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  • Meckiezinha30 August 2017
    What comes at night?
    I must confess I was expecting way more of this "horror" film.

    It started off quite well (hence the 4 rating) but after the first 30 minutes went downhill. No questions were answered, you are left with a large list of plot holes and an ending that couldn't be more predictable and boring.

    Don't get me wrong, it isn't the worst "horror" film I ever saw but is avoidable especially if you like HORROR.

    I'm still waiting for what comes at night.
  • clid-446703 July 2017
    Horrible Movie
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie had a 5 million dollar budget, and I feel like 1 million was spent on the movie and the other 4 spent on fake reviews on sites like IMDb. This movie was one of the largest pieces of garbage I have ever seen.


    Nothing comes at night. If you read the positive reviews for this movie they like to pretend you should imagine what would come at night. I did not pay $13 a ticket to imagine anything. On top of that, one of the main characters is left tied to a tree through a night or 2 and guess what... Nothing comes to eat him, make him sick, or even tickle his toes. We saw this movie at the Alamo Draft House and I was very confused when they started handing out checks as that usually happens after the climax of a movie, and this movie never had that. To sum the movie up, his grandpa is put down like a sick animal at the start of the movie then nothing happens for about 20 minutes. Some guy shows up at his house by breaking in, they go to pick up this guys family and some goats. While on the road, they run in to a couple of guys who they beat up and kill. At this point, they lead you to believe the guy who wandered up to his house knew the people in the forest, but they just ignore that and bring the guys family and goats home. Then you spend another 20 minutes with nothing happening and then the dog runs away. What did the dog run away to chase? You never find out. The dog shows up sick a few nights later and some how this "door that only the dad has a key to gets unlocked". How did that happen and why did everybody blame the kid when the dad has the only key? Well, if you asked that, you will never find out because they just go "Oh well, lets all go to our separate rooms". While in their rooms the mom hugs and kisses her kid, the kid who touched the other little kid. Why did the kid die at the end from the disease and the mom not die? How is the disease spread? Nobody took proper precautions to prevent the spread of a disease. Putting a mask on for a few minutes doesn't protect you if it's airborne as you are all still hanging out together. Hugging and kissing your kid who may be infected is also an easy way to get the virus, disease, whatever it was. Save your money, this movie is full of plot holes, almost no story and just plain sucked. I am disappointing I didn't go see the house instead. That one got bad reviews, but at least I would have known that going in to it and wouldn't have been lead to believe this movie was going to be good by a bunch of lying hipsters. Seriously, read their reviews, this movie is not "profound" or even a movie you need to "think" to understand. It's a piece of garbage, low budget movie that was passed off as a blockbuster with a bunch of fake reviews.
  • poc-118 July 2017
    Disjointed, confusing and unresolved.
    I am a fan of post-apocalyptic movies and for the first 20 minutes this film shows promise, good visuals and mood. But then it crawls repeating the same shots and mild shocks until after the hour mark. At this stage you are left wondering when the real story is going to start. Plot elements are started but then abandoned. A little mystery is a good idea in this genre, it heightens the fear but at some point you need an actual narrative to draw it all together.

    The ending did force a climax but it seemed botched somewhat by the director so you are left wondering exactly what happened.

    The biggest failing is I didn't feel interested enough in the characters to care enough about them during the attempted resolution.

    I understand that the budget would have been small but that is no excuse. The camera work was fine. The frights were well done and the tension was well maintained but it gets boring when repeated. The actors did a good job though some were miscast. It was the writing and direction that let the story down.

    For a better example of a post apocalyptic movie with a similar setting look at One Hundred Mornings.
  • beefcakebuffstuddington29 August 2017
    Nothing Comes At Night
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'm all for minimalist movies. I enjoy a good story. I can forgive budget constraints.

    What i cannot forgive is a title that specifically promises something that the movie does NOT deliver.

    'It Comes At Night' Naturally you would expect the immanent arrival of something,... ANYTHING.

