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  • I was honestly excited when I heard that the Powerpuff Girls was to be remade. On one hand, reboots have the potential to explore subject matter and embark on adventures that the original show did not, but on the other hand, they are often handled by a staff who are either sub-par writers/producers/animators, or simply want to cash in on the success of the original show, and don't care much for the artistic dignity or integrity of their own product.

    Which group do you think we got stuck with?

    I really, REALLY wanted to like this show, but after watching the first six episodes (and HATING two of them), I officially call this series a soulless, pandering, hack-job excuse of a show that could have had potential.

    The only thing I can actually say I enjoy about this show is the art style (which I'm aware is far from original). Don't think I haven't seen older cartoons use it. When you think about it, there's hardly an original idea to be found in this entire show (many jokes and references are "borrowed" from other shows, and sometimes even the original Powerpuff Girls). The fact that the three original voices were replaced whereas several others return does not anger me, but it definitely confused me. However, those aren't even real problems in the grand scope of this puffy abomination.

    The violence has been cut back dramatically and replaced half- assedly with rushed morals amidst a panned-out eleven-minute episode. Nobody who enjoyed the original asked for these changes (especially the removal of Ms. Bellum for being "too offensive." In what way?!)

    Among the most painful aspects about this show tries to be way too heavily involved with pop-culture in a desperate attempt to be current and popular with the consumerist mindset. It pushes memes, smart-phones, trends (Blossom and Bubbles twerk in one episode. Enough said). These references take up a significant amount of running time that could otherwise be devoted to actual storytelling, and their overuse is an assault on the mind.

    To me, the most mortifying aspect of this series is that it's allegedly for the next generation of PPGs fans, but there really isn't a way for them to understand what this incarnation is supposed to represent. How are people supposed to understand who, what, or why the original villains are when they're just shown hanging around and acting weird? How are you supposed to feel for the girls if you don't know why they have superpowers or fight crime? Expecting the new audience to understand what's going on is like expecting civilians in a combat zone to join a platoon and immediately know how to fight like soldiers. If this series is for new fans, it doesn't work because it's impossible to grasp; if it's for fans of the original, it doesn't work either, because they will find this incarnation infuriating.

    Overall, this show is yet another reboot that is too fixed on pandering to kids (TV has always underestimated the power of young minds to various degrees) to realize that it's administering a golden shower unto the original series and what people loved about it. I can only hope that it improves, but at this point, I don't really see that happening.

    This reboot is to the original Powerpuff Girls as Teen Titans GO! was to Teen Titans. This show might actually be worse than TTG!.
  • If you are going to reboot a beloved show, there are a couple of things to consider. You should try to uphold the creative and artistic vision, maybe preserve the integrity by keeping some of the talent, and don't alienate the fans. More basically, it should be entertaining.

    The (new) Powerpuff Girls fails at all of this. They didn't try to keep any of the spirit of the original show, they didn't keep (or even ASK) any of the original voice actors, and it's just the worst writing around.

    Why did they need to make this show Powerpuff Girls at all? It could have been just as successful (and terrible) if they didn't tarnish a beloved cartoon. But they did, and that's why this is a one star show.

    Also because it is indicative of the current decline from greatness in the Cartoon Network lineup.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well there's at least positive things I can say about the new Powerpuff Girls. For one it's better than Breadwinners, and secondly it's.... probably better than Teen Titans Go! Other than that, it's either extremely mediocre or sub par in just about every other way I can imagine.

    For starters, the animation is pretty below average. The characters look and act as if they were 2d in a 3d world and this results in a whole lot of awkward perspective shots. There's quite a number of those small animation errors, though that's both common and an absolute nitpick so I won't really fault it too hard for that. There's a bit of animation laziness littered throughout the show and It's fairly easy to notice. One thing I noticed is the actual Powerpuff girls seem to not pop out or stick out at all, and the whole show just seems cluttered and desaturated, both of which do not work well together at ALL. I know that's an art style change but honestly I don't like it and it just bothers me. Other than those complaints, the animation is just... passable at best.

