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  • Binged-watched this one in 3 days and it was an absolute pleasure. It's not that the story itself is so thrillingly addictive, but mainly that almost all of the main characters are so fascinating, well crafted and brilliantly performed that you just keep wanting to go back and discover more about them. All of them deeply flawed, and yet vividly human and (for the most part) to at least some extent likable. Furthermore, the sheer amount of fully fleshed out, round and interesting characters that the show manages to create and build in just one 8-episode season is seriously impressive - there must be around 10 main supporting characters and by the end none of them feel under- served.

    It helps of course that the cast is one of the most talented and charismatic ones put together for any show this year, with special mentions going to Thornton, Maria Bello and Nina Arianda, though literally everyone (down to even minor characters like the judge) is at the very least very good, if not excellent. It also helps that the show is masterfully written and beautifully shot, has a very strong visual identity and takes great advantage of LA as its location, particularly with the driving scenes and time- lapse shots.

    Don't be fooled by people calling it a legal drama, it might have a lot of lawyers and a few courtroom scenes but the way it's shot and paced, the amount of detective work involved, the score and the atmosphere the show maintains make it feel much more like classy film noir than any legal drama I've ever watched.
  • The first season was fantastic and BBT deserved the award for a fantabulous performance. Season 2 is an insult to BBT and a lesson on how to screw up a fantastic series franchise. The writing can be described at best as amateurish. The plot is wafer thin and has gaping holes in the story line. The way they ended the season is testimony to the fact that they didn't know where to take it or collapse the sub plots. The only saving grace once again is BBT. Please don't hire these writers for Season 3
  • Really enjoyed season one. However, season two is likely the worst television series season ever. The writing was terrible and the directing was terrible. The actors are good but the show was simply so badly written and directed that the actors couldn't carry it.

    I thought it would improve. Never did. Was terrible right up until the last episode credits.
  • Season 2 is so bad Amazon appears to be blocking user reviews on their site. It is so disappointing in every regard it would take me all day to express all the ways it fails. Here is a quick summary:

    Dialogue - Awful

    Story line - Disjointed and almost uncomfortable how it flows. I think I (with zero experience) I could have written and directed better. Awful.

    Acting - Awful. Not sure if its the actors because there are many that I like or if it is the story line and the actors just can't save it.

    Directing - Clearly, awful!

    Producing - I assume the Producer is responsible for the overall quality of the product. If I am correct than the Producing is awful.

    But seriously, if you have zero to do and this is what's available. Do nothing.
  • killer1h17 October 2016
    First let me say that billy bob was built for this role. Picking him was the obvious choice because there is almost no one that can play a washed up brilliant drunk the way he can.

    Now as for the actual series. We have Billy, who's a retired defense attorney thrown back in law after he gets tossed a case about a guy on a boat that blew up. At first it just sounds like a regular case, and then it quickly becomes apparent that there's a lot wrong with it. The long and short of it is that this series is layered perfectly, you never see what's coming because they scripted it in a way in which you don't get to see around the bends.

    10/10 great acting, great directing, and an amazing script.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first season was excellent!!! It ending with me rooting for the "Billie" team! The second season was the absolute worse!!!! What happened???!!! It was nothing but a long drawn out gory storyline that went absolutely nowhere! As great as the actors are... they should have better writers! It left me feeling annoyed and empty! What was the point? I watch this show waiting on the moment he defeats Goliath!!! NOTHING!! Ugh! I waited too long on this season to be so disappointed. I don't know about next season... pls bring the writers back from first season!! No more cutting up body parts pls!!! Ugh!!! The worse!