    Well guess what?... (Spoiler Alert!)

    It doesn't. NOTHING comes. Nothing happens. At all.

    This movie should have been called 'Paranoia' People were worried about something. That's ALL. That is the active ingredient in this film. Worrying about something that never happens.

    I'm getting awfully annoyed with this latest trend of movies where nothing occurs, yet it is conveyed in such a pompous manner that the film-makers substitute a plot for the 'feeling' of where the plot should be.

    Its literally the equivalent of writing a best-selling novel, labeling it as an advanced 'post-modern' masterpiece and leaving all of the pages blank.

    Watching paint dry is a superior viewing experience because you are at least subjected to a linear resolution, and at the very least there is a result at the end.

    0 out of 10
  • cdxxdickie29 August 2017
    nothing comes at night
    Warning: Spoilers
    nothing of significance happens during the whole movie. its slow, not scary, and a waste of time. no answers to any of the questions the film poses. just a bunch of people in the wood who don't trust each other and some fatal disease that just kills everyone. in all truth...Nothing comes at night throughout the whole film. i wouldn't even pirate this movie.
  • senditon8512 August 2017
    Don't Understand the Hype
    There's a lot of discussion on here as to whether this film constitutes a horror film or something more akin to a psychological drama.

    As a horror film, I didn't find the film scary, and as a psychological drama, not particularly fresh in what it was presenting. I consider 'The Road' as a much, much stronger example of a film that blends horror and psychological drama - in exploring the limits of humanity & family in an apocalyptic setting.

    It's nonetheless a well-made film with fine performances, but I came into the film expecting...something great, which it wasn't. That's hype for you.
  • hanykhamees27 August 2017
    Hilarious After-Taste
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have never in my life watched a horror movie that audience left the cinemas with hysterical laughs...

    I myself laughed my ass off when the credits rolled up.

    You can't imagine how stupid the movie is, until you watch it.

    towards the end of the movie, i wished i had the virus so someone would kill me before watching the credits roll up.

    Although there is nothing to spoil, but rules are rules.

    a total of 10 characters (including the dog) 4 of which die after a 3 seconds of appearing on screen. The dog dies after new barks and a trip to the woods. The credits roll up, leaving you waiting for the horror, suspense, action, drama... even comedy!!

    The looks on the faces of the audience will make you laugh for an hour.
  • JoshuaDysart4 July 2017
    There is the inside and there is the outside.
    Inside the mind it is dark. You imagine it is safe. You take refuge there. Outside of the mind is the world. The world is sick, dangerous.

    You have a door between the two. You keep it locked. You have a protocol for the door to keep what is out, out. The people you trust, that you let inside, you expect them to keep to the protocol as well.

    But at night something comes the door can't defend against. At night the dreams come, because the dreams live inside, with you. Dreams of doubt and fear. It's at night when the door is most necessary... and most likely to be compromised.

    "It Comes at Night" shrugs off traditional horror beats and embraces the extended discourse of a nightmare, the inky blacks lit only by a hand-held lantern, the invisible contagions that we can't keep out no matter how hard we try, the way a fire we must light attracts things that might do us harm.

    It's "Night of the Living Dead" without zombies. It's "The Thing" without a monster. It's the distrust we have of everything outside, even the outsiders that are inside. It's the long narrow dark hallway to a door that's supposed to be locked, must be locked, but isn't.

    And it's one of the very best horror films of the year so far. A year that has already been a landmark one for progressive, humanist, and existential horror.

    And yes, it is a horror film, no matter what others may tell you.
  • z-benny19 September 2017
    Excellent film, befuddling to your average Transformers fan
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'm only really writing this because of the astounding amount of negative reviews here. And they are all really encompassed by a thing said by the guy who has the highest rated review.


    "Nothing comes at night. If you read the positive reviews for this movie they like to pretend you should imagine what would come at night. I did not pay $13 a ticket to imagine anything."

