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  • So I don't usually watch Spanish movies but since i'm learning the language so i was like why not!!

    The movie is single-handedly one of the best Rom/Com i'v watched quite a time .. and definitely the best Spanish so far "since it's the first or second one I've ever watched"😁

    It has a really strong plot .. started so clear and understandable, the comedy is fresh and easily follow-able and with the element of unpredictability so you won't really be a 100% sure things will go your way.

    I do believe The writing was well sculptured and perfected, It's apparent that it is not the first time David Serrano Diego San José have worked together.

    The casting was amazing .. i don't know any Spanish actors but man !! those who played the roles of "Jorge, Nuria, Lucas, Yoli, Miguel, Patricia, Pepe and Víctor" were so engaging and funny and their facial expressions in those little romantic moments were sensational .. just a note, the characters names i mentioned above are literally the whole cast 😄😄 meaning the Whole cast were a bunch of funny geniuses.

    Overall, this movie is a must watch for those who are non-Spanish only because i know the Spanish have already watched it 😉

    Keep it up guys, and sure i'll keep following up your work.
  • Huge fan of Michelle and Hugo, and was excited to see them once again on the screen. Straight away in love with the entire cast. Tenemos que hablar is a beautiful film which is genuinely funny, natural and true in regards with life and relationships. A film you can see multiple times and never be tired of it.
  • mcaceres-4098030 November 2020
    La peor película que he visto nunca, de largo. Aburrida, sin humor y un argumento malo. Vaya pérdida de tiempo.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Like most romantic comedies these days this film was neither romantic nor a comedy. The entire premise should insult the intelligence of any adult: Fatuous idiot Nuria has to talk with her estranged husband (Jorge) about finally getting a divorce after two years so that she can marry her new boyfriend but she doesn't want to hurt her ex's feelings, especially after he has an accident so she goes through a huge process of having a dinner with her parents—who her ex misses since he split with Nuria and doesn't know that the parents have also split. Does that sound tired and stupid enough as a plot? It gets worse.

    Ugh, comedy should have jokes and not just a string of uncomfortable (and stupid) situations. Falling out of a window definitely isn't funny at all…unless he would have died. That would have been hilarious because that is just the way humor works. How about bad jokes about auto-erotica asphyxiation? Actually, they weren't really jokes they just talked about the subject as if that in itself is humor so they could set up a later scene that was just completely stupid and predictable.

    I think that this movie started out on the wrong foot by imitating the worst of Hollywood in depicting such a bourgeois group of upper 1% people and money-obsessed cretins (her mother left her father because he was swindled out of all of their money through no fault of his own—what a freaking hag!). She buys a 500€ jamón, champagne, and caviar to impress upon her ex-husband that her folks are doing fine since Jorge ruined them financially. She was going to return it all after the dinner uneaten and then the big joke is that the mother doesn't play along and they dig into it—a long way to go for nothing in the way of humor.

    All of the absurd situations the characters find themselves mixed up in were just painful to watch…and not a bit funny.