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  • 4 reasons we are watching this - Amitabh Bachchan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vidya Balan and finally this is the Hindi remake of only one of the best Korean non-derivative thrillers in recent years called Montage that not many people even know about. If you have seen Hindi remakes you would know they can often surprise you with a new spin on familiar proceedings. We already know how everything would pan out but we were still kept spellbound.

    It is impossible to write a synopsis without unintentionally dropping a spoiler, so I am going to keep it very simple. This is a story about a grandfather (Amitabh Bachchan), a priest (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) and a police officer (Vidya Balan) coming together to solve a case of a kidnapped child.

    Montage (2013) was one helluva movie. It plays with an overly familiar premise of a kidnapped child but it weaves such an inventive spin on the genre that it rises up like a phoenix from the ashes. The emotional weight coupled with the gripping narrative and a superb sleight-of-hand play with fractured timelines transcends way above derivative thrillers that barely register a blimp on your consciousness. It is a film that one can't quite conveniently pigeonhole into the usual boxes. This is ripe for a remake.

    I know both of us, while being kept spellbound, were unconsciously comparing both versions. After it ended our conversations eddied around different aspects of both versions. In fact, we will be re-watching Montage this evening. That is how much we love the incredible story. Both have their pluses and minuses, and it is such an interesting activity to see the different trajectories taken by two different types of world cinema.

    One of the major nitpicks we have with Te3n is the lumbering pace in the first half hour. What should have been a relentless ride nearly dissolves into weepy melodrama. Montage never once had this issue because it has a superb sense of urgency with the statute of limitations for the unsolved case running out. The director, Ribhu Dasgupta, should have trusted the acuity of the audience to join the dots, but it was just content to cement the fact that Bachchan's John and Siddiqui's Martin are empty shells of a man because of the devastating incident 8 years ago. These are not ordinary actors - when Amitabh Bachchan says he is sad, we know in our very bones he is earth-shatteringly overwhelmed with sadness. There is no need to give us half an hour of him moping around. I don't mean to say I was bored looking at him because I absolutely wasn't; there are not many actors out there I would pay to watch them do nothing and with little soliloquy like Bachchan and Siddiqui. Bachchan and Siddiqui are just magnetic to watch.

    Compared to the Korean original, the ending feels a little blotched and IMHO doesn't quite reach the same zenith set by Montage (we are watching again just to find out if we are right). I recalled the final wordless scene in the Korean film that really hit me in the gut and I failed to hold back a torrent of tears from streaming down my face. That scene seals up everything so marvellously. Te3n could have used the same scene. However, kudos still to a superbly made film that uses the city of Kolkata so well; it feels like it is the 4th major character of the film. Even though I knew the outcome of the story and remembered every twist and turn, Te3n still manages to surprise me with its intensity and its commitment to tell a good story. This is the type of story that has so many moving parts that one wrong turn it would fail, but it doesn't. If you choose to look closely you probably will see loopholes but you won't want to because the story has so much verve. This is easily one of the best films I have seen this year.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw this in theatre. Alas, it was not packed as audiences in India prefer trash films by sallu/akki/srk/hrithik. I had seen the original Korean but still I gav this a chance due to the awesome star cast n I am a big fan of these kiknda movies. Well as a fan of this genre I needed to encourage it. I will not spoil much as it's a good mystery/drama/thriller. Amitabh was awesome as always. Nawaz is a fantastic actor. But the highlight of the film was it's cinematography n skillful direction. Most Hindi thrillers tend to spoonfeed audiences with all details. But in this movie, the director left some things for the audiences. Ther were only two minor problems with this film. 1)Vidya balan doesn't look like a cop who's pursuing a kidnapper n she looked as if her mind was wandering somewhere. 2)This is a very important point in a movie where they r taking big time leap. The movie takes around a time leap of 8 years but the director wasn't able to pull that off. I mean look at True detectives season 1, Marshland, Zodiac, Memory of a murder. These were successful in showing the time leap. Nonetheless, i enjoyed this film.
  • "Te3n" is a thriller concerning the investigation of an old grandfather to find the kidnapper of her granddaughter who was kidnapped and killed eight years ago, after the police is unable to solve the case. The film starts somewhat slow, but as the film proceeds, the suspense deepens and the end astonishes and takes your attention from what had happened in the beginning. The suspense has a right touch and the spooky twists may be the brainchild of the Korean Film "Montana" on which it's based. But the genuine thing to watch in the film is the controlled and stand out performance by Amitabh Bachchan which is phenomenal. Vidya Balan and Nawazzudin Siddique also do their roles well but somewhat look weary. Overall, the film begins a bit slow and sets to its suspense soon.