    Props to this guy for managing to so succinctly sum up everything that is wrong about the big movie business brainwashing people enough that they can't be bothered to imagine anything, enough that they need everything to be served up on a platter and it preferably being baby food and it preferably being McDonalds baby food.

    This film performs quite the amazing job of tightly illustrating the corruption of one's humanity in a film. Not only that, but said corruption happening inside a family dynamic.

    The mysteriousness and lack of clarification of the film serves as the fundament for building an allegory. This is not a film about an apocalypse per se, you don't get any nitty gritty details about what the virus is, where it comes from, how many it has killed, what the news had to say about it. This is a film about a family having to withstand a powerful destructive force coming from the outside, and how they are trying to protect themselves from it. This is the reason why everything is left vague, for the purpose of generalization, for the purpose of allegory, for the purpose of allowing the spectator to fill in the details themselves with their experiences. The vagueness allows for a much larger array of empathy. Should the film fall short in terms of execution, then it would indeed fall flat, and the allegory would dissipate. This film, however, is very carefully calibrated, and it is the audience that disappoints, not the movie. It disappoints through unwillingness to process information and sensations by themselves, but rather being locked into a mode in which they just expect everything to always be explained to them so as they can be entertained and not use their brains.

    The film begins with the execution of the sick grandpa. The following discussion is about how the 17 year old son should not have to be exposed to such atrocities. The very first issue in the film is about protecting the son. However in the night, the son keeps having the worst nightmares, mostly about corruption in one form or another, about getting diseased. His first nightmare begins from a painting of Breugel's, then in another scene we see another painting of Breugel's, Hunters in the Snow, a painting with a rich history in cinema. Tarkovsky used it in Solaris as the peak of the sensation of humanity desired by the astronaut's clone-wife. Lars von Trier burned it in Melancholia as the humanity in that film was being consumed by disease as well. The director here uses it knowingly, no doubt, to reinforce the question of one's humanity.

    The disease in the film is irrelevant. The disease can be whatever you want it to be, it's Trump. If you wanna know what comes at night, the IT, well it's Trump, OK? It's the corrosion and corruption of today's world in regards to our humanity. The family dynamic is organized in such a way that what is of utmost importance is to protect the son from the disease. From the Trump disease. From the terribleness-that- is-in-this-world disease. The vagueness of it all was not satisfactory for me either for the majority of the film. When it really clicked, however, was right at the very end, as the first time that the son shows that he has the disease is right after his father shoots the child and the mother. Then he gets a nosebleed. Then he is infected. This film is quite spectacular for having illustrated this paradox of organizing your life around protecting your son, only to have that very organizing be the thing that ultimately corrupts your son.

    It is a highly potent tragic allegory. One that requires a minimum amount of thought and effort to feel. Something that is far too excessive to ask of an audience nowadays apparently. The film offers no solutions, it just offers the proposal of contemplating this paradox, one that I am sure most of us are engaged in, in one form or another in our lives as well. This is why this film is so potent, because if only you would think for a moment you would realize that this paradox of protection is universal, and it doesn't need an apocalypse to occur. It just needs one to be such virtuously illustrated.
  • pennaneac30 August 2017
    6 Morons in a barn -vs- a virus
    Warning: Spoilers
    A DEADLY VIRUS KILL THE WORLD "or not, we never know" --- HOW, WHEN,WHERE,WHY "we never know" --- BACKGROUNDS: 1 barn + 1 car --- STORY: 6 Morons acting like retards try to survive a deadly virus. --- Horror Movie: NO! --- AWARD: Best boring movie 2017.

    "IT COMES AT NIGHT", Even the title is totally out of context. Everybody know viruses only kill at night. Oh no, sorry, it's vampire.

    I think even a person living under a stone know how to try surviving a deadly virus in 2017, BUT NOT THEM. AT ALL!

    With the rules of the house perhaps you need to add:

    • DO NOT put off your gas mask outside the house

    • SEALED all the house with tape (windows, doors...)

