Being developed with Unreal Engine 4. This will be the first Gears title to use the new engine with all past entries using Unreal Engine 3.

The first original Gears title to be developed by The Coalition (formerly known as Black Tusk Studios). Microsoft acquired the development team to be their new Gears of War dedicated studio after also acquiring the rights to the franchise. Co-franchise creator Rod Fergunson was appointed head of the studio and is the spearhead for the future of the franchise.

Takes place 25 years after Gears of War 3.

It takes place over 24 hours.

The first official Gears of War game to be released on Xbox One.

the game includes a new variety of weapons, in no order: the buzzkill, a heavy weapon that shoots ricocheting circular saws, the dropshot: a heavy weapon that shoots a bullet that goes underground and explodes when it goes out of the ground, the EMBAR: a Sniper rifle that only shoots when locked up onto an enemy, the enforcer: a SMG that has a high fire rate, the Mark 1 Markza rifle: a DMR, and a new lancer