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  • If you've opted to see this, you'll get what you're looking for and then some. It's pretty horrifying in its real world implications and it keeps you engrossed start to finish. Disturbing, jarring, if you want to forget about literally anything else in the world for 92 minutes, watch it. You'll get what you came for and won't be disappointed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Following up the original from 2015, 'Unfriended: Dark Web' is technically a sequel, though an untethered one since none of the characters from the first film appear in it (if you've seen the first film, you understand why). This sequel makes use of the same inventive storytelling device, taking place entirely on one character's laptop screen.

    We view everything through the protagonist's eyes (Matias) as he constantly toggles back and forth between Facebook chat, Wikipedia, Spotify and a Skype session with his closest friends on game night. This technique creates an authentic computer experience to which we can all relate. The beginning of the film wisely commits time to developing all the characters, making them all real, empathetic and just vague enough that we can superimpose our own friends on these avatars. A crucial seed is planted-we've all had nights begin this way. This could happen to any of us.

    Debut director Stephen Susco (a veteran of horror writing) opts to open with a relaxing atmosphere for viewers to meet the friends. In this first act before anything scary is introduced, the characters reveal themselves to be interesting and worth caring about, which is not the case in most horror films. It's a strength in this one.

    But what starts out as a pleasant evening, quickly grows worse. Matias reveals that he stole the laptop from the lost and found at the café where he works. The owner wants it back-seems reasonable. When Matias doesn't immediately acquiesce, the laptop's owner messages him, hacks his screen and threatens the life of him and all his friends-seems a little less reasonable.

    This laptop owner, a seriously skilled hacker, is no joke. He operates on the dark web, a crime-riddled corner of the internet that exchanges heinous acts and millions in cryptocurrencies.

    Suspense and anxiety build through Matias's frantic multi-tasking and breathless pauses as he stares at the three bubbles on Facebook chat, waiting for a response-an experience we have all had, though presumably with much lower stakes.

    Once the online threats transition into real-life attacks, negative space on each friend's webcam easily lends itself to opportunities for someone to approach silently from behind. The computer screen-only viewing experience does nothing to limit the scares. If anything, the events unfolding become more terrifying because they feel contained and personal.

    'Dark Web' exploits our fears about the internet-everything we do could be watched by someone else, someone we wouldn't want watching. We're vulnerable when we're online. Despite the risks, we knowingly share an enormous amount of information about ourselves with the world.

    This knowledge makes all the events we witness in this movie feel plausible, even if a few of the hacker's tech tricks feel like convenient storytelling devices. The filmmakers are undoubtedly gambling that most viewers will not notice them amidst the escalating chaos that ensues. It's not a bad bet.

    The film's greatest flaw in an otherwise strong movie, is that it's too bleak and too grim. Once we see the level of control the nefarious forces have over the Skyping friends, we cannot help but feel hopeless. It seems as though the outcome is never uncertain-it's only a matter of how and how long.

    Nevertheless, this is a well-made and creative scary movie. It succeeds in being a movie that we need right now without ever blatantly declaring that's what it wants to be.

    We should all probably be more careful online. Also, don't steal! This whole fiasco could have been avoided.
  • Brilliant guys. Just give this film a chance. A lot of undeserved hate
  • First I would like to say its not the best. Of course its not but for what it is it does it alright. Its tense, it makes you a little paranoid and it also doesnt have too much bad acting.

    I'll tell you one of the best things about it is the fact it doesnt rely on ridiculous jump scares every 10 seconds like most horror movies these days. Its a slow build and I believe we need more of these kind.

    What exactly were people expecting? It is exactly what it is and its done well.
  • cameronkaczmarek18 July 2018
    The movie not only outshines the first, but brings the story from supernatural to the real world. Dark Web is completely dark and twisted and it's something I, as a horror fan, loved. I think the highly negative impact of the first will lead to people not even giving this one a chance. I will say however if you don't like the computer screen storytelling format then you will not like the movie. Dark Web has many clever technology-based moments and has well thought out deaths. I wouldn't consider this a horror, but more of a thriller. Judging the movie based on the first without even seeing it is completed biased and should be given a chance.
  • mcqbmw9 October 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I had been steering clear of this movie because of all the poor press and negative reviews. But, sitting home on a day off bored, I decided to fire it up and boy am I glad I did.