    • Stop wearing SHORT and try to get/create SEALED SUIT! - AVOID keeping a dog who bark each 5 minutes.

    • DO NOT PUT PLANK IN YOUR WINDOWS > VIRUS DON'T FEAR PLANK you know. Even you try to avoid bad guys, PUT THE PLANKS INSIDE -AND- OUTSIDE. It will avoid bad guys to rid them off in 3 seconds !!!! - Stop making baby's each night.

    • Boil the water you use to wash yourself and not only the one you drink. I will stop there because the list WILL BE TOO LONG!

    Adding cheep horror music on NOTHING, giving us bad dreams using cheep effects DO NOT make a good movie.

    And as any garbage movie: - Acting like "i never seen any virus movie in my life" - Mode RUSH activated for the last 25 minutes of the movie.

    The kid is sick, how? why? by who? we never know. The kid is dead, OK, honestly i so don't care, because you never give us 5 min of flashback or any backgrounds of anything concerning this kid then now OK a kid i have seen 3 minutes in a boring movie just die.

    And you try what with that ? Touching our sentimental feelings to conclude a big piece of nothing ?

    One of the most horrible "horror" movie i have seen this last 5 years. No background, no context, no story, no interest. We don't have a real context to take in count the gravity of the outbreak, then, you get a barn.

    If you seeking good show about pandemic outbreak try : - Cordon - Containment (the us version of Cordon) - The Andromeda Strain - Alert 1995 - Virus 1980 << THEY ARE ALL GOOD.

    But avoid this one you will waste your time.
  • Hallvard Arstein26 July 2017
    its just wack
    Warning: Spoilers
    this is honestly the worst movie i have seen in a theater in a long time, just a bunch of wack dreams and weak ass people dying all over the walk home afterwards was more scary then the movie ...
  • nix-php9 July 2017
    The "why" movie
    I went to see this movie with friends the first night it was out just by pure chance without too much prior research. Earlier I saw a trailer and figured it would be quite good. Well, there was a plot twist.

    The only thing that was good about this movie was the blank looks on people's faces when the movie ended and the lights were turned on. It was that moment that actually made me feel like we're all united and human in the end. THAT was a good moment, the rest of it was just painful.

    Leaving the theatre people were sharing their feelings about the movie. I don't think it's allowed to post that kind of language here. You get the idea though.

    It was one of those movies that make you want to ask for a refund because you feel like somebody ripped you off. It was one of the worst investments time and money wise I've made in the recent past.

    To explain my review title: why, just why did somebody decide it would be a good idea to make something this pointless and empty? Also, why did I fall for the trailer and thought it would be a good movie?
  • annakm-9758730 August 2017
    What comes at night???
    Warning: Spoilers
    The dog comes at night, a hungry man looking for shelter comes at night, boredom to the bone comes at night, some chickens and two goats come at night. Easily one of the most laughable d-movies of the universe. Save your money and just buy something tasty to eat and enjoy instead.
  • ops-5253530 August 2017
    horror forgotten?
    this script must have been written with a mouse button keyboard.a thin bleak story with no horror and bundles of scenes spinning out nowhere.why-what-where and when,we are all untold. the film has no answer to no questions, and ends with an end,a dead end by the way.the directors should take a look back to the 80's and learn the i am sorry,i will give 0 stars to this movie
  • ospecialx30 June 2017
    just embarrassing really
    Warning: Spoilers
    this is the worst movie I've ever seen no one came at night there was no horror and just bad in general mates i mean really now that i think about it there were only 10 characters in the movie and the dog died halfway through how sad also how did this disease even start where did it come from
  • Ethan Guglielmo10 June 2017
    Don't believe the hate. Actually a great movie.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Mild Spoilers ahead.

    This is my first time writing a review on IMDb. Let me start off by saying this movie is not a monster movie, it's a suspenseful drama. The movie is advertised as a monster horror film, so I can see why people would be annoyed after seeing this movie. But these people are just angry because they didn't watch the movie they wanted to see.