    On another note, the character designs for the Powerpuff Girls are fine. However, the designs of the background characters are pretty poor and contrast heavily from the original style. They look like they're designed for Adventure Time or Steven Universe or something but just done pretty poorly.

    The actual episodes themselves range from either just passable to outright stupid. The main offenders out of the episodes I've watched would be "Horn, Sweet Horn." and "Painbow". "Horn, Sweet Horn" just suffers from a hugely predictable plot twist that's about as bad as a plot twist in an M. Night Shyamalan film, and a huge Deus Ex Machina at the end that's just stupid. "Painbow" is just by far the second worst episode of anything I've ever seen, and it just should have been sent straight back to the storyboard table.

    One thing I want to comment on is the jokes, they're either just not very funny or they're painfully cringe inducing. The main cringe inducing offenders for anyone who watched the show would obviously be the forced inclusion of incredibly outdated memes, and pop culture references.

    The last thing I want to comment on is just how disjointed the show seems. It takes elements from other shows like The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, The Old PPG (Obviously), and heck even a bit from Johnny Test. It just tries to take all these elements from all these different shows without ever really figuring out what makes those elements work and as a result, they're all really poorly implemented into the new reboot. The new PPG is not even just bad, it ends up lacking a solid foundation to build from as a result of this, which is the main reason I'm skeptical that this show will get better in later seasons, among other reasons.

    All in all, the show just does not really have anything going for it other than the brand and the merchandise that's going to result from this show.

    I'd give this one a pass, 2/10
  • I was really disappointed with this reboot . I grew up watching the original show and really enjoyed it. It was one of the best cartoons of the late 90s and early 2000 era. I do not recommend this awful reboot if you have enjoyed watching the original show. You will be thoroughly disappointed. I know I was. You're probably thinking this is a rant about the voice actor change, but that's not really the problem. I mean, they're not great, but that's not the point. The reason I hate this reboot so much is because of that lackluster writing and the painfully unfunny humour. Especially including meme jokes. Don't even get me started on those. When they do these meme jokes it sounds like someone trying to look cool but failing miserably. I hoped this would not be as bad as Teen Titans Go! But it's almost worse then that insufferable atrocity. I could easily forgive the voice actor change, it's just that the writing is just really really weak. This is where the show falls flat. The episodes are barely watchable. There may have been at least two or three good ones but the rest are terrible. Not even kids with a quarter of a mind would find a twerking panda remotely amusing. I think children are smarter than that and they deserve better. You got fantastic shows like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, We Bare Bears, and the often amusing Regular Show. Kids have so many better options available with very clever humour and concepts, so why doesn't this? I mean if the original show had all this then couldn't the new one have it? Kids shows are sometimes better than adult shows as they have a lot more thought put into them these days. Rick and Morty is a great show for teenagers and adults which I recommend. I don't think the writers put any thought into this effortless reboot. For anyone over the age of 8 or possibly under you're better off watching something else. There are so much better options out there. This is not worth my time or many other people's either.
  • The original powerpuff girls was a classic back in the late 90's early 2000's it was funny and exciting and one of the hanna barbera's last big hits, but this remake is just dull, unfunny and totally unacceptable, the voices and performances are so bad it makes me so sad, I saw this remake several months and it was so stupid and it had less of the charm and style of the original that I almost turned it off, boring animation, boring characters, stillborn teleplay and everything else has brought me into the bathroom in what the hell reason, why would they turn another great classic from the past into a piece of crap like this just like the MacGyver remake and that was even worse, although this one is not nearly as bad, but close. this is very dull and disappointing remake I give it a d.
  • I'm a 90's kid with fond memories of the original Powerpuff Girls. For about two seconds when it was first announced, I was excited they were bringing back the show. But then I heard it was going to be a crappy remake instead of doing reruns of the original. And for whatever reason, they got all the original cast back EXCEPT FOR THE ACTUAL THREE GIRLS. Why?
  • ultra-amy14 September 2016
    I wanted this reboot to be as good as the original PPG. But when I watched the episodes "Painbow" and so on, things took it to the purest form.

