Chris occasionally covered the overnight shift for a Chicago radio station years before the Jamz was written. Jim would set alarms on his phone for the middle of the night so he could call in.

The bar scenes were filmed at Kingston Mines in Chicago.

Because of a tight shooting schedule and location availability, all of the office scenes (which take place during the day) were filmed overnight. Ironically all Jay-Jay & Fitzy's studio scenes (which take place overnight) were filmed during the day.

The frequency 101.7 was chosen deliberately, as it's an unused frequency in Chicago.

The role of Clancy was named after the director of the original web series, who is also a Chicago firefighter.

Fitzy gives Liz the bartender his Apple Watch to settle the outrageous tab at the end of Episode 2. In Episode 3, Liz can be seen wearing the Apple Watch at the bar.

The show is filmed entirely in Chicago.

When originally conceiving the idea for the web series, the casting of Jay-Jay and Fitzy was reversed.

All of the action of the Jamz takes place between roughly midnight and noon. Even though their shift ends at 5, Jay-Jay and Fitzy lurk around the station until after the morning show finishes at 10am. They presumably sleep from noon to 7 or 8pm.

The role of Stanton was written specifically for Michael Patrick Thornton.

Although other characters were often referenced, the original web series was made up exclusively of booth scenes between Jay-Jay and Fitzy.

Rex, voiced by Kyle Zornes, is the only other performer from the original web series to reprise his role.

Geena was originally named Carla, but was changed to remove the unintentional alliteration between Kasey, Chrissy and Carla.

Kasey's increasing disdain for the phrase "Jamzing in the Park" was not scripted.