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  • ynaasiahj23 January 2016
    This show is so awesome , i absolutely love it. it shows you a lot about friendship. it also shows a girl that have a crush on a boy but she cant seem to tell him ,i know that's how most of us girls are. it also shows that everybody has consequences when they do something bad , you cant do something bad and expect to not get punished. if your like me you would love this show !!!!!!!!!most girls are like the girls in this show , watch it so you can learn how to talk to your crush or fix your friendships and remember all real friendships always snap right back together when it has been broken & if your friendship didn't it was never real , That's what this show teaches you and i think all parents should recommend this show for their child.Go watch it to see if you like it be sure to rate the show and write an review. Thank you .
  • gerbilcorns11 January 2017
    I honestly love this show so much. It is a little cheesy but overall awesome! I am about the age of the girls in show and I think that all tweens and teens should try watching it. The show is comedic and British and it follows the lives of three socially-awkward girls. Both boys and girls could watch and enjoy "So Awkward," but I think it is geared towards girls. The show is appropriate for anyone ages 8 and up, but I think 10-15 year olds will enjoy it the most. There is no swearing or violence. There are some elements of the show that are slightly unrealistic, but this is not a problem. At the moment, there are 2 seasons ready to watch on Netflix (and available for download!!) Plus, the show will be renewed for a 3rd season in 2017. Hooray!!! Lily, one of the main characters, is a smart, rather awkward girl with a quirky mum, an older brother, and a crush named Matt. Martha is the most bookish and know-it-all type character, and Jas is fun and likes theater and drama. All the characters are pretty likable. Watch this show for a good laugh!!! I highly recommend it.
  • With good life-lessons for children. The characters are very likable. The series is well-written. Sort of like 2000's television. Only 2 comments: One is that Matt shouldn't have left after season 2 (it's kindda pathetic Lilly and all the rest forgot all about him since season 3). Second, they should have made the episodes a bit shorter (like instead of 28 min., maybe 25 min. would've been better). But all in all, a very good TV show, and REFRESHING too! This decade needed it desperately.
  • lewyjunior-4188920 September 2019
    Great show, hilarious characters and fab story lines! I began watching this when I was 8 and still, 4 years later I am loving series 5! Totally recommend it for kids 8 - 13
  • A hilarious, addictive comedy for the whole family; it features the life of three teenage girls: trying to make sense of life and boys. I have to give it a nine and a half.