    The character designs, art style and animation is fine with me, but the majority of the episodes are just crazy as hell. Like in the episode Painbow for example, where the entire citizens of Townsville get hypnotized by a rainbow coming out of nowhere, causing them to be happy in a very uncomfortable way. Seems innocent enough? Well, in the next scene where Blossom and Bubbles get affected in a world that resembles Cloud Cuckoo Land from The Lego Movie, they begin TWERKING along with a panda bear on acid, and Buttercup was disgusted by it. To make this even more creepier is that the girls are CHILDREN. I mean, come on! What decent human being would find this acceptable? The jokes are also unfunny as well, and all references to real-life internet memes make me question. Even though the PPG fight crime, they are sometimes too lazy to do it. I like Buttercup in this series, but not the other characters.

    Whatever you do, do not let your children watch this abomination. Sorry if the review looks kinda bad, but I tried my best. I give this show a 5/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is nothing but the the most shameful, rude, laziest, and stupidest insult to one of the best shows that have been known on this decade running channel. The PowerPuff Girls is one of the most funniest, coolest, and one of the most memorable cartoon shows that appeared on CN and whooped ass. The show had six seasons and an actual feature film that made it one of the best the channel made. Sugar, Spice, and Everything nice, these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect show, UNTIL CARTOON NETWORK WOULDN'T LEAVE IT ALONE! The show is nothing but gimped, weird, has lazy animation, and is terrible with more levels than what you expect. Cartoon Network has really gone down with their quality, and this sums it up. F-
  • davidspisovatel29 April 2016
    This show is not terrible,but still it's bad. Why ? Simple,Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust,his wife do not work on this,but the major problem is,this doesn't have charm.

    Do you know what is charm ? When a cartoon has charm,you feel heart-warmed when watching it,you feel with characters,and you still feel good even after ending credits. But no,this series is not made with love. This series is just another greedy money-cash,now which ruined Powerpuff Girls totally.

    It's even worse than Dance Pantsed,i totally agree with it. And even the series is improving,first 20 episodes is out,and it's still same,lame cartoon with no redeeming quality whatsoever.

    Not that i hate new cartoons. Twas Before Christmas and Powerpuff Girls Rule!!! were great! Littlest Pet Shop,Friendship Is Magic or We Bare Bears is nice too. But this is charmless. Like,even a 15-year old girl can make good animated short (watch Crowfolly's Overgrowth on Youtube if you want).

    Not even mention how TERRIBLE are nowadays pilots. Oh my god,My Friend Pancake,what idea it is ? They're nothing,but experiments made by people,which hasn't any talent at all.

    And to know i mean it for real,i watched three parodies of Powerpuff Girls. 2 of 3 were more entertaining than this reboot. Don't believe me ? You can search it yourself,it's currently from 'nigahiga' and 'fhilslife'.

    This show is so bad,even the fact Kenn Navarro,creator of one of goriest,but most clever cartoon of Youtube,co-wrote a episode,cant save it. Just cancel this reboot already,or make it good! That's all.

    And it looks like the show is even worse than it was on start. Maybe. And...i forgot. TWERKING! 3/10
  • The stories are uninspired. The new redone characters have become boring expositions more concern in delivering mechanical preachy lectures.Gone are the humor, sarcasm and organic charm of the heroes and villains.
  • I have been a massive fan of the Powerpuff Girls since I was around 6. Even today, I will watch Powerpuff Girls when I feel like being a child again! Hell, I even bought the DVDs! Being a 90's baby with this cartoon (of course other amazing cartoons) made my childhood fun!

    Now, I understand this is a new generation and kids today are different than the kids born in the 90's but........

    This is reboot is a failure!

    Why do you say? Here's why! It's simply inappropriate! The first episode I saw, Once Upon a Townsville, there was a scene where a grown woman was kissing Buttercup (the green one)!! IN GOD'S NAME WHAT THE HELL!!! Did Cartoon Network really think this was a good idea!? Kids are watching this! Another episode I saw where the girls are also twerking! THEY ARE LIKE 5 YEARS OLD! Kids today are already thinking about sex, don't make it any worst!!