    Rating: 2 stars out of 4
  • The good: The movie, as the credits indicate, is derived at least partly from the Korean movie "Montage". The story is quite suspenseful and the director does a good job juggling between various interweaving stories and time periods. Performances from the lead actors are solid and little to fault there. The negatives: My main gripe with the movie is that it contains several idle moments which do not seem to serve much purpose to either the development of the plot or characters or the overall experience. Overall verdict: Otherwise, the script is solid and the movie is well worth a watch. It also continues the gradually building list of quality Hindi whodunits with West Bengal (more specifically Kolkata) as the backdrop after Kahaani and Byomkesh Bakshi. I would also recommend Baishe Srabon, an excellent thriller in Bengali language, for whodunit fans
  • Synopsis: The story is set in Kolkata where John Biswas (Amitabh) lives with his sick, wheelchair bound wife. John hasn't moved on in life even after 8 years since the death of his granddaughter Angela in a kidnapping incident. He needs closure and keeps pursuing the case, especially since he blames himself for her death. Father Martin (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is an ex-cop turned priest. Martin, the cop in charge of John's case has a life changing experience due to the tragedy.

    Suddenly after 8 years, John stumbles upon new clues in the case which might lead him to the killer. Not having too any expectations from the police he decides to investigate the leads himself.

    In the meanwhile, a second kidnapping takes place which has an uncanny resemblance to the kidnapping of John's granddaughter eight years ago. Events occur in an identical pattern where Manohar's (Sabyasachi Chakraborty) grandson Ronnie is kidnapped. The case is handed over to Sarita (Vidya Balan) who seeks help from Martin to nab the kidnapper, due to his prior experience with the Angela case.

    Investigations in these two cases set eight years apart, one by Amitabh and the other by Vaidya and Nawaz happening in parallel with some flashback scenes form the crux of this gripping psychological thriller.

    Cast: The main cast namely Amitabh, Nawaz, Vidya and Sabyasachi play their roles to perfection keeping the audiences glued to their seats. Amazing performances indeed!! Direction Music and Editing: Ribhu Ghosh's direction is superb keeping the plot on track, that along with slick editing keep the audiences hooked till the very end of the film. Music is good and compliments the narrative very well.

    As a writer, I could think of at least three alternate endings for the film. The makers have however chosen the most "humane one" and not the most "gripping, edge of the seat one" which could somewhat disappoint die-hard "Whodunit" fans. Well, having said that; the ending is not bad at all and you come out of the cinema hall feeling satisfied that your money has been well spent.

    My Verdict: Great performances, direction, nice gripping storyline with an ending to watch out for. Is it a serial killer who has come out of hibernation after eight long years or is there something else to it?? Don't want to reveal too much here. Guys, bindaas jaake theatre main dekho!! You won't be disappointed. If you liked Vidya Balan's Kahani, you will love this one too!! 8/10 from me for this highly entertaining movie!!
  • Well, Te3N is a consummate example of excellent acting by Amitabh Bachchan, Vidya Balan & Nawazuddin Siddiqui. It is a remake of the famous and award winning 2013 South Korean movie- 'Montage', with few twists and turns. As the crime story unfolds, it keeps you wondering to it's possibilities. The film for not once lets you yawn(except if you're sleepy of course :P) I will suggest you to go through the trailer which intricately carves out the story line in gaps, obviously since it's a suspense thriller.

    Now since you've seen this. let's talk about the Story Plot:

    John Biswas, a grand-father (Amitabh Bachchan) is in deep shock even after 8 years of kidnapping of his grand-daughter, named Angela Roy. His own wife is very sick and wheel-chair bound. Despite all circumstances, he daily visits police station without fail. Coincidently he comes across a clue and simultaneously another kidnapping of same nature happens, baffling the police. Sarita Sarkar(Vidya Balan) is made to handle the case, while she is of little knowledge of Kidnapping cases, but still decided to go on with it. She thinks to demand help from Father Martin(Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who has been a former cop, and was involved in handling Angela's case. Thus, knowing the series of operations that happened in the past, he comes to support partially by providing clues. Rest all you will get to know when you go for the movie.

    Let's hop to Acting now:

    Though Amitabh Bachchan is a clear ruler out of all, but the co-cast do not fail promising delivery. Nawaz is always a fit-into-all. Vidya Balan is simply magnificent though her screen time is a little less.