    There are definitely some cheesy things in the video, like the bad guys being blurred out whenever they are on camera, but the premise is actually very clever and although i wouldn't say I am scared permanently by this move, it really does make you think. There are some folks that know WAY to much about computers, electronics, and the internet. Who knows whats really lurking out there on the dark web or in plain site for that matter. Well done! Impressive concept.
  • My friend and I went into this movie expecting to laugh and make fun of it, especially after the first one. And while yes, there are some funny/stupid/absurd parts to this movie, overall it was actually very intriguing. It manages to come off slightly more realistic, enough so that it caught my interest and held it throughout. I enjoyed the first Unfriended because it was dumb and I thought it was funny. I enjoyed Dark Web because it was a legitimately fascinating, enjoyable movie. Definitely check this one out.
  • footballrockz2420 July 2018
    This movie although having a bit of a slow start, get INTENSE and doesn't let up throughout. Very suspenseful flick my friend and I were turning heads with our jaw dropped throughout. DARK movie and my expectations were shattered in a good way. Highly recommend.
  • I'm a 47 yr old Mom of 16 yr old twin girls. So when I got stuck taking them and their friends I was boarderline dreading it. I have to say I really enjoyed.the movie. I was scared and on the edge of my seat. I love scary movies but it takes a certain kind of movie to "weird me out" -this was it...
  • I went into it expecting it to be like the first, which was complete and utter pathetic garbage. But interestingly, this one was better, not amazing, but definitely not as bad as its trashy predecessor. But how is it better? I'd like to say first that while I am saying certain aspects are better, its still not a perfect film. So one of the problems with the first was that it was just plain old boring, the story simply wasn't interesting. But the story in this one was at least a little bit more engaging. Another problem with the first one was that the camera use off putting, too many big faces, but thankfully this one expands on the first's cinematography and did make it watchable. Of course there will be people who won't watch it because of how bad the first one is, but take it from this horror movie veteran, it was passable. While I didn't like it as much as other horror gems of the last few years, I didn't walk out of the theater like I expected I would.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I almost never write reviews for a movie unless I really like it, or I really don't. In this case, I really don't. The scenes in this movie that were supposed to be scary, did not come across scary at all and almost comical at times. I never felt any emotional connection to the characters so killing them off one by one never really affected me. The beginning was kinda funny, but the plot is dragged down by the cliche horror movie protagonist that does not use logic whatsoever. On several occasions, the opportunity is given to the main character to end the entire situation, but instead makes some bonehead move to keep the plot alive. There was one point in the film where one of their freinds die and then they play cards against humanity like 5 minutes after- it was supposed to be serious but I found myself laughing at how unpractical that is. The very ending isn't complete garbage as the viewer is left helpless watching the protagonist suffocate. But overall this movie suffers from almost never being scary, no emotional connection, and characters who don't think logically.
  • The acting was awful, the special effects were cheesy, and the story line was all over the place. Not to mention this had nothing to do with "the dark web". If you're interested in a movie like this, just watch V/H/S instead. It's far less ridi
  • Just seen this today in theaters, it was awful. The ending made no sense, the plot was ridiculous, and overall just a complete waste. I am an avid horror movie fan, to the point of obsession. The first one wasn't really bad at all, which is why i watched the second one, but if you still really want to see this, save your money and wait for it to be released.
  • I try to be forgiving to movies... but I just couldn't. I can see what they were going for, but with the slow pace to get to anything interesting is just annoying. You spend the first 20min watching a kid stupidly fumble around a Mac (though he is supposed to be some tech person) and then after 40 or so minutes, you get your first mildly thrilling moment. But don't worry, it isn't too scary, my grandmother would laugh! After 45mins I was so bored I was falling asleep on my husbands shoulder and eventually we left. It was so bad that it is the first movie I have ever walked out of. I NEVER walk out of movies, but I couldn't continue to put myself through that much pain. Not worth a cent. Not even worth a Netflix late night "meh whatever" watch. So sad, it could have been good.
  • Ignore the 10/10 reviews, they are mostly fake. This movie is awful.

