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  • I have been watching Utawarerumono season 1 since my childhood and i cry with tears in the ending of season 1 and now season 2 brings back a lot of memories and even after watching the gameplay of Mask Of Truth which i really hope a Season 3 will be coming out as soon as possible i cant wait any longer to see Haku and Kuon be together and also Hakuoro the legend which finally come back and meet Eruruu-!!!So please i need a Season 3
  • The start of this adventure is exciting, with intrigue and unexplained facts that hold the audience to learn more about the protagonist and the world. Events release the construction of two plots, one long mixed world creation and other tasks solved by episode. Said that, he dies there, has a great discovery that changes the whole conception of the anime and the responsibility of the protagonist, but after that he just decays, failing to overcome his own triumph finishes the anime in a decadent manner.