    Direction: Well, Ribhu Dasgupta has definitely had a great entry to Bollywood with a great ensemble of cast. The Direction is good and makes you feel into the story and impacts much realism.

    Cinematography: Mostly we forget these aspects which make us trust in the story. The movie has appreciably captured the essence of Kolkata, the lanes, the market everything. You are familiar with the pain in the dimmed rooms, having tea or food with with perfect shots.

    Dialogues: Well not many imapactful dialogues but a great attempt. I loved the one where Vidya says "Jo Khud Ka Kaam Na Kar Paaye, Wo Khua Ka Kya Karega?"

    Music: Well, the music in the movie is all about pain, the background score will also relate you to that. It is soft to the ears and the heart. I would say some average pieces by Clinton Cerejo.

    In all, I give the movie a 7/10. I suggest it is a one -time watch with a mind-boggling story and as already stated a good package of everything. Go ahead. :)
  • dipgh12 June 2016
    This is the kind of thriller for which you wait all your life while watching mediocre and crappy ones and hoping one day something awesome will come your way. The story unfolds slowly, as if mirroring the grandfather's (Amitabh) way of trying to find the truth. Like his consistence and single mindedness at arriving at the truth and delivering justice, the film moves steadily and surely towards that one goal. Nawazzuddin, the police officer turned priest, is eclectic in his nuanced performance. Vidya is good, but Tabu would have been better as the decisive police officer (like in Drishyam). Vidya falls short of making the character memorable. Sabyasachi is awful, as he generally is-all the worse because his is an important role. Kolkata is in itself a character in the film and lends the poignant old world rusty grace that the film requires. Cinematography is good, though the editing could have been a tad bit better. But, over and above all these rise the film itself- being more than merely the sum of its parts. It comes together and falls into place like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle, lending satisfaction to the thriller lover. Go for it if you love real, plot based thrillers. You will be aptly rewarded.
  • The movie is like a slow poison, slowly it takes your hold,grows on you and till climax it has completely gripped you.

    Story is unique, and ...its suspense thriller so i cant tell u much.

    Coming to performances,Amitabh has ensured a long list of awards to his Kitty(Might be National award too). Nawaz and Vidya don't let you down. Dilogues,story, screenplay are winners. Direction is mature and clever.

    Cinematography and Background score gets brownie points too.

    VERDICT: For all suspense thriller lovers this is a treat to Watch.... A Must Watch.

    PS: First half is slightly slow but don't worry in interval, second half especially last 30 minutes will keep you right on edge of the seat.
  • Remember that reasonably engrossing Hollywood thriller Se7en, in which two sleuths go looking for a serial killer with a thing for the seven deadly sins?E3N gimmicks its name similarly and gives us three characters in search of a criminal, but it doesn't borrow any of the smarts from the Hollywood film. This official remake of a Korean mystery with a kidnapping and a death at its heart is a sluggish drag for the most part, brightened only occasionally by a scene or a line.Bachchan plays John, an elderly man still stunned by grief, eight years after the death of a little girl. He will continue to search for the person who caused it, despite being dissuaded by people all around him : wheelchair-bound wife ( Padmavati Rao), sympathetic policewoman Sarita ( Balan), and cop-turned-priest Father Martin ( Nawaz). He will persist with his dogged pursuit for justice and truth whatever happens. A fresh kidnapping turns on the spotlight on the old case again, and as new clues come to light, John's search acquires an intensity and purpose, and we sense, as he does, the coming of an end which will lead to some answers and a sort of peace.This kind of dark story with vicious undertones ( whenever a little girl goes missing, a shiver goes down your spine) could have become a terrific morality play. How does a shocking death, especially of a young life, impact the living? Is it living or a counting out the days till your own passing? Is grief something you can ever get past? And how does guilt play out in all this? TE3N is a case of sadly missed opportunities. Because there are rousing actors in here, and there's a real city to play it all out in. Kolkata is a perfect location for a film like this with its atmospheric patches and the iconic Howrah-Hoogly vistas, reminding you of producer Sujoy Ghosh's far more engaging 'Kahaani', but how a man clad in a dark hoody ( in sultry Kolkata) manages to move around those streets so freely remains an unsolvable mystery.

