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  • Every hack can have his day, as this erotic Dorcel drama proves to be one of the better pictures (out of hundreds of stinkers) made by house director Herve Bodilis.

    Anna Polina is the sexy lawyer visiting client George Uhl in prison, but mainly working against his interests by following the orders of her real clients, his unscrupulous partners. That's pretty much the storyline, but Bodilis stylishly embellishes the action with interesting quirks, notably Polina's tantalizing tease actions when visiting George, shooting him a beaver or two under the table (but no sex in prison, a surprise given the porn context).

    Ava Courcelles steals the picture (sex-wise) from star Polina playing her best friend, who is tempted to expand on her humdrum experience first with a gangster client of Ana's (Kristof Cale, who IMDb insists on calling Max Fonda) in a bar bathroom, and then a big-deal gang-bang. The actress who replaced Polina as Dorcel's Number One star for a time, Lola Reve, is strictly cast in this one for her sex appeal and looks mature rather than her initial jail-bait status for the label.