    This reboot needs to be cancelled right away! At least Teen Titans Go didn't go this far!
  • Terrible plots, children twerking, careless art, trying too hard voice actors.......

    An empty shell, for an empty show. There is no heart in this show. It is only there for merchandise . You know, there's a famous fan comic called "PPGD", by Bleedman. I consider that more canon and in character than this reboot, as well as the PPGZ 2006 Anime. Both the comic and anime were made in East Asia, on the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD, and take place in an alternative future. Both these Asian works have their own section on, while the 2016 reboot does not. That alone says the terrible quality of this show. The fourth powderpuff girl had nothing but a quick effort to gain attention. When the twerking episode got PPG 2016 publicity, they allowed a pedophile to ship himself with a six year old.

    I feel so bad for Craig. His characters have been ruined to the ground. To any hopeful animators that are reading this, let these reboots be a lesson; when you give away the rights to your babies, you give away the right to actually make quality. These channels can make or break your ideas.
  • I first thought that this show can be good and can introduce the current generation to the powerpuff girls.The animation seemed good at first and the theme song didn't seem so bad at first.But after the first episode and after with 5 year olds twerking and all of the pop references in each episode and the powerpuff girls acting like teenagers more than acting like regular superheroes.And getting rid of miss bellum because she seemed to inappropraite was disrespectful to the original series because she was like a mother figure to the powerpuff girls and always helped them out if they didn't know what to do and also always helped out the mayor in the original show.And the episode with the princess who is an adult kissing a 5 year old girl on the show seemed more appropriate to the writers than having one of the original characters on the show.And finally the crossover with the teen titans was just to weird because even though it seemed like an interesting crossover in the past,now it's just to weird even for Tara Strong not voicing as Bubbles because the writers didn't even let her know that the powerpuff girls was coming back on the air and just having a super terrible crossover with the terrible teen titans and the powerpuff girls.I hope this show get canceled soon so I never have to see the really bad show that is being ruined from my childhood.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If I could give this show a 0/10 or -100/10, I would, because this was just god awful. I mean, I felt it rip out my childhood and do unspeakably horrible things to it.

    What possessed the mind of Craig McCracken to make him think rebooting this show in such a tasteless fashion was a good idea? What am I talking about? I watched the episode "Painbow", where (spoilers) a rainbow controlled by a Panda on MDMA (which I'm 99.99% sure the writers were on when they pulled this one out) makes all of Townsville act like they, too, are on MDMA. I guess MDMA is the only substance added to this travesty. Meanwhile, Buttercup is pissing off Miss Keene who is "hip with the kids" with her GoT reference, Blossom is throwing a tantrum because everyone else got an A+ on a diorama as well as her (yeah, forget about her being the voice of reason in this crap) and Bubbles is pretty much irrelevant until later. They find that the whole town is being ridiculously nice and ecstatic, including the professor who stops "sciencing" (way to educate the children on what scientists do) and then go up to a cloud rave with lobsters, a platypus DJ and dancing cats, and the Panda. Bubbles starts talking like a girl in her early 20's who goes on tumblr way too much and some lobsters throw what, (swear to god, I'm not kidding) looks like an ecstasy pill at them, which then gets them high (there is literally no other word I can use for what they were like). Buttercup gives a forced lesson because the writers seemed to remember "oh yeah, we're meant to actually teach kids something", beats up the Panda, disintegrates the lobsters and the cloud rave gets sucked into a black hole. Everything goes back to normal. That's it. Oh, and Buttercup stops pissing off Miss Keene.

    This had me wanting to throw some childhood favourite characters out a window, it is trying way too hard to be like Cartoon Network's recent cartoons (particularly Adventure Time and Steven Universe), and it is nothing but a nostalgic cash grab. It was physically painful, there was nothing even remotely enjoyable about this. The writing was lazy, the animation was poor, the jokes were not funny, it doesn't relate to kids nor the nostalgic young adults who they knew would watch this, the message was rushed and not a very good one, and the characters are completely unlikeable now.

