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  • A delightful glimpse into the lives and experiences of a hardcore breed of PHandom known as "Parrot Heads". If you love Jimmy Buffett then this is a documentary that you will love. Director, Bryce Wagoner and his team give the viewers a glimpse into the madness and excitement of being a Parrot Head. Hardcore PHans will enjoy the trop rock artists and an interview with the man himself, Jimmy Buffett. Great movie and very entertaining.
  • bliam1386 January 2018
    If there is a hell, it will look exactly like a Jimmy Buffet concert at Jones Beach NY. Pretty boring "music" doc designed to glorify a mediocre musician's following of middle age alcoholics (make no mistake that's pretty much what their entire scene revolves around), who have convinced themselves that this ear drivel passes for something more than it is. Which is (in their eyes) some righteous lifestyle to justify their rampant alcoholism. I was watching it out of curiosity, but after I while it was just sad.