    Its treatment does both place and characters in, turning everything lackadaisical. In its attempt to be less 'dark', loud background music is added in at each step. The plot has too much fuzz, and the characters are all surface : Bachchan's droopy facial lines, Balan's stolid-cop-stomping—these painstakingly drawn outlines call attention to themselves, but do not afford us inner details. Why is her full-fledged act termed a guest appearance? That mystery too stays unsolved. Only Nawaz's guilt-ridden priest breaks free once in a way, and a few red herrings infuse some intrigue, especially towards the end.
  • A tale of unwinding the mystery behind an old case of a missing girl through a new similar small boy abduction case. The film has some of the industries' best talents Big B, Vidya Balan and Nawzudin Siddiqi to play the roles of a grieving grandfather, a police officer and a police officer turned church Pries. The story how these three characters seemingly intertwine to solve the mystery case. Sounds like a solid part isn't it? But somehow the movie has worked only in parts because it loses grip in between with the over stretched screenplay and slow pace.

    The usage of Calcutta as the backdrop for the story resembles Kahaani. Lots of logic holes like an old man single handed heads to solve a huge case and physically extends himself to some extensive search which involves breaking into offices getting data and manipulating Quite unbelievable.

    Performances wise I wouldn't vogue for anyone of the big talents because of the director has not done much justice to the characterization which leads their skills in vain.

    Over all a slow and stretchy thriller which works in parts.
  • The genre of serious crime thriller has arrived in Bollywood. We have already had excellent films like 'kahani', 'talash' and now Ribhu Dasgupta gives us 'te3n'.

    In 1997 I joined a queue under scorching midday sun to buy a ticket for 'Mrityudata' (one of Amitabh Bachchan's totally forgettable middle-age fares) and felt it was time to write him off. Twenty years down the line, he reigns supreme over the Indian film industry, going from strength to strength, reinventing and surpassing himself time and again. That itself could have been enough for 'te3n' but the director also decided to throw Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vidya Balan and Sabyasachi Chakrabarti in. A viewing pleasure.

    Many have complained about the slow pace. For me that set the tone of the story. An excellent story, told by an exceptional ensemble cast - the perfect fare for a lazy Sunday afternoon. We are told that the story-line has been taken from a Korean one, but its adaptation into the slowly decaying Anglo-Indian community of Kolkata has been flawless.

    My only serious grouse is about Sabyasachi Chakrabarti. A brilliant actor, a versatile presence in the Bengali (large and small) screen. However, the way he has let his appearance go in recent years has been a source of terrible disappointment to his appreciative viewers.
  • mithleshrajkazama27 January 2019
    This movie is the official remake of Korean movie montage
  • chris-chasely19 November 2018
    The suspense was not presented well to enjoy the film. Direction was mediocre. Amitabh was disappointing while the other leads were quite good especially characters Martin and Nancy. The end could have been presented in a better way. Overall, the movie was not impressive even thought the main lead was a superstar.
  • First things first..didn't watch "Montage" korean film..on which this movie is based..and i don't want too either...let me explain why in one word..."Amitabh Bachhan"

    Acting was brilliant...Amit ji, Nawazuddin and Vidya Balan were awesome to watch... (vidya had less screen time unfortunately)

    Amitabh played a character who is devastated and sad...watching him..made me feel for the character.. made me feel sad was acting at its finest

    Nawazuddin plays a character who is disillusioned and keen to turn his life over...and is trying hard to but is lost anyway unless he finds redemption

    Kolkata itself becomes a character thanks to good cinematography

    For a thriller, screenplay lags a bit...but it never feels long...with emphasis on characters, mind boggling twists...clever reveals and an ending that is near perfect make this simple kidnap story...achieve a connect with the characters that is rare in this genre...

    Background music and songs deal about pain..and complement well with movie

    Must watch for Amitabh fans...A contemporary classic from director Ribhu Dasgupta
  • Crisp detailing of the plot, marvelous Editing & amazing Sir Amitabh, Nawazuddin and Vidya defines Te3n

    Director: Ribhu Dasgupta Actors: Amitabh Bachchan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vidya Balan

