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  • After achieving "overnight" success with a series of fake-incest and BDSM lite videos last year, writer-director Jacky St. James has quickly plunged to the bottom-feeder level with an endless stream of "hotwifing" exercises in poor taste. Just when you thought that "wife swapping" from the '60s was by now politically incorrect terminology, these oddball entertainments replace it with an even sillier concept.

    Not to be outdone, in the tradition of porn (and entertainment in general) forced to add novelties and outré variations to maintain a fickle audience's interest, this edition is about introducing one's better half to a big black dick. The brief introductory sections are merely voice-over by the unseen husband, arranging to delight his young wife with the chance of a lifetime to hump an overworked Black performer in the adult field.

    The racism is fairly overt, though it fails to rise to the campy level of MANDINGO, not the Adult superstar but the memorable box office hit featuring Ken Norton and Susan George. I found the incredibly long feature (162 minutes!) tedious beyond reason, though I'm sure St. James would argue value for one's dollar.

    Cindy Starfall is the odd woman out here, playing a Vietnamese young wife whose strict upbringing adds to the extremity of her hubby-approved and sponsored "infidelity". The setting is the IMMORAL PROPOSAL mansion, with its oval door windows and spiral staircase. This segment also betrays auteur Jacky's unabashed crappy writing for these assignments (likely feeling a bit guilty over them - she should have adopted a new pseudonym): the hubby recites: "I guess you could say I unlocked Pandora's box", a pitiful combination of cliché and double entendre that is cringe-worthy. Hubby's name is Ryan but I couldn't place the voice as belonging to Ryan McLane, the logical talent.

    Which brings up the unsubtle change demonstrated here from the original (and almost as tiresome) set of "hotwife" videos. They hit me last year as a sort of squeaky-clean riposte to the popular but generally demeaning "cuckold" genre in which a masochist hubby is humiliated by having a Black dude (Sean Michaels being the leader of the movement, for fun and profit) service his wife while he watches and suffers/revels as voyeur. Jacky had famous porn actors as the hubbies, and perhaps even getting to touch the wife while another white porn actor humped her, making the whole matter artificial and distanced. This contrasted mightily with the Michaels' breed of porn, where the "lonely male viewer" is made to identify with the pitiful honky on screen - often cast with a professional masochist of the type who's into self-mutilation.

    FIRST INTERRACIAL does away with all of that, with its impersonal narrated approach, whereby the hubby supposedly gets off, analogous to most practical jokers, by distance from the adulterous act, or enjoying a recording of it to watch later -he doesn't want to be johnny-on-the-spot. This smacks of the same sort of artistic invention I attribute to "hotwifing" in the first place, and is awfully convenient in terms of budgeting for extras and staging a two-hander vs. three actors on the set.

    Besides Cindy's tryst with Jon Jon, latter not handling his semi-improvised dialog very well, superstar Riley Reid adds fetish to the mix, dressed up in a schoolgirl outfit (her accustomed attire after making a plethora of "daddy issues" videos) to do battle with the aforementioned Sean Michaels. His outfit with suspenders looks suspiciously familiar, from his own self-produced video series, and the notion that Riley is living out her own fantasy of sex with her old college professor (Michaels? seriously?) is ridiculous.

    Dahlia Sky's segment is likely the worst, as New Sensations regular (for many years) Shane Diesel shows up twice: looking quite old as himself and also before that in the form of an out-sized dildo Dahlia practices on, modeled after his member (and possibly on sale in the NS Novelties catalog). Shane can't act (despite hundreds of screen appearances of a gonzo nature under his belt), just grins, and the voice-only is named Logan, in honor of but not necessarily earning a paycheck for Logan Pierce.

    Finale was watchable because Jacky added the very popular oiler genre, casting buxom Nadia Styles as a professional masseuse. Another switch is that the Black man Isiah Maxwell is a regular customer of hers, used to massaging on the therapeutic up and up. But this time hubby has asked Nadia to give Isiah a "happy ending" and his acting is predictably poor (nay, nonexistent) when it comes time to feign surprise en route to the predictable money shot on her breasts.

    Jacky sums it all up in voice-over as a victory for sexual freedom, when us suckers who patronize porn know in our heart of hearts it was merely a victory for her bank account.