    It Comes At Night is fantastic. The performances are great all around especially Joel Edgerton. The atmosphere is one of the best I've seen in recent movies. The climax of the movie had my heart racing to the point where I was almost shaking. Trey Edward Shultz uses different aspect ratios to differentiate between the dream and nightmare sequences. When the real world slowly becomes "a nightmare" the aspect ratio slowly closes in.

    People are also annoyed by the unanswered questions. But I really enjoyed that. The movie doesn't guide the viewer and help it answer certain questions. The audience is left by themselves to figure out what is happening, which adds to the atmosphere. I could discuss this movie all day and try to figure out the mysteries of this film. Go into this movie with no expectations. Don't be persuaded by any negative reviews. Great job Trey Edward Shultz.
  • Reel Life Reviews9 June 2017
    A genre all its own
    Warning: Spoilers
    It Comes at Night - I could call it uncomfortable, claustrophobic, creepy, or disturbing. Any one of these would do, but I'll go with excellent.

    How would one categorize this film? Labeling it as Horror sets an incorrect expectation, but there are definitely scary moments. Going with Thriller wouldn't match the pacing, but my heart was beating faster in this movie than in any other in quite some time. Would Mystery or Suspense be the most appropriate? You're not really wondering what will happen next, but rather hoping that what you think will happen, won't. Maybe this is an introduction to the Apprehension genre.

    I loved how this movie was shot. Rather than big sweeping establishing shots or use of vivid color, the focus is right on the characters. The frame is often filled with a character's face; the movie not allowing you to back away from what they're experiencing. You're a fly on the wall that just can't get away.

    Joel Edgerton is the driving force of the story. He plays a father that puts aside his own morals and humanity in order to keep his family safe. Almost all of his actions seem cold and unforgivable if looked at individually. How they are done in context of the film, however, make you wonder what else he really could have done.

    I could see some people calling this movie slow. I would submit that it is patient. The pacing is perfect for the subject matter and there is no break in tone with this film. From opening to close there is a feeling of unease. I could also see people say there are too many loose ends. I would say this adds to the despair. Not every point is clear, not every piece introduced gets a pretty little bow. You'll wonder why these things happened. And you'll wonder how you could have fared any better. 8.25/10.
  • JohnnyBreeco14 June 2017
    Not a horror at all... but a VERY REALISTIC and EXTREMELY WELL CRAFTED post apocalyptic film
    Warning: Spoilers
    The first thing worth mentioning about this film is that it is not a horror film at all. The film was completely mismarketed as another run of the mill horror film on purpose. This did two things. It secured the film a nation wide theater release which it surely wouldn't have gotten otherwise, and it baited in a larger, more casual audience that was expecting the exact opposite of what it was.

    Basically, going to see this movie is like ordering a greasy double decker burger with fries and a soft drink... but instead you get an exquisite entree of fresh garden vegetables prepared by a three star Michelin chef. Very few of these people will have the palate or taste for it, in fact most of them will be upset.

    This film is probably the most realistic post apocalyptic story I have ever come across. Anyone who knows the frequency and probabilities of solar flairs and what they would do to our civilization has probably played out scenarios in their head that are almost identical to the plot of this movie.

    It is this highest degree of realism in the unfolding of the plot and what happens between the characters that makes this film so engaging and captivating. As a work of craft, the film is a remarkable. It is so beautifully shot and the acting never drops below A+ quality for a single moment. This is in the top class of all the movies I have seen, and is one of the best post apocalyptic ever made in my personal opinion.
  • Tweetienator29 August 2017
    HYPNOS Almost Got Me
    Warning: Spoilers
    To rate It Comes at Night just 1 is harsh, acting and production value (tv-scale) is okay to good, but this movie is/was sold as a horror or mystery movie to me. Not once I felt suspense, horror, shock, adrenaline, whatever emotion or kick. Would they have marketed me the movie as a family-drama with some flu in it, well, maybe I would have decided to give a generous 3 or even a skyrocketing 4. But, as I expected horror and mystery and there was almost none (maybe 1.5%) it is 1. In the first hour, I almost lost the battle against HYPNOS, the mighty ancient Greek god of sleep. Maybe I just should have given in to his powers, none of my dreams are that, well, boring.