    The one star I gave in this review represents the twinkle in my eye that I lost after watching this reboot.
  • I am going to be honest, I am a little late to get into this but I am going to talk about it anyway. But instead of reviewing it, I'm doing a non-review, because I refuse to watch the Powerpuff Girls reboot.

    The original (which we now have to call "the 1998 Powerpuff Girls") is a timeless classic. It was one of the greatest cartoons ever made. But for the reboot, judging from the clips and what people have said about it, the 2016 reboot looks god awful.Now we see a lot of bad shows/movies/cartoons/games/etc, but this is the Powerpuff Girls, it is one of the most popular franchises ever.

    the Powerpuff Girls was something that some of us grew up with. I may have not have been a 90s kid, but I still watched the 90's cartoons because they were still running. And it is a shame to see a reboot based on one the most famous cartoons go down so badly. It is pretty much stupid.

    My biggest problem with the reboot isn't just the legit things that people have already talked about, but it also looks embarrassing when you compare it to the original, which was made nearly 21 years ago, and that still holds up after all this time. The fighting is still good and the show wasn't cringe worthy.

    But there it another real problem I have with the reboot. But first, I am going to refer to one of the clips I saw. Though I am not going to spoil anything, it makes note of the original that came before (like Star Wars the Force Awakens, but nowhere near as good). So how this show is a reboot… I guess it isn't – it makes no sense. even though it may be a funny joke or nod to the original, but with a bad reboot like this, all it does is make you wish that you're watching the original instead. It's as if the best part of the show is seeing something that resembled the original show and for that it's the only good part – but that doesn't even count.

    And that is where this leads me to my real problem with the "reboot" — the title. Calling it "the Powerpuff Girls" but pretend that it is a "reboot" is like how the Thing (2011) is like a prequel to the Thing (1982) by John Carpenter. It is also a sad attempt to bank on the name just to get fans to see it based on the title alone. At the same time, it takes advantage of the younger generations who might not have even seen the original. They'll see it without feeling like there's any prerequisite of having to see the original, while making it confusing at the same time. Now whenever you look up the original movies, you're always going to see "the Powerpuff Girls (1998)" and "the Powerpuff Girls (2016)." call it something different.

    Also, they brought back the voice actors for the Professor, the Mayor, the Narrator (which they rarely use now), and Mojo, but they didn't cast Cathy Cavadini, Tara Strong, and E. G. Daily as the girls, or even make them aware? it's similar to how Michael bay did with the live action Transformers movies; they have Frank Welker (the original voice for Megatron, who also voiced Abracadaver in the original PPGs) there, but he's not doing the voice for Megatron, his Most famous character? How did this reboot get so misguided? it's amazing when you look back and after all that, we end up with this reboot. This is a major example of a studio sitting on somebody else's creation and not knowing what to do with it. If I were to sit down and watch 10 minutes of one episode, I would be a sucker.

    Overall, the reboot is awful and mediocre to the original. But if you stop and think about it, most movie/cartoons/etc (like the Avengers, Avatar, etc.) are made for the present time, they make their money and then they just go into the past. But there are very few cartoons/films that are meant to be watched years and years from now and go back to (like the original PPGs), and this reboot isn't one of them. I probably won't be watching this reboot five years from now or ever.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I absolutely despise the new revival series of my old childhood favorite show for quite a few reasons. I awaited a revival for a long time, and when I was a little girl I watched Powerpuff Girls all the time and loved every minute of it, but now I feel like they're ruined! The new series is just horrible! I want the old voice actors back, I want it to be the way it was, not the way it is now. Twerking? I think that's worse than Miss Bellum to be honest. The old show was about superhero's fighting crime! This show is about little girls acting like your average teenage plastic dolls, they are stereotypes of how teenage girls "should" act. The personalities of the girls have changed dramatically to the point that they don't give me that nostalgia, they look like the hero's I loved, but the way they talk and act is far from what I remember. It's honestly insulting to look at, and when the day comes that my children would like to watch cartoons, I'd be showing them the old episodes, not these, because they aren't as great as it was when I was young. No boy bands, no twerking, just saving the Mayor and Miss Bellum! When I can see that, I'll watch, and I'll rate it 10 stars happily. They even removed the chest sizes from female characters, I'm sorry but I'm sure that when a child looks at their mother, they can see that chests exist and are larger in women than men. Children aren't stupid and won't care that a character has a larger chest than another. Overly infuriating, when I was a kid, I didn't look at a character with breasts and think "WOW LOOK AT THOSE" I just watched the show because NO child will pay attention to that, they are more focused and wanting to know what happens next, fix it.

