• Wrong Turn
    Performed by The Tambo Rays
    Written by Brian DaMert and Sara DaMert
    Courtesy of OIM Records by arrangement with Castle Peak Music
  • The Great Divide
    Performed by Devarrow
    Written by Graham Ereaux
    Courtesy of Devarrow Music
  • Trouble in the World
    Performed by Mystic Roots Band
    Written by Dayna Wyman, Markos Photinos, Daniel Fuller Grossman
    Courtesy of Gravelpit Music and CAPP Records Inc.
  • Fall Off the Moon
    Performed by The Technicolors
    Written by Brennan Smiley, Sean Silverman, Austin Scates, Michael Nicolette
    Courtesy of Gravelpit Music
  • A Piece of You (The Pizza Song)
    Performed by Kat Hjelte
    Written by Kat Hjelte
    Courtesy of Kat Hjelte
  • I Can't Go Now: Pt II
    Performed by Keith Masters feat. Sarah Leichtenberg
    Written by Curtis Marolt and Aarin Haney
    Courtesy of Gravelpit Music
  • Void
    Performed by Seeker
    Written by Bryce Taylor Lucien (ASCAP), Alexander T Curry (ASCAP), Andrew Richard Torres (ASCAP)
    Courtesy of Another Victory, Inc. (ASCAP) & Victory Records
  • We Will Find a Way
    Performed by By the Wind Sailor
    Written by Joshua M Wong (ASCAP)
    Courtesy of By the Wind Sailor
  • Effective Perspective
    Performed by Cheshire feat. Anya
    Written by Shaun Clifford
    Courtesy of Gravelpit Music and Westwood Records
  • Dark Tension Dumplings
    Performed by Timo Chen
    Written by Timo Chen (BMI)
    Courtesy of T-Monic Music & I Love You in Italian (BMI)
  • Complete
    Performed by Annabelle vs. The Villain
    Written by Chelsea Davis, Ronald Diperri, Lucas Banker
    Courtesy of Gravelpit Music
  • Overcast
    Performed by Adam McInnis & Sam Garay (as Sam Heights)
    Written by Sam Garay (as Samuel Scott Garay) (ASCAP) & Adam McInnis (ASCAP)
    Courtesy of Funkydory Music