    Storyline Rating: 4 Content: 4 Commercialization: 3 Entertainment: 4

    Acting Rating: 4 Amitabh Bachchan: 4 Nawazuddin Siddiqui: 3 Vidya Balan: 3

    Direction Rating: 3

    Music Rating: 2

    Cinematography: 4

    Editing: 5
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film title is made especially for those people who loves movie different from the league.In-between eight years two kidnapping happen in same style and the director presented that very adventurously. Because of two kidnapping they can give title name two instead of te3n. Maybe film revolving around three characters that's why it is te3n. Acting and direction are very good, but some of the scenes without any reason are very long. Climax is not that good but they focus more in the Amitabh bachchan. Film starts with john (Amitabh) who always goes to the police station to know about her granddaughter Angela's kidnappers. Eight years before during kidnapping Angela died in accident. At that time in charge of her case is inspector Martin. Martin tried so hard to capture those guys but he failed. After failing Martin thought because of him Angela died and other police officer also insulting him. After that he resigns from the police force and became priest. In other hand john's wife Nancy goes in wheel chair because of the shock of her granddaughter death. John is 80 year old and still trying to catch those people. After Martin that case is handling by the Sarita. Sarita wants martin help in this case. So, both are trying to solve this case in their own way. At that time another kid got kidnapped in front of his grandfather. So movie is very good just some scenes are long. You should watch this movie.
  • TE3N - Simply saying i didn't liked the story. But i could have bear it , if the conclusion would have been good , but it was not . And for our bad luck , there also were some bad acting , some unusual reactions(like a father very much shocked after finding who was his daughter's kidnapper and describing in totally calm manner why exactly there was a good reason that particular person could easily have been the kidnapper and totally forget the expression of sadness he must have shown because their daughter has not been found by the police yet) , bad synchronisation among the scenes , providing forceful confusion to the audience by juggling the timeline and yes the SLOW PACE. I mean one single thing which a Thriller always avoid is the slow pace. It doesn't matter how bad your storyline is , it must always be on a laser sharp speed if you are making a thriller. For ones i can also bear a slow pace if it makes us forward to the character development and a grand finale , but the movie didn't do anything of that. In fact i was totally disappointed with the conclusion as well as the path which lead me to it. This is the first time i ever find Nawazuddin doing a bad acting but yes a lot of credit goes to bad dialogues too and institutional jokes. In contrary Amitab Bachchan did a good job , but his character was too similar to his character in Wazir. Vidya Balan didn't get much to do , but what ever she did , i didn't find it interesting. Direction was bad too , the scenes didn't synced between themselves. The flow was not good. And also there was a forceful juggle in timeline to create confusion in audience. The conclusion was not very much shocking , a little attention and you could guess it before it came. Although i was so bored that i stopped trying after sometime. Still i was not shocked by it when it came. The investigative scenes were not interesting enough , and also many things felt liked just being happened by luck (like Amitab Bachchan found out of nowhere a girl wearing the cap which belongs to his grand daughter who was kidnapped and murdered 8 long years before). I simply cant recommend this movie . i didn't even found it as a time pass movie to watch at home. its just slow and boring. 5.3/10.. ANuP APu KuMaR.
  • I saw this movie very late when they launched the DVD for this flick.I have not seen trailer before so i had no idea about the plot.Story is very slow and well constructed and thrilling is antic(i do not know how to describe).A man (john) who lost his grandchild 8 years ago,still searches for the guilty.While watching this movie,i did not know that i was dealing with a memorable thriller.This movie reminds me of Hugh Jackman's Prisoner.A must watch movie for those who really cares about good movies and supports this kind of thrilling.Before watching this movie i would like to tell you that you must watch it in vacant time when you are not distracted by anything else because plot is very slow and you may loose you interest in some scenes.
  • After Kahani, one expected Sujoy Ghosh to deliver another thriller/mystery. But Te3n was hugely disappointing. Acting wise Amitabh puts a commendable performance, but the rest of the star cast were subdued and subjected to monologues. The story had great potential. The screenplay was crisp. The tone was deep and right from the start the viewers are thrown into the thick of the mystery. But somewhere the characterization was not fleshed out. Nawazuddin and Vidya had not much to do and it was left to Amitabh to shoulder the story. What was the real motive behind Sabyasachi's kidnapping crime, the reason was not too serious. No one will kidnap and ask for ransom in the pretext of taking care of the medical needs of a loved one. One must have a strong and compelling reason that gravitates the viewers to either feel for or against the character. How does Amitabh conveniently finds Sabyasachi's crime? How and why does he refuse police help? What's the role of Vidya when Nawazuddin is there? Why did Nawazuddin drop the case and decides to become a father? So many questions that I felt could have been said but missed. Overall an average thriller.
  • Amitabh acting is awesome. One of the best movie of amitabh's. He has so much of passion about acting. I loved it..
  • A slow paced movie with a very predictable mystery. Most of the audience could solve the mystery before the interval. Most of the supporting actors (specially the parents) delivered horrible performances. Also, I found the ending morally wrong.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My Expectation

    It was supposed to be a thriller, and having read the reviews earlier, calling it "slow", but praise for everyone's acting, my expectations were medium. I expected the story to be good, based on a Korean film. I expected good performances and acting from the 3 main lead characters. And I expected a relatively good narrative from the director.

