything about the movie from settings, lighting, angles , reflection and camera movements. Natural beauty of every character not just the leads was captured perfectly.

    The grace and gentleness depicted of leading females . Mary's teenage charm, Malar's poise and Celine's modern yet gravitated personality just brilliant.

    Character of Malar lives in our hearts forever. Nivin Pauly one sparkling talent!
  • No Doubts. Premam Is One Of The Best From The Malayalam Cinema. I Have Watched Only 2 Malayalam Movies Yet One 1983 Starring Nivin Pauly And Second This Premam. Nivin Pauly Is The Finest Actor Of The Malayalam Cinema. He is The Only One Who Can Take Malayalam Cinema To The Next Level And Can Compete With Bollywood And No Doubt Malayalam Cinema Is Far Better Than The Other Religious Cinemas. Hope To See Other Love Stories Like This From Nivin Pauly And From Rest Of The Malayalam Cinema. The Movie Was Also Remaked In Telugu Which I Don't Suggest You But If You Watch Telugu Movies You Can Go For It. Otherwise Watch Only Original Stuffs Not Remakes.
  • Title means love in Malayalam language. So it is a romantic movie obviously. Never rated a romantic movie in my life. But this one deserves everyone's attention. This movie doesn't show any fairy- tale like love story. Where kings and Queens fall in love and lives happily ever after. Which most of the romantic movies does. It shows what happens in reality. Your true partner is already chosen by fate. You just have to accept it. You may loved someone very deeply in your youth. But that may not be the right person for you. The right person for you may not be known to you at present. That's what this movie is about. At least that's my opinion. One other thing is as it is a Malayalam language movie it may be difficult for people with other language to understand or watch efficiently with subtitle. Because the language is very fast. So be patient while watching pause and rewind if you watch on TV/PC.

    Watched it two nights in a row.
  • This is one hell of a masterpiece entertainer from Alphonse Puthren after his directorial debut movie Neram. The most important factor is the movie is that neither screenplay nor story has much melodrama and is very relatable to one's life. There is a essence of friendship and love throughout this movie. The chemistry between Nivin Pauly, Krishna Shankar & Shabareesh Varma is just flawless, they kinda reminded me of my school friends and my crushes. Even the small roles of Vinay Forrt & Soubin Sahir has been executed perfectly which simply makes the movie mesmerizing from end to start. Among the girls it was Sai Pallavi who steal the show as college guest lecturer who falls in love with Nivin Pauly. Overall it's a classic Malayalam movie of the new generation following in the steps of Usthad Hotel & Bangalore Days.
  • The movie starts with George (Nivin Pauly) doing a very simple teenage thing- pursuing a girl. He's heavily infatuated, madly committed and egged on by friends, makes for quite a delightful start. The movie glides on with the same realistic tone throughout. George along with his friends Shambu and Koya make a wonderful trio, brimming with easy humour. I, for one, immensely enjoyed their friendship.

    Kerala's picturesque locales, rains and soulful background music elevate the mood of the scenes beautifully. Cinematography was at its best with subdued colours and wonderful play of light, almost made me feel like I was watching a Mani Ratnam movie. Music composition (both songs and the background score) was perfect in amplifying George's emotions.

    This coming-of-age film makes us revisit our idea of love from puberty and how it has transformed over the years. We have all been there. We know how it is like. The joy is in sitting through this beautiful ride.

    Everyone does their job perfectly in this movie, but the director Alphonse Putharen is definitely a true star.
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