Ben Collins and Evangelos Grecos drove the two cars for the high speed chase through Rome in Spectre.

Ben Collins was the Stig on the BBC television programme Top Gear.

For the opening and closing action sequences, nearly all of the on screen special effects (bullet hits, ricochets, weapon muzzle flash, exploding helicopters, tanks and buildings) were all done as CGI in post production. These were designed and produced by, amongst others, Stuart Sewell (Saving Private Ryan) and Alan Marques (Goldeneye).

The large scale 3D display featured in the briefing sequence was created entirely in post production, with the actors reacting to blank space during the shoot.

The final on-screen credit - "Filmed on location and at RAF Bentwaters Park, Suffolk, England" is a homage to the final on-screen credit from the 1960s James Bond film series.

Peter Miles, who plays The Sniper in the final action sequence, is the stunt-coordinator for Showtime's Penny Dreadful.

RAF Bentwaters, where the opening and closing action sequences were filmed, is an ex-Cold War US Army Base. There is a museum on the site containing original fixtures, fittings, equipment,props and uniforms from that era.