• Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    by Gerry Henderson
  • Heart of Hearts
    by Phil Mousley
  • One Good Day of Sun
    by Ray Pitts
  • Healer of Hearts
    by Postcard Comets
  • A Sweet Goodbye
    by BlueStarman
  • Why
    by Blue Folkus Singers
  • Hurting Me
    by Jane Gill-Wilson
  • I Can't Make it Without You
    by Doug Adair
  • Cop Sequence
    by Helder Rock
  • Fall
    by Max Restaino
  • Diamond Light
    by Paul Luftenegger
  • Don't Throw it all Away for Jesus
    by Danny Jones
  • Dream Giver
    by Danny Jones
  • I'd Like Someone There
    by Phil Mousley
  • Flora
    by Benn Alsopp
  • Butterfly
    by BlueStarman