    I rented Unfriended through Redbox and saw it with a date, and I'll give it kudos that we did not turn it off and even talked about it afterward. I can't in all good faith call it a good film, but it was the first of its kind that I had seen and I merely tolerated it. Unfortunately it fell into a lot of issues that start and end with the characters/actors, and the teeny-bopper horror elements that leave you laughing and eye-rolling almost as if they intentionally wrote and directed it that way made it extremely mediocre, forgettable, and worst of all passable. What seemed like it was serving its style as nothing more than a cheap gimmick, I easily would only rate it a 4/10, but I was on board as I watched it and it did not turn me away from seeing a sequel.

    • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    I didn't know anything about this sequel going into it, never mind the fact that I didn't even know it was a film until yesterday evening. But when the pre-screening invite fell into my lap, I bit the bullet and hoped for the best even though I planned for the worst. Needless to say, this was a pleasant surprise. Before I go on, I'm also going to strongly advise that you avoid the trailer at all costs for four reasons:

    1) It spoils a lot of events (though leaves out the main overall plot of the film, which was nice). 2) It misinforms the audience of what kind of film it is (treats it like a pure horror when it is more of a thriller/suspense flick). 3) It edits a lot of items on the screencast that do not occur in a similar way in the actual movie, even down to colors and sound effects that are used. 4) It makes it look really bad.

    I saw the trailer AFTER seeing the film by the way, and I'm glad that I did. I would have passed up this pre-screening if I saw that horrible trailer, and I would've felt like I've seen the entire film if so as well (yes, it does reveal several plot points).

    I totally understand why this film has the 'Unfriended' tag: it's a found footage screencasting film where an anonymous user intrudes a Skype group chat, and torments them as a result of their mishaps bestowed onto said user. This is where the premise similarities end, though. This isn't only not a story continuation of the first film in any way (you can watch this without watching that and you won't lose a single beat), but this also does not have a supernatural element, and although Facebook may be one of the applications in the film it has nothing to do with unfriending somebody through it. Granted, I understand the name can take on multiple meanings in which case I can easily find one for it through this film, and if it just had the title The Dark Web, people would hark on it for being "too similar to Unfriended," so they were stuck. This can either help or hurt the film because I know a lot of people who won't see this on the name alone, but you may be mistaken by passing it up.

    As I said before, this isn't bogged down with anything supernatural. That's not to say it's the most realistic thing in the world either, but if you suspend enough disbelief you can feel that it has a lot more grounding to it. This is the first plus. There's nothing wrong with supernatural horror flicks, but the first film holds a strong stigma around Facebook that it just couldn't be taken seriously. At least they did it better than Friend Request, but that's still not saying much. This circumvents that completely. Everything involved is through the power of individuals, all of which seem to be very computer-savvy, but making that decision won me over significantly more. I'd say it teeters more toward the suspense/thriller genre than it does the horror genre, and for this that can only be a good thing. Just don't expect anything scary so to speak, though there are a couple of disturbing ideas that only strengthened the film's mystique.

    This also had some clever writing. Compared to the original, it's just nice to know that there was some actual thought into telling this story and not just throwing it out the window. The way the plot develops may leave you very curious as to how some items are slowly discovered, and some small nuggets (as well as character traits) throughout the film play a larger part by the time the credits roll in a fascinating way. Can't say I didn't like how things went down, but what's interesting to me is that halfway through watching it you could have predicted a million ways they should have done the back-end, and even if you ultimately feel they didn't go the route you may want it's still ahead of the other film on potential and wonder alone.

    Unfriended: Dark Web grabbed me pretty fast with the relationship between two of the central characters. I cared enough about the situation to be concerned for their well-being. I can't necessarily say the same for the other characters. One was a little annoying but you grew into the personality, two were kind of bland (but one outshined the other both with acting and backstory), one was wasted entirely to the point that I wanted more from that one than any of the others, and one was compelling but served the plot exposition and advancement so well you could nearly call out "Deus ex machina!" at times, as that character also has no development. Everything in the Skype chat kind of worked out though because the "main" character (the screen we're watching all the time) mutes them or goes to different windows for long times on end when the others didn't need to serve a larger purpose for said moment. Neither the film nor the characters were that funny either, but the film didn't try to be funny too often either; wasn't laughing with them, but thankfully I also wasn't ever really laughing AT them. The first film had laughable characters that were unlikable to the point that I couldn't wait to watch them be killed.