    Whatever terror is haunting the world depicted in this movie, in my opinion, it is the ultimate terror of the ultimate boredom. A death more cruel as being burned, drowned and hammer-smashed at the same time and on top losing one's virginity to Vlad, the Impaler.

    Well, for an experimental short (around 90 secs) the story maybe could have worked but not for a full grown up movie. The night is full of terrors and too much time we just follow some young dude with a slim notion of pursuing a daring career as a Peeping Tom. Oh, may the world fall down, but at least give man enough women to make some more babies ;)

    Well, the Western society is really on the downhill, one bad movie after another, I can't remember such bad years like 2016 and till now 2017 with such much bad and redundant movie-making. Every connoisseur of fine red wine would have already switched to whiskey pronto or would quit drinking completely if a vintage year would taste that bad. Maybe I should read old books (the new ones are terrible too) and not waste my time with "movies". Or I just shoot myself out of pure self-defense against the ultimate boredom this planet seems to head for.

    And all the praise by so-called pro-critics for this mediocre and redundant movie makes me almost speechless. But wonder I should not, did my poor eyes not see a few weeks ago a list of the best horror movies of all time (based on pro critics and their ratings, if you don't believe it: BEST HORROR MOVIES OF ALL TIME is the list called) with Get Out (2017) as numero uno (Shining is 75, Jaws 15, Evil Dead 22), and this on Rotten Tomatoes. This massive inflation of 8s up to 10s or 80 up to 100 percent ratings may have two main reasons: 1) most of the critics are brain-dead, 2) they get a lot of Champagne, girls (boys), and other nice stuff for their nose, aehm, "work". Maybe both reasons are interacting somehow - and maybe watching every day bad movies make the less bad movies Oscar material. My conclusion, there is more rotten than just tomatoes in these sad days of decadence and cultural erosion ;)

    Last words: I suggest just ignore my review and watch It Comes at Night, afterward watch The Road (even if you already watched The Road) and I bet you will understand me.
  • aniceplant26 June 2017
    Anticlimactic and very predictable
    Warning: Spoilers
    Recently, the thriller and horror film genre has been producing A+ work, through films like "Don't Breath" and "Get Out." The pacing of such films builds to different peaks with an ultimate climax that is unexpected, yet enjoyed. "It Comes at Night" failed in this department.

    With incredibly strange pacing, the viewer was left waiting for something that was ultimately never given. The ending summarized is essentially "don't trust anyone who's not family, because they will bring a disease into our home and kill the character the audience most relates with."

