The painting featured in the movie at the beginning is titled "The Triumph of Death".

When shooting the scene where Paul interrogates Will, the boom operator had to sit in a tree for half the day to record the audio correctly.

The movie premiered at the 2017 Overlook Film Festival.

Shults' simplest explanation of the films title, which he spoke of at a screening in Chicago, is that the title came to him early on in the writing process, before characters and plot were fully developed, and it stuck with him. He has also said it can represent the need to rest but at night, fear and anxiety can take over.

There is a picture hanging in the hallway that is a tribute to Lil Wayne's Carter IV.

One of the pictures in the hallway is of Bill Withers, the singer famous for the hit song, "Lean on Me."

Both Carmen Ejogo and Riley Keough also play in the anthology series The Girlfriend Experience, though their characters appear in separate seasons of the show.

Joel Edgerton's character states that he was a teacher before the world started falling apart. Joel Edgerton's character was a teacher in the movie Warrior (2011).

Actor Kelvin Harrison Jr. (Travis) waxed his back before shooting his shower scenes to make his back look better.

For a majority of the movie every time Travis is dreaming the screen becomes cinema-scope style, transitioning out of cinema-scope style when he wakes up.

The cast and crew of the film signed a non-disclosure agreement that forbids them ever revealing what "comes" at night. However, fans and critics are in agreement that Travis's dreams are what "comes" at night.

Director Trey Edward Shults hinted that the two men attacking Paul & Will in the forest could be Father and Son; based on their similar appearance.

It's been speculated that Will could be a current/former alcoholic, judging by his demeanor when Paul brings out the Whiskey bottle.