    Rant over, I'm done.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i believe they ruined to the original its like they don't care for the show at all or never even watched it back then. trust me these creators are not fans of this show obviously and need to be fired! can't say anything else about this show other than total crap because it would be a big waste of time but overall 1/10 maybe even 0/10 stars for going far from perfection.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There are many reasons why this is the current worst series of Cartoon Network and reboot the worst caricatures of the story: First Error: Cartoon Network Powerpuff Girls introduced a very sappy way Second Error: it is a feminist series to the Social Justice Warrior; example "A horse or pony class that becomes unicorn"; really?????; besides that the plot is very horrible. Third Error: recycled mood; nones conclusions; poor utilization of memes; besides that spoofs are some memes fools who only advantage in bubbles, where the hell this violence, equal designs, etc. Fourth Error: is too soft, pathetic and clichés frames, without the originality of McCracken. Fifth Error: brain is trying to wash the children, really.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The old "The Powerpuff Girls" was one of CN's best animated TV shows of all time. When they announced the reboot I was so excited to see The Powerpuff Girls come back again. But just after watching the first couple of episodes I was turned off and infuriated. In fact, the reboot is like a huge slap on the face to Powerpuff Girls fans everywhere. The villains look ridiculous compared to the old ones, in one episode "Man Up" The Powerpuff Girls face a villain known as Man-Boy ( A boy who has powers of a man ). In another episode known as "Blue Ribbon Blues" The Powerpuff Girls faces yet another villain turning all of there school mates into half animals known as Janitaur ( Half janitor and half horse ). There's also a lot of other things wrong with the show that I don't even know where to start but I'll make a list.

    1. They took Mrs.Bellum out because she looked "Offensive" 2. They steal jokes from other TV shows 3. The Villains look like a joke ( as I mentioned earlier ) 4. They rarely show the action the old TV show had 5. They try to blend in with pop culture which makes the show even harder to watch

    I would go on but I wouldn't want to take up the whole review. Anyways, I would rather wait for this show to get cancelled ( sooner or later ) so they would make a another reboot ( hopefully better than this one ). I will never look at The Powerpuff Girls the same way again thanks to this show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's not good enough for new fans, nor old fans in the episodes. The reasons why it's horrible can be found all over the internet including YouTube. 1.Certain types of Modernization shouldn't be done because it causes Outdated themes.

    2.Toys shouldn't be the reason to create or make fun of a old show.

    3.The amount of character development should include background characters to develop a sense of connection of hatred or liking of other characters than the main characters.

    4.Do original ideas that work without basically copying your own idea without them making no exact sense.

    5.Get a new art team and script writers for a original show, but if your going to do a reboot then add the originals to make the show back in said image. If the original people don't want to do it; don't do the idea.

    6.Make the show closer to the original to help viewers understand the narrators out for those episodes when your trying to quote the original.

    7. Don't UN-sexual and be sexist at the same time

    8.Don't use outdated meme's because they're not funny

    9.Don't make characters just to be stupid without a way to support the character.

    10. The animation is the main issue hidden away with this idea of uncle grandpa style. I like that show sadly more as well as teen titans go more than this trash.\ Sincerely, Bombe Star
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Cartoon Network decided to reboot a series that many young adults watch as children, and turned something timeless to something dated. The 1998 Powerpuff Girls had a mix of cute girl stuff while having some scary, serious action. The show had a bi-polar mesh that made it really good to watch. At one moment it would be a G rated Disney movie, and at the next, PG-13/R violence. But the re-boot is a down-right failure. For one, they desperately try appeal to the kids and it is not subtle in any way. Forcing memes in every episode, dated references (like twerking). and other countless things you'd slap your head at. The animation is more "cute-like" than the one in '98, and there are noticeable errors you'd catch easily. Lastly, they get rid of a character people liked for being to sexual, yet they have Bubbles and Blossom TWERKING. Overall, cannot wait for it to be off the air and stick with the 1998 version.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    No, Cartoon Network, bad call. The original show ended on a good note, before it got completely old. And now, it's been tainted with pop culture references EVERYWHERE (twerking, memes, "swag", and more).