    And some point after the film, I realized that the filmmakers intended for me to feel sad at the end. Sad for the nice family who was killed, sad for the baby that was shot, sad for the nice boy who got the disease, sad for the mother and father for having to kill him. But the only time I genuinely felt sad was when the dog died. And that's saying something
  • raf6267 July 2017
    utter, UTTER garbage
    Warning: Spoilers
    I can only assume a the the majority of this movies budget, has been spent on paying for reviews?! what annoys me more than wasting the 90 minutes watching this film, is feeling the need to waste more time reviewing it. I did, however, hate this film so much that I felt the need to warn you all about it, and I hope then you take my advice and save yourselves! The only thing worse than catching this virus from this movie, would be having to watch this movie again. There was a moment towards then end, where I actually wished I had the virus, just to kill me before the credits rolled. Sadly I do not have the virus and so, survived the entire diabolical 90 minutes desperately hoping for the AHA moment which would have made it all worth it.... The moment did not come.
  • maumanga30 August 2017
    Nothing new here
    So I knew nothing of this movie. Just saw it out of luck. Being a huge fan of the horror/fantasy genre, I was caught by the synopsis, because, hey, who doesn't love a good post apocalyptic drama involving family? For a moment there, I saw myself on the hype train towards something related to "10 Cloverfield Lane" or "The Survivalist", but what I got was an extremely weak mix of both. While the idea is interesting on itself, I'm afraid the development lacked originality throughout the movie. If you are a seasoned horror/thriller geek like me, you saw that ending coming a MILE away. I mean, really. Besides, they don't explain the origin of the problem that apparently covers the Earth, or what lead the characters to behave the way they did in the end. Its all left to interpretation, and we're fed up with that. I wouldn't recommend this movie. Sorry.
  • crazyb-6313713 July 2017
    Not worth my time or money! May contain spoilers
    Warning: Spoilers
    My husband and I took the kids to go see this movie over Father's Day weekend. We all left feeling extremely disappointed in the movie. To us there was no real story line. Just people living in a time where there was a disease outbreak. What it has to do at night time is beyond us. There was really no point to this movie at all. It was 1.5 hours, that felt like way longer, that we will not get back of our life. I highly recommend people not to waste their time with this movie.
  • lynnbarr-7212830 August 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Firstly i would like to ask "What come's at night" and to answer my own question Nothing!!!. The film go's nowhere the story's boring and the characters are nothing special you really don't care if they live or die. quoting the movie description. " Secure within a desolate home as an unnatural threat terrorizes the world, the tenuous domestic order he has established with his wife and son is put to the ultimate test with the arrival of a desperate young family seeking refuge. Despite the best intentions of both families, paranoia and mistrust boil over as the horrors outside creep ever- closer, awakening something hidden and monstrous within him as he learns that the protection of his family comes at the cost of his soul. sounds good but it's very misleading,would not recommend this
  • gghhgghh10 June 2017
    An ambiguous, Lord of the Flies movie
    Warning: Spoilers
    The only problem that stood out to me with this movie was that it was another psych thriller poorly advertised as a monster flick. That said, I wouldn't blame the ads as much in this case because, for one it COULD be a monster flick and secondly the people in the theater with me that had complaints about the movie were all playing on their phones/talking etc. Which brings me to my point really. THE HORROR IN THIS MOVIE IS CHARACTER AND ATMOSPHERE BASED ***Begin possible spoilers*** The movie gives us an apocalyptic feel with a distinct character to represent humanity's past that is being abandoned (the grandfather) a character to represent the ambiguous, potentially non existent future (Andrew) and an in between character that's caught between both and therefore, the best representation of the present in my opinion (Travis). Along with this we have a dog for innocence and two couples of varying age groups caught in the middle and arguably the most affected by it all in the end. I compare this movie to Lord of the Flies merely because it takes a group of humans raised in society and then examines what would happen if that security was ripped away from them. They also, like in Lord of the Flies have a "monster" in the woods that drives their fear and leads to them turning on one another in an attempt to restore some order. The reason I say this was an atmosphere movie is because it intentionally makes you feel uneasy and trapped and gives you that fear of the woods that is never even justified. That said, in my opinion and like others reviewers mentioned, we are really just taking a front row seat in Travis's mind. Despite his parents seeming to be the most paranoid, you see Travis's perspective and his facial expressions the most and most importantly, his nightmares. The nightmares are very relevant because they, once again create atmosphere. This group of people feel so unsafe that the sickness is seeping into their minds slowly, starting with their subconscious. Notice Travis is much more expressive in his dreams that in real life at first but as things unfold he becomes paranoid in his waking life as well. Overall, as I left the theater, I looked forward to firstly thinking it over in the car ride home but more importantly, going home and taking a shower. Not only does it give you the 'creepy thing in the woods' sorta feeling but also the 'literally everything and everyone is contaminated' feeling. Definitely thought provoking and worth seeing.
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