The trailer was uploaded first in the real dark web by the director himself.

There are two different theatrical endings.

Was originally called Unfriended: Game Night. It was likely changed to avoid confusion with the Jason Bateman led comedy Game Night (2018).

Stephanie Nogueras, in real life like her character Amaya DeSoto is in fact deaf. Her sign language communication throughout the film is genuine signing utilized by the actress in interaction.

An original plotline was to feature Laura Barns targeting college freshmen on a skype connected game night, for their part in her online humiliation and death.

Filmed in secret for a release in 2018.

The appearance of the Circle of Charons in the group chat pays homage to Laura Barns' killer account in the first Unfriended (2014) film: billie227.

Based on the presence of horror video game references (Outlast 2 (2017) and Soma (2015) posters) it's likely this film was inspired by "Welcome to the Game", a 2017 horror video game about dark web searching and the consequences of doing so.

Pays homage to the 2013 real-time desktop horror film The Den (2013), where the teenage protagonists are contending with a killer connected who revels in Internet broadcast abduction, torture, and murder.

(at around 1h) The Search for an Alumnus option the Circle use to track Lexx Putri on the Hillard College website is an accurate means to locate student addresses, with many universities.

There are three completely different endings. Two theatrical endings were screened randomly. A third ending is included in the Blu-ray release in addition to the theatrical ending scenes.

Shelley Hennig, the protagonist Blaire Lily of the original film, was slated at a point to return for an original treatment of Dark Web.

Released amidst several real time desktop thrillers inspired by the first Unfriended including Searching (2018) and Profile (2018).

(at around 1h 10 mins) The dirty Michigan water protest at a local mall AJ was in attendance of, is in fact to the present date of 2018, an ongoing protested issue.

The other Charon facebook accounts (as shown with Charon6) are shown as faceless void profiles which pay reference to the accounts used to attack celebrities, politicians and even in the case of the first film: bullying victims such as Laura Barns.

(at around 1h 11 mins) AJ's Desktop background which is displayed as the Circle drillbit his computer bears the Illuminati symbol. In popular modern stories it is believed that the Illuminati, are a large conspiracy force behind major industry and mainstream media representation, that in turn answer to the Devil. In reality the Illuminati was a former rebellious science group that opposed the religious practices of the Vatican, many years prior.

Betty Gabriel is a frequent star in Blumhouse Horror films: From portraying Georgina in Blumhouse's Oscar Winning Horror Piece Get Out (2017) to portraying hero Laney Rucker in The Purge: Election Year (2016).

Despite Damon Horton being a British character, his actor Andrew Lees is in fact Australian born and raised.

(at around 3 mins) The serial code from the MacBook Pro is real.

One of two Blumhouse slasher horror sequels following a first installment released in 2015, the other being The Gallows (2015), which was followed by The Gallows Act II (2019).

Colin Woodell (Matias) and Andrew Lees (Damon) both appear in the CW TV show The Originals (2013). Woodell appears in season two and five, playing Josh (Steven Krueger's) boyfriend. Lees plays Lucien Castle, the antagonist of the third season.

Douglas Tait, who portrays Charon IV, had previously starred in Teen Wolf (2011) as the Pathologist while Shelley Hennig, who portrayed lead protagonist Blaire Lily in the first Unfriended (2014), starred as main cast character Malia Tate in the series. A tab for Teen Wolf's Fourth Season was visible on Blaire Lily's desktop.

There is a The Purge (2013) connection between two of the stars. Betty Gabriel (Nari) starred in The Purge: Election Year (2016), while Colin Woodell later went on to star in the TV series on the USA network, The Purge (2018).

(at around 56 mins) The River code "Abyssus Abyssum Invocat" is a Latin phrase which means 'One misstep leads to another' or, literally, 'Hell calls hell.' A warning that the first step in the temptation to go astray from what is right, is difficult to prevent.

(at around 1h) DJ Lexx's building jump death sequence plays from an originally cut scene in the first film that featured suicide videos.

Trephination, a procedure that was requested to be formed on Erica Dunn (Alexa Mansour) is a medical treatment to relieve pressure on the brain by drilling small holes in the skull. Also known as trepanning, it was also thought, but not proven, to open up and purge one of bad spirits or negative energy.

(at around 1h 29 mins) Among the HUB of livestream monitors in the ending, overseen by a Circle officiate is a tally of bets on the actions of Matias and his friends: including how many times Matias will cry throughout the ordeal, how many times AJ will raise a topic on politics, how many times Damon will sarcastically rebuff AJ and whether or not Matias will try to save Erica Dunne.

There are four overall endings for the film: The first being a theatrical ending in which Matias is buried alive and Amaya arrives at the scene of his burial, unable to communicate with him and hence forth save him, the second being the canonical ending in which Amaya winds up at the first female Circle abductee victim warehouse (where she is captured) and Matias is run over and killed by Charon I, the third where both Matias and Amaya are apprehended by the Circle at the spot of their first date and are tally voted to live (due to Matias' fearless insurance defiance) and the fourth and final being Amaya killed over Matias.

(at around 1h 3 mins) AJ's claims that he has a ghosted internet presence, making him impossible to track address wise, remains true. The Circle have to resort to using his internet videos to edit out of context domestic terrorism threats to have him set up for death.

Does not continue the killing spree of Laura Barns from the first film and instead features an all new killer.

Despite Charon IV's claims to Matias that he did not kill Amaya's housemate Kelly, but rather clubbed her unconscious. Her death is confirmed as a fatal clubbing by the end revelation that Matias and his friends were set up to be framed for Charon IV's victims.

The term for the method of AJ's execution is popularly known among video blogging internet users as 'Swatting,' in which an individual via the internet is set up to have SWAT officials and other authorities show up at their location in armed force, as a set up. The Circle utilize this method to have AJ killed.

(at around 1h 15 mins) Laura Barns' (billie227) countdown threat in the first film is recalled here in Serena's choice of either her mother or fiance Nari.