    The characters have lost what they once had. Buttercup is defiant, rude, and obnoxious. I get that you're trying to bring back her old defiance and make her a rebel, but the old Buttercup was rude, sassy, and rebellious while also knowing her place and respecting superiors when the time is right. Bubbles has become a teen stereotype, constantly pushing the "trendy girl" theme too far, making her more like that one annoying stereotype in other bad shows. Besides that, anyone remember that episode of the original where Bubbles became an edgy girl with anger issues? This show pushes that joke all the time. Blossom is no longer a real leader. Mostly just "the smart one", obsessed with grades. It feels like she lost all her personality.

    And the villains from the original aren't even in the show that much. Mojo Jojo is there solely for comic relief most of the time. The villains replacing them are so cutesy, annoying, and uninteresting, like the Panda in the episode where everyone became super corny and happy. One episode starred the Amoeba Boys putting a virus on the internet. But.. It's not a conflict. They made that episode for the sake of pandering to kids, even though antiviruses exist. It's just not the same.

    On the bright side, the animation is decent. Kind of. In conclusion, I don't recommend this. It's lost everything good that the old one once had. Oh, and also, Ms. Bellum left the show for being a "sexist character" because I guess she seems too sexual, like she was made as an object. Huh, if I remember, Ms. Bellum depicted women as smart, professional, and strong (hence the episode where she fought Sedusa). Anyway, this reboot ruined the old PPG.
  • To be honest, I actually liked Chris Savino's Powerpuff Girls and Dexter's Laboratory for the most part. Not as much as the Genndy or Craig episodes, but at least they were more of an improvement over THIS MESS!!! Powerpuff Girls 2016 is by far one of the worst shows ever put on Cartoon Network in history. Nick Jennings and Bob Boyle may have worked on some good cartoons, but just because they handle the Powerpuff Girls doesn't automatically mean that our beloved show is "still in good hands". ChannelFrederator was really stupid when they believed that "our beloved show is still in good hands". I really don't care for Adventure Time or Regular Show anymore. As for Clarence, that show was boring. I prefer ALL the episodes of the ORIGINAL PPG, EVEN THE CHRIS SAVINO ONES, than this. Not only would us fans believe that this show was terrible, but even Craig McCracken hated it, and even Chris Savino would too. Tara Strong had every right to be mad at Cartoon Network. This reboot needs to die.
  • To be honest, I didn't watch a lot of the Powerpuff Girls original show. Okay, most of the episode I watched were pretty good, had good messages and violence without the fear to offend some people. Now besides of these qualities the show had, there is one that shows like Spongebob, Adventure Time and Steven Universe (sorry for the shows that need to be mentioned but there are a lot of the to mention) have: They are timeless. They don't need to drive the way the things that popular at the time, they create them (in some ways). The hell, even Spongebob, that was created in 1999, still on air today (its quality is debatable). But The Powerpuff Girls (2016) is a dated show, a really offensive, sexist, and bland dated show. Without comparing this to the original (the original was good, this not) , PPG 2016 doesn't have any characteristics that make it a good thing. It use memes from 2012 and twerking and slang.... Things that will die soon. Kids are clever and they deserve better. If you're afraid to have violence and to be transgressor, then don't reboot a show famous to be violent and transgressor.
  • So this is a spinoff show of the original Powerpuff Girls from 1998. Let me just tell you I LOVED the og show. But this one has no comparison and the plots are just just them trying to be hip and cool. Like I get cartoon network wants to fit in but that's not what we know cn for. The original ppg was actually creative while this one is just...
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