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  • My daughter always loved the fresh beat band, but when this animated series started she became in LOVE with the FBBOS hopefully they continue making lots of new episodes! it's a show parents can also enjoy it's not one of the kinda shows that'll have you wishing you could pull out your hair looks or so ungodly annoying as nails on a chalkboard/racket.. Great show Great songs Great from beginning to end Lovable characters!!! I highly recommend this show for young children! Music helps motivate happy activities! Keep the episodes coming! hopefully this show gets tons more reviews I suggest 10 would be fitting. Fun stories, fun music, catchy I might add!
  • I grew up with the live action show which I loved. But this.. No! The monkey is stupid & useless ( Same with marina's hair color change ) the spies concept is stupid & the charm of the original is gone!