The song sung in the film, referred to as "the fairy song", is a nursery rhyme called "Lavender's Blue".

On Netflix uk as 'Trauma'.

Also known as Trauma (2016), released on Netflix US as Lavender (2016).

There are multiple consistency errors throughout the movie in regard to the dresses she wears.

The hospital announcements for "Dr. Blair" are the same used in the 1985 Queensryche album "Operation Mindcrime." In the movie, the tragic event in the past is in 1985. The main character has memory loss, and a plot point involves remembering the past. The first line from the protagonist in "Operation Mindcrime" is, "I remember now." Although this could be coincidence, it's compelling.

Though the family died in 1985, at the end when the protagonist visits her families grave the date of death is June 1986.