The film was originally entitled Rock That Body, before being renamed Rough Night.

Filming took place in Long Beach, California, in October 2016, while the pier restaurants and bars of Hermosa Beach, California, were used as stand-ins for Miami nightlife.

Jillian Bell and Ilana Glazer previously starred in The Night Before (2015).

The truck driver Peter meets at the gas station, who offers meth and asks for a blowjob, is played by Devin Ratray, the same actor who played Buzz in Home Alone.

Kiwi makes a remark about cooking the dead "stripper", saying it was done in Australia. In fact, this is correct: Marcus Volke, a chef, murdered his transgender girlfriend in a Brisbane apartment in 2014. In an ill thought out plan to conceal her body, he tried to boil her dismembered remains in cooking pots. Volke committed suicide before he was brought to trial.

After talking to Judge Eason, they mention a woman who fired a warning shot at her abusive husband, resulting in her getting a 20 year conviction. Theyre likely referencing Marissa Alexander, who was 2012 conviction was releases in a plea deal after three years served. Leaving the courthouse, Alexander announced plans to continue education to become a paralegal.