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  • eridsteele9 January 2018
    Brilliantly directed and acting was very well-done. Jill Scott and especially Azealia Banks were outstanding in their performances. Hope to see more of Ms. Banks in future films! Her talent and charisma really shines through. The only major downside of the movie was probably the romance which happened very suddenly and spontaneously, as there was not enough development between the two characters and it seemed a tad unconvincing. Aside from the romance and a semi-predictable plotline, the movie makes for an enjoyable quick watch and is definitely worth checking out.
  • Let me start by saying that going in, I was expecting something different. Perhaps because I was just going off the title and hadn't seen any previews for it. As it turns out, I feel that was a good thing because I see this as a Romance/Drama. Listing this under Musical is way off in my opinion. Music and Poetry are the driving element that push the movie along and give it a purpose to watch. That being said this is not a musical and nobody is going out to buy the Soundtrack.

    The story was well written and the pace of the movie didn't drag. The acting fell between decent and very good. I watched it twice a will probably watch it again (but not anytime soon). I would recommend it to others but wouldn't label it as a high priority or a must watch. For me I would say it's a 6 to 7 but others may see it somewhere between 5 and 6.

    Some things I liked: 1. Craig muMs Grant - guest appearance, dropping some poetry. 2. Jill Scott - She was a force to be reckoned with the last 00:38:23 - her poem was a beast mode. 3. Last 00:38:23 - the last third of the movie was perfect pace, acting, music.

    Some things that lowered my rating. First 01:06:37 1. Bass - just too much and served no purpose (and I breathe HipHop, but damn) 2. Music - there was music playing all the time in the background. 3. Jill Scott - I love everything about this lady but her acting "SUCKED" for the first 01:06:37 (and yes, I triple checked the time. 4. No Cut Scenes - 2 or 3 minutes of cuts scenes of her and her father listening to old HipHop would have better served the movie. Injecting it into the dialogue made it feel disconnected. 5. NUYORICAN Poetry - They hijacked the movement and presented everything but a NYRican. I've seen them perform and personally know the passion and work they put into their craft, it would have been nice to see them being represented in their own forum.
  • I didn't expect much from this movie but I was blown away by this film. The acting, story and directing were top notch. A truly gorgeous film by RZA. Azealia Banks also brought her A game. Definite must watch!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I know this gets said a lot, but I really wanted to like this movie. I've been a fan of Azealia Banks since 212, in spite of any twitter turmoil or legal problems since then, I've always kept up with whatever projects she has on the horizon, even though few of them come to fruition. I'm actually surprised this movie got made due to the infamous boob biting case Azealia has been caught up in, as well as the Russel Crowe beef that RZA made very public statements about, but here it is, for better or worse.

    I actually was excited to hear some original music from Azealia in this movie at the very least, and we barely get that. We get a fragment of a song, and a few verses here and there, but so much of this movie is focused on the poetry class Azealia's character, Coco Ford is enrolled in that it feels like RZA's hackneyed point that rap is poetry has been beaten into our heads about a dozen times before the film's conclusion.

    Love Beats Rhymes consists of mostly scenes between Coco and Derek, who have a decent amount of chemistry, but aren't exactly the most interesting or engaging couple ever committed to film. I actually found the dynamic between Derek and Professor Dixon to be more dynamic and believable, but Jill Scott is pretty much stuck in the role of bitchy teacher who doesn't "get" Coco until the last twenty minutes of the movie when she actually becomes a character.

    The storyline involving Coco's band takes a backseat to her romance with Professor Dixon's TA Derek and scenes with Mahlik, her ex and a member of her group who has no consistent characterization. With a runtime under two hours, Love Beats Rhymes feels like a slog to get through, and if I wasn't a fan of Azealia I would probably have quit watching it halfway through, although it does get better towards the end.

    Azealia Banks was surprisingly a fairly good actress and stood out among more experienced actors, which shouldn't have surprised me because she talks a lot in interviews about trying to become an actress before becoming a rapper, but even her charisma and likability can't save this movie from its fate of being two hours and forty minutes too long and very on the nose with its messaging which has been delivered better and more concisely elsewhere.
  • jeanmarccamilleri29 December 2017
    Love this film, azealia is pure talent and has great potential.
  • genahw2 April 2018
    So I adore the storyline! Old school rap is what I grew up on and poetry meets rhymes is always a good look! I adore the supporting cast! I mean what's better then a cute British brother! Well the lead actress! Huge disappointment! If they had picked a young Kerry Washington or someone of equal talent this movie could of went somewhere great! But nope unfortunately they fail with the most important role!