This is the first French language film Wim Wenders has directed. Peter Handke's original stage play was written in French, too.

Author Peter Handke visited the shoot only for one day. Director Wim Wenders took the opportunity to cast him as 'The Gardener', because it's a role close to him. Handke does all the gardening at his house near Paris himself.

Director Wim Wenders on Les beaux jours d'Aranjuez (2016): "It's a text that Peter [Peter Handke] wrote last year in French and I considered doing it on stage. But then I realised, it's a man and a woman talking. It's a long dialogue. He called it a summer dialogue and in a way it's the last dialogue between a man and a woman before the end of the world. (...) And the stage is not really my cup of tea and I liked that it was in nature. Instead of having nature on stage, I thought it was going to be so much nicer to have real nature. So I proposed to Peter that I would rather do it outside, outdoors with these two actors. Reda Kateb is one of the actors and the other one is Sophie Semin. There's a guest part by Peter Handke himself - he plays the gardener. And there's a guest part by Nick Cave - he plays one song in the film." [Sept. 2015]

Shot in only 10 days on a low budget.

The filming location is an estate that once belonged to the famous French silent film star Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923). She lived there at the beginning of the 20th century. The garden was designed according to her ideas.

The title was taken from the frequently quoted opening line of Friedrich Schiller's historical tragedy "Don Carlos" (1787).

According to Wim Wenders this was the first 3D film Peter Handke ever saw and he was "irritated" by it. He prefers the 2D version.

Wim Wenders said that the jukebox and the songs have the function of a "Greek chorus" in his film. They are not part of Peter Handke's original stage play.

Rehearsals with the actors took several weeks and were done at the actual filming location.