    This season went nowhere slowly!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have rarely written a review of any of Amazon's customarily excellent original series even though I usuaIly enjoy them immensely, like last year's 1st season of Goliath. I am an attorney and relish an intelligent and suspenseful legal drama. I so looked forward to the 2d season of Billy Bob Thornton as the jaded lawyer who dropped out of the profession only to be wooed back by his need to help the underdog facing his too-smart, too powerful colleagues in the legal (and not so legal) profession. So I binge-watched the 8-episode 2d season as soon as it was released. In the end, I was very disappointed. Not by the plot, which kept my attention. Granted, there were a few things (relationships mostly) that were supposed to be real head-turners that I guessed at and figured out before I should have. I could have handled that and still enjoyed the series without the need to write this review, but what I found despicable was, first of all, the periodic dismemberment of living human beings and, second, tying that to a sexual fetish. It was unnecessary, superfluous, meant to shock the unsuspecting viewer, which it did the first time, though merely repelled the 2d, 3d and 4th times, but did nothing to move the plot forward. In my humble opinion, It detracted from what could have been, in the hands of perhaps more skilled writers, an excellent characr study. I actually wish I had not watched it.
  • First season was good. Second started good but went to drains in no time. Out of the eight, there was only four episodes worth of watchable content. Talk about anti-climax!
  • mf281218 June 2018
    What the hell happened?!

    The first series was excellent and I loved the courtroom drama side of it so was looking forward to seeing where they would take it. Right from the off it was obvious they were creating a brand new story for this season. But fair enough. I was willing to give it a go. Cracking addictions to the cast as well, especially Mark Duplass. But this is now am absolute mess of a storyline that veers so far from what made the original so good. I've never seen a series go from the sublime to the ridiculous so quickly. They've turned it into a Hostel meets Breaking Bad and not a very good effort at that either. Very disappointed. Season 1 - 8 stars / Season 2 - 4 stars (and that's being generous)
  • Headline says it all. This utter piece of crap should never have been released. It's as though some drug-addled rather dim-witted 12 yo were given free rein to write and direct the second season. Not even Billy Bob's massive talents can save this trash. Amazon, wtf???
  • I thought season 1 was great and looking forward to season 2. However, the storyline was a bit boring and didnt care much for any of the characters. Very disappointed with the second season. Please dont bring back the writers from season 2 if the creators plan a season 3.
  • rrpauleyjr17 June 2018
    Everything the first season was not -- joyless, absurdly plotted, pointlessly depraved, and just generally miserable. It seems the trend now is to see how we can out-sicken ourselves in the pursuit of storyline entertainment. The irony here is that as new and creative levels of ugliness are achieved, bad clichés and stereotypes are recycled. Some ideas, stories and characters really should not be extended beyond their organic lifespan. This concept and program was a one-season pleasure and should have stayed that way.
  • I was not prepared for the dismal writing and plot development of Goliath's Season 2. What a huge disappointment. The original team of characters, Billy McBride's rag tag brilliant low life crew, was turned to cardboard and moved around the stage like pieces of furniture . How did the writers lose their way? An asinine sub-text completely hijacked the main story line. I realize violence is the new sex, I get the contemporary recipe, but the writing team must have crowd sourced every single plot twist from a band of nineteen year old boys with a grudge against women and depraved predilections. Wow, I could watch the gratuitous violence and voyeuristic fétiche sex one time through but more then that ? To what purpose? None of it advanced the story. Bad, bad, bad....
  • The first season was great. The second season was lousy. Unless you enjoy watching amputee sex and people getting amputed, don't bother watching this season. I kept hoping that despite these horrendous and totally unnecessary scenes, there would still be something redeeming about this season, but my hopes were in vain. Even Billy Bob Thornton was nowhere as good as he was in the previous season
  • Session 2 was a mess. Started off amazing then got weird and incomprehensible. The acting is awesome but the writing totally lost me the second half of season 2.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Spoiler. The first Season knocked it out of the park, but Season 2 is substandard. The worst part is the coincidence of an innocent kid going to the crime scene, with the intention of gunning down those who were gunned down by somebody else (on the same night, at the same exact time, on video) was too hard to handle. It was probably the most contrived plot setup I have ever seen. Thornton is great, but I hope the rest of the writing will not continue on this level of absurdity.
  • Season 2 has no redeeming qualities. Gruesome freaks who don't even exist to advance a semi-believable plot. Ugliness for the sake of ugliness. Billy Bob Thornton and the other good actors in this mess should be ashamed of having it associated with their names.
  • There's nothing to say here that hasn't been said. Season 2 is dark and disturbing but more important the writing and plot is just terrible. I watched it through hoping for some gleam or redemption but it just never happened. I've never reviewed before and set up an account just so I had an outlet to vent. Billy - why???
  • After only watching the first episode, I am seeing the possibility of an Emmy for For at least Billy Bob, Kelly and Bellow. Possibly Hurt and the writers. This seems to be one of the better streaming services or premium cable dramas to come across my screen in many months. I wasn't as tweaked about Goliath as I was Westworld, but after two episodes of Westworld and one of Goliath, my tastes say Goliath serves up a better dramatic dish to be savored rather than gulped down in shock scenes as in Westworld. I guess I prefer the story and character development over action. Guess I'm getting old. LOL.