    My Review

    The movie matched my expectation. Though not exactly that suspenseful or cringing, the story was well narrated. It deserved its 4 stars completely. The acting by all the main lead characters was perfect as expected. Amitabh as the old guy, Nawazuddin as the retired cop turned priest and Vidya as the inspector working on it currently.

    Spoiler Alert The story is about a grandfather who's grandchild was kidnapped and got killed in the process of saving her. How he plans on catching the kidnapper by weaving this enormous repeat scene of the kidnapping, for the actual kidnapper's grandchild this time. The perfect revenge. Spoiler End The story is very well narrated and I wouldn't call its pace slow. The director captures the city, creates a story with the little he has and develops his characters toying with the audience's emotions and giving them that feel of "I understand" or "I would have probably done the same" kind of feel.

    5 stars could have been earned if the story was little more wild. The whole thing is woven like something very awful happened, but it at the end, it wasn't truly that horrible. The audience came to be leaving the theatre shaken, but they are not. The villain was shown weak, his acting wasn't good, many times it seemed he was faking. Some scenes were unnecessary and some things portrayed seemed fake, such as the excessive talking by Vidya and Nawazuddin (more exchange of dialogues) and less actual working on the case etc.

    But overall the film was a visual treat and with a good storyline portrayed beautiful. Deserving to the in anyone's movie collection and easily bags 4 stars.

    How It Impacted Me

    Well personally I don't see how it personally impacted me much, except seeing, that everyone is suffering from pain, some deeper than the other. But still overall, a sense of closeness with family and in relationships develops, such as wanting to be close to my wife in old age, having a granddaughter for my parents to play with etc, is induced from watching the movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Spoiler Alert!!

    Plot: The story revolves around an old man John (Amitabh B) who is looking for the person who kidnapped his grand daughter eight years ago. Martin (Nawazuddin) is a priest who was a cop earlier. Sarita (Vidya B) is a cop who seeks help from the priest because a child is kidnapped in the exact same way as John's grand daughter was kidnapped. These three leading characters try to solve the case in their own way. The rest of the story has many twists and turns and revealing anything more would spoil the fun.

    Whats good: 1. Story: The story seems to be simple at first but later becomes complex which keeps you glued to your seat. 2. Screenplay: There are many time lines in the film and the way they are presented is very good and demands intelligence from the audience. 3. Climax: The climax of the movie synchronizes with the flow of the story and does not seem to be intentionally placed. 3. Acting: Amitabh is exceptional in his role. The actor in him always delivers what you expect from him.

    Whats not: 1. Some scenes like the wedding sequence in the church seem childish and should have been cut out from the movie. 2. Some scenes are repetitive in order to explain the story to the audience but are not required as we already figure it out.
  • TE3N is based on the Korean thriller Montage, a film about a grandfather's helplessness, his quest for justice and closure that catches you by the neck and keeps you on the edge of your seats in anticipation of a new twist until the end!

    This 138 minute film by Ribhu Dasgupta with its captivating star cast is a must watch. Amitabh Bachchan gives his yet another power- packed performance as a bereaved grandfather. His inexorable and relentless hunt despite the old age, an erratic scooter and his wheelchair- bound wife makes his struggle seem your own! Even Nawazuddin and Vidya Balan have played their part with sheer competence and brilliance.

    I felt nostalgic watching it remembering my grandparents' and the unconditional love they showered upon me. It perfectly depicts how the death of the youngest member of the family affects the lives of the elders, how time just stops, when all you wish is for the days to pass, the trouble to overcome the grief and how the guilt simply does not let you live!
  • ckhan252 August 2016
    The Indian public as a whole gave this movie negative ratings and the movie was considered a flop, I wonder, was it because the movie had a story to tell rather than the usual song and dance, was it because the movie is character driven as opposed to dumbo actors who are more full- time models and no-time actors or is it because the movie makes you think.

    To be honest i don't know. In my opinion this move is excellent, Amitabh is just amazing, supported by a strong cast of Nawaz and Vidya. The movie is remake of the Korean movie Montage and I have to say the movie is on par with the original.

    The movie catches you from the get go, a grandfather wanting to know who kidnapped his grand-daughter, the story progresses in a very intelligent manner and gradually unravels itself.

    If nothing else watch this movie for the legend that is Amitabh Bachchan who continues to excel with every role that he takes on.
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