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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw an episode of this show not that long ago. The only reason was because I heard Johnny Yong Bosch was going to be in an episode.

    Honestly, I felt sorry for him that he had to voice some character with a stupid name called Broccoli Punch. That isn't the worst part the show has no plot. The main characters are just stupidly bad one of them speaks in a British accent the other one is just a joke. There is no creativity in this show and the villains are stupid.

    I will give this show some credit it does having fighting in and it is not as bad as Teen Titans go or Super Noobs.
  • soroielijah31 December 2016
    So, when I first reviewed Mighty Magiswords I found it a little worse than I do now.

    This show seemed pretty "meh" at first, that much is true. But upon watching a little more of it, I consider it to be slightly more capable than I used to.

    The characters are actually likable and interesting enough to enjoy it. The premise is pretty interesting, as well, and the Magiswords that the characters use actually can keep you entertained sometimes.

    The main issue is the pacing. The show goes really quickly and speeds through a lot of info, not allowing you to process the info. However, they get a little better with this in some episodes, and occasionally the speed can indeed add some humor.

    If the show can get a little more interesting and slow down a tad, I feel like I would love it.
  • imkadz11 December 2016
    This show has its ups and downs, but it's just... meh.

    The reason in why I'm so in between about this show is that the the setting and premise good, the animation, but the pacing is too fast, the voice acting is horrible and some plots and and jokes just don't make any sense.

    This shows' ups and downs blend into a strange genre of meh. It's not bad, but not good either. Maybe it's because of extraordinary animation, or fast pacing, but I'm not really into this show. It has managed to get a few chuckles out of me, but not a lot.

    Eh, I guess this is better then the inexcusable, unbearable, unbelievable cringeworthy crap that is PPG Reboot and Teen Titans Go, but unfortunately not enough to save CN from its' decline in quality and creativity. Hopefully Twelve Forever is greenlit or the Ben 10 reboot isn't as bad as nostalgia-blinded critics say it is.

    Animation: 8.5/10 Plot: 5/10 Humor: 4