    Those who read my reviews know that I like to be vague so you can enjoy the film for yourself without still really knowing anything about this film, so that is where I'll leave you regarding content. Most of what I mentioned was the good stuff, and some of the lesser things in the film for me lie in parts that would probably spoil too much. I have some other small quibbles like off-screen characters type and respond unrealistically fast, though I understand they need to keep the pace up at the same time. Even still, I'd say they still make some decisions in the sequel that make me think they didn't learn everything from making the original, but they definitely self-corrected so much, probably more so than going from Annabelle to Creation or from Ouija to Origin of Evil. I also found the halfway point to allow it to go into multiple directions, and although the route they chose wasn't my absolute favorite I'm not about to sit here and petition that a rewrite be in order either.

    This film also did one more thing for me: it made me realize that the found footage screencasting sub-genre is one that can actually work and be used more and more. It is very inexpensive and tailors perfectly to our generation around the social media realm. I thought it was far too gimmicky in the first film, but then I saw the film Searching and found how it could be used correctly... and just a short two weeks later I can clearly say that in the right hands there is enough creativity there to do more and more things. That being said, I liked Searching more as a film but I can't say that I would have liked it as much as I do if I saw it AFTER seeing Dark Web. I think the novelty of the filming style meshed so well with the story and really grabbed me, and this was entertaining enough overall that I didn't care I was seeing this style again. I think seeing it in the other order might exhaust me to see Searching second. So, here goes: I recommend you see both films, but if possible I recommend you see Searching first to get the best bang for your buck. Unfortunately it releases in a few weeks while this releases just next week.

    Do as you must, but ultimately I suggest you give this one a crack and you may leave as surprised as I was.
  • Tells the story about a teen who comes into possession of a new laptop and finds that it may have been stolen. He discovers the previous owner may be watching every move he makes and will do anything to get it back.

    There is NOTHING to recommend about this film. It sucks from the first frame. There is no story and it drones on and on and on.

    And here's another thing -- if you watch this on TV you wont b able to see any of the texts! I have a GIANT TV and couldnt read one. Whoever put money up for this film must be homeless by now.

    It's atrocious.
  • mergingduality18 September 2018
    I actually kind of liked the first Unfriended. It was incredibly stupid, but there being a ghost involved meant that it could get away with a lot of things that it couldn't have otherwise. This movie, without the crutch of the supernatural, completely falls apart.

    These Dark Web mofos basically must be omniscient to make this plot work. Characters do irrational things even before the pressure is on. I actually got so bored 2/3 through that I tuned out completely.

    The character building early on wasn't bad, which is why I gave it a 2 instead of a 1, but everything after the 'hackers' gets involved is so ridiculous and poorly through out that they may as well have been ghosts. But they weren't, so nothing they did made any sense.
  • All I want to say, that compared to the first Unfriended, this was a step above. It does have the same concept, but it's darker and takes something that is real and makes it work. Compared to other horror movies I've seen like Lights Out, Ouija 2:Origin of Evil, or Get Out, it doesn't fare well with those movies, but in all, it isn't a horrible movie and I believe you would be pleased to watch it if you don't mind it being on a Mac the entire time.
  • tonnyliu25 July 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    The movie was suppose to be scary like the trailer but it was terrible it wasn't scary I almost fell asleep watching people getting killed one by one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Unfriended Dark Web is another cheap found footage horror film trying to squeeze a summer buck because Halloween isn't for horror films anymore. This flaming garbage heap is nothing more than 90 minutes of boring characters being stalked by an implausible group of cyber hackers who literally have nothing better to do, the frequent jump scare usually resulting in the death of one of the characters until they're all dead. Essentially, you can get just as much entertainment from reading a poorly written dark web creepypasta and save yourself the money since this movie is nothing more than a rehash of most of them. The plot bends over backwards to be winding and make the hackers seem like they're always 5 steps ahead of the main characters as well as conveniently all over the place whether they're in the streets or hiding in someone's closet. Also it'd be amazing to find out where these killer hackers found they're copies of live photoshop and sony vegas streaming studio. The Dark Web in real life is not a place to visit, it's namely used for government communications and sites like the silk road are for secret illegal transactions like drugs and weapons. The concept of evil hackers or high tech murderers is the equivalent of the hook handed killer or Bloody Mary, an urban legend told to scare kids. The dark web isn't full of psychopaths or evil cults looking to kill indiscriminately, and this movie is nothing more than an overlong short horror film that could've been neatly wrapped up in 10 minutes or less, otherwise avoid and don't bother, the director, producers and writers obviously aren't.
  • Unfriended: Dark Web is the sequel to Unfriended from 2015. In this movie, a teenager obtains a laptop that was originally owned by someone who had apparently belonged to an evil online cult. The man eventually comes in contact with the teenager who now has the laptop and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it back from him.

