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  • More a factor of audience tastes and the overall talent pool/star system, leader in lesbian erotica Girlfriends Films has included Black performers in very few of its 500-plus releases. BLACK & TAN seeks to rectify this deficiency by focusing directly on mixed couples.

    It is worth noting that the current fad or craze for XXX mixed combo videos (see: the success of new label that handles only this genre) is almost 100% about Black guys humping white girls. That is the mystique, or perhaps vestige of racism, that creates a forbidden quality still to such couplings. (I recall the fad in soft-core several decades ago exploiting White plantation masters humping their female Black slaves, but that format has gone with the wind.)

    With only a few exceptions, like Skin Diamond, Naomi Banxx and my personal fave Alia Star, Black actresses are missing in lesbian action. I haven't seen it commented on much in either mainstream or porn media, but essentially "interracial" or "mixed combo" implies the boy/girl scene be black/white, not white/black.

    That begs the question for interracial lesbian sex, perhaps because even in ante bellum times when roles were reversed (think of the book and film MANDINGO), mixed races again was a white woman with a Black man. Is lesbian cinema so color-blind that Black actresses don't qualify even for novelty purposes, or is our society still so racist that even the "enlightened" audience that Girlfriends Films has appealed to for the past decade is not clamoring to see Black girls' private parts being worshiped in tight closeup the way they adore the current "lily white" lineup of stars and even unknown starlets?

    Enough of my inevitable soap-boxing (I want to generate some debate on this overlooked topic), BLACK & TAN is set at a college, opening with new girl (who happens to be Black) arriving in a dorm room, given instant and condescending hazing by dislikable honky, tall blonde Tara Lynn Foxx. A Black dean Cindy intercedes, and Tara Lynn is sent off to basketball practice. Unfortunately for the new girl, Melrose "Red" Foxxx, the Dean forces her to have sex with her for expected older/younger action including a handy strap-on dildo Cindy keeps in her handbag (just in case), but by the end of the vignette Red is into it, replete with the inevitable "Just like that!" porno speak that precedes many an orgasm.

    Coach Sydnee Capri seduces Tara Lynn after basketball practice, shifting the content from black-on-black to mixed combo. Poor taste is the name of the game with the semi-improvised dialogue, as when Sydnee asks Tara Lynn "Do these taste like chocolate?" when her erect nipples make the scene.

    Mainstream star Lily Labeau is working as receptionist in the school infirmary, and sees another tryst, when Nurse Kayme Kai seduces superstar Misty Stone. This is mixed-combo action of a different order, as Kai is Hawaiian and by our antiquated standards therefore qualifies as Asian (ancestry) opposite Misty's Afro-American.

    Finale has Labeau the tattle-tale to busty, vertically challenged Dean Love, played by Sinnamon Love. This dean isn't worried about the staff taking advantage of the students, and in fact humps Labeau in her office without fear of getting caught.

    It's a lengthy (nearly 3-hour exercise), but I like to think any step towards bettering race relations in America is a positive one, so kudos to the anonymous director of BLACK & TAN! I would be somewhat less sarcastic if the director, he or she, would own up to a screen credit for a change.