    Another nice thing is this is so far away from the procedural format that seems to be the only other thing out there in legal dramas.

    Now it's off to binge the rest of the series to see if it disappoints or exceeds my expectations.

    I'm not a professional reviewer and I don't even play one on TV.
  • Comparing To season 1 , Season 2 falls short Season 1 had great story kept you engaged Season 2 no real story line the writing seem to rely on shock and unnessary violance ,weird insanity and in the end the ones responsible got away with it no hope for redemption or justice Sad trend too often seen in today's movies and tv .this is another show I'll stop watching To bad because first season was done so well,
  • m_chan23 October 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    There are too many gaps and loose-ends to the plot, making the series ultimately head-scratching and unsatisfactory to me.

    !!! Spoiler alert !!!

    There's this lone bad dud Karl Stoltz doing all the threatening and framing and killing etc. Supposedly it was all Donald Cooperman's doing and had nothing to do with Born Tech. Really? And Donald Cooperman also had Karl killed eventually? How?

    And then Karl was also the one who made this big corrupt cop to beat Billy up and fabricated a DUI against him by faking a blood test. Really? They made it sound so easy. What was Karl to the cop? Did Karl simply bribe the cop? And then the cop bribed the lab technician doing the blood test? Really?

    And then you have this scene where Billy confronted the cop, telling him that he was going to pay for what he did. What did Billy do? Well he got his girl friend to have sex with the cop and recorded a video. And then he showed the cop the video. That's it. The cop went on to beat the crap out of the girl friend. Anything happened to the cop? Nada.

    In the final court room scene, Billy gave this ho-hum and incredibly patronizing summary to the Jury. To me Callie did a much better job. Given things were going so badly, sounds like another plot twist to have Billy loose the case, and then maybe win it in appeal with some other dramatic stuff. To my chagrin, he actually won it hands down. Just unbelievable.
  • BackBay218 June 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    The violence and twisted images were truly disgusting. Whoever thought of those weird, sick scenes is psychotic. I'm upset that I wasted my time watching any part of Season 2. AWFUL.
  • Moves briskly despite the length, great courtroom scenes, amazing work from the actors, all of them. Nina Arianda, Tania Raymonde and Olivia Thirlby are standouts in a cast featuring Thornton, William Hurt and Molly Parker, and this is the first role I've seen Harold Perrineau in where I didn't see him, just his character. Maria Bello is quite good as well.

    One of the best shows of the year, for me. Maybe 2-3 mildly preachy bits that dragged, but altogether solid. While there's not much actual action, a lot happens, but it doesn't feel clumsy or forced. I would be into a season 2.
  • Season 1 was good so I watched this season complete as well. The first 2 or 3 episodes seemed to be OK. But it all went downhill from there. I only kept watching because I thought the next episode was going to be better than the previous episode. Boy was I wrong!
  • I'm not into courtroom dramas, & I don't have a particular interest in procedurals of any stripe. I did find "Goliath" to be very involving and entertaining. There are some clichéd tropes, as there are to some extent in ALL narrative fiction: the wastrel who has squandered his position of privilege and is handed the means to his own retribution, the big bad corporation pitted against the little guy, the 11th hour testimony to save the day for the plucky litigants...these contrivances in no way detract from what is at heart a good story with vivid, lifelike characters who suffer real consequences. There are a few "types", characters who fulfill a narrative function, but if you're THAT hung up on purity, screw it; you shouldn't be watching television, you should be writing stories and making your own truthful narratives. This is quality entertainment, and easily the best thing I've watched recently. Billy Bob Thornton is perfect, the supporting cast is top- notch, and while it does follow some genre's artfully rendered GENRE, people. I suspect that the person complaining that it wasn't up to the standards of Chandler or Connelly (WTF?) suffers from ODC and likes having the last word in any discussion, whether it's regarding crime fiction or upholstery. I found it very entertaining.
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