    I didn't see the original Unfriended because it simply wasn't for me despite being based around social media and whatnot. I also wasn't looking forward to this, but I decided to watch this regardless and give it a chance. All I can say is that it's something I deeply regret.

    Let's start with the only genuinely good thing; the relationship between the main character and the love interest. The main character's girlfriend is deaf and the main character has to find a way to make their relationship work. As such, he creates an application that is supposed to help them with their communication. I found this pretty clever the more I thought about it, especially since there aren't a lot of movies that explore the complexities of a relationship like this.

    Despite liking the relationship, I feel like it's not necessarily deserved because I found the main character extremely stupid and unlikable. It didn't take me that long for me to dislike him either. Around a half hour into the movie, he admits that he picked up the computer from a lost-and-found bin where he works. He didn't just leave the computer sitting in there to buy a new one? Just how desperate was this guy?! He has a job, so he must be making money, so why couldn't he have saved up money to buy a new and fresh computer? The plot wouldn't have happened if he didn't just leave the computer in the lost-and-found.

    The other characters aren't necessarily much better. Aside from the villains, these are the types of characters to make hasty judgements without questioning anything. I know these are teenagers, but in some cases, they have no sense of judgement. Sometimes, they just don't listen, other times they are too manipulative, and in the worst case scenarios, they charge into situations blindly without giving a thought.

    While watching this movie, I was at least going to give the villain's motivation some credit for being plausible. The villain wants his computer back so he wouldn't look shady if one of them were to have called the cops. From what we see in the first act of the film, the actions that he and his cult members have pulled are worthy of punishment. If it wasn't for a small twist in the last 10 minutes, I would've just said "that's a believable motivation." But no, as the movie ends, the villain's true motives fail to make any sense.

    As for some of the smaller issues, I feel as though this movie fails to realize what it actually is. Despite it being marketed as a horror movie and a sequel to a horror movie, it's not very scary. At times, it seems to come off as a genre similar to a horror like a thriller or slasher movie with some of the deaths. Considering the fact that this is not supernatural unlike the first, it barely gives off the impression that it's a horror by offering nothing supernatural.

    If you're a hardcore fan of the first movie, then you may end up liking this. As for me however, I currently think it's the worst movie of the year with it failing in many different areas.

  • Tells the story about a teen who comes into possession of a new laptop and finds that it may have been stolen. He discovers the previous owner may be watching every move he makes and will do anything to get it back. I really liked the original Unfriended from a few years back and i was suprised by how well written and even scary it was but 'Unfriended: Dark Web' is simply neither scary or interesting and when you do something stupid? Bad things will eventually happen and just the movie didn't work both as horror but also as a picture and acting wise too.
  • Not as boring as the first, but somehow it remains to be even dumber. If you want to get any enjoyment out of this mess, watch it with friends and laugh throughout the movie. Otherwise, skip this one. It's not worth it. 1/10
  • In attempt to blend computer technology with a bit of paranormal Unfriended: Dark Web just failed. It was tech heavy and I'd even say tech savvy. It was also a bit paranormal. And it was bad.

    A guy gets a laptop that was owned by some cultish person named "Norah C. IV". Apparently this cult is extremely tech savvy and extremely sadistic. They use their computer wizardry to kill and this hapless guy just became a target.

    They filmed the movie in POV found footage fashion where all the camera shots came from either a computer camera, phone camera or security footage. It was reasonable because the majority of the movie was friends chatting on Skype. For the first 20+ minutes it was absolutely dull as we had to hear the main character and all of his friends ramble on about one thing or another. Once it became clear that their was something sinister about the computer's ex-owner it still didn't pick up too much because we didn't see much. The movie is rated PG-13 so it's totally reliant upon the scare factor in absence of the gore. There were no scares, no gore and no real intensity of any kind.

    This movie would barely be watchable as a Black Mirror episode let alone a feature length film. This was a watch the clock movie. I guarantee this movie was titled Unfriended after what happened whenever one FB user showed this rubbish to another.
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