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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I mean it may be a bit tongue in cheek, but so were movies like Blazzing Saddles! This is not a Dirty Harry, but then again, all those Clint Eastwood movies were not really any better than this movie or this movie is just as good as ! The actors won't get Academy Awards, but they did a fair enough job, it has twists and some predictability, but entertaining enough. So what if the ending doesn't meet expectations. If the crooks do a little bit of good and hurt bad people in the process it's pretty much how the real world is. I liked it. The least crooked get to walk off into the sunrise. Gave it a seven because it's worth more than a six. There are a Hell of a lot really bad movies being, this one is NOT.
  • Yes, it takes place in New Orleans. Yes all the characters are cliched for region. Yes, the entire plot and premise are truly fantasy. But.....It Wasn't That Bad.
  • After reading some pretty harsh reviews of Carter And June, I was inspired to add my differing opinion of this film. First off- it is rare to find a movie that has humor, explosions and "bad guys" you find entertaining. This movie is aimed at adults with a sense of humor. The humor IS there and hits the right notes. From the main character being more focused on what he's being beaten with than the actual beating to the so-called "fancy", "bedazzled" strip club owner showing up the Commissioner at a shotgun range; it may not be riotous laughter, but there was out-loud laughing from the viewers. Sure, there is no clear-cut "good guy" in the film, but that isn't meant to be a narrative on the actual city of New Orleans. Just a fun romp in the plausible antics of a group of not always law-abiding citizens of a hyped-up NOLA. The characters of Spencer Rabbit (Tim Omundson) and Darla Mae Twitty (Lindsay Musil) were the highlights for me. Having been a fan of Omundson, I highly enjoyed his performance as a southern gay, flamboyant, gothic gangster strip-club owner. He has some fantastic mini-monologue rants and one-liner quips that steal a scene. He is not the usual clichéd representation of a gay character and, in my opinion, stands up for himself and other LGBTQ characters during his time onscreen. I highly recommend other movie writers to take note of how to write better gay roles from this one. (And his character is a very snazzy dresser to boot.) Lindsay's morally-bent religious character had me tearing up with the amusing high ground her character takes in the name of the Lord. Everyone needs to watch this movie just for these two performances- but stay for the whole thing as it is a fun ride.
  • seancov19 June 2018
    The gf and I checked it out after a pretty intense day and it had everything we were looking for. Comedy, action and a couple solid twists. It had more boob shots than we expected but she conceded that there was a good variety of boobs so it was worth it for science.
  • If you don't have a decent sense of humor, then this film is not for you. Period. "Carter & June" is worth seeing and adding to one's movie collection. It has dark humor throughout it. The entire cast and crew knocked it out of the park.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Carter Jennings (Michael Raymond-James) is a con artist who is in debt to Spencer Rabbit (Timothy Omundson) the gay owner of "The Rabbit Hole" a strip club. The cops in this Louisiana city are mostly on the take, except for Ofc. Jason Twitty (James Landry Hébert) who becomes a wild card in this film. Carter has a love interest in June O'Malley (Samaire Armstrong) former stage name "Pepper." When an opportunity comes along for the big score, Carter and June jump at it, only to have things go awry.

    This is an adult comedy action film. The characters were all over-the-top which made for an interesting film when the plot slowed up, which was seldom. The main problem with this production is that the characters were greater than the plot, giving the film a negative impression. Watch it for the characters.

    Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (strippers, Lindsay Musil, and Mayra Leal- thank you)
  • To me this movie is something like an Elmore Leonard story using characters from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If you like the usual Elmore Leonard structure (low-level criminals with good hearts taking on nasty high-level criminals), and you like the sort of brainless, social incompetence you see Charlie, Dee and the gang display every week, then I don't see why you wouldn't enjoy it.

    And it avoids the two worst sins in so many movies; the pacing never flags, and it's never obvious what's going to happen next.

    I honestly don't know why it has such low reviews. I HATE most movies, and yet I loved this!
  • I love this movie! It reminds of the TBS show CLAWS. It is uncouth and irresistible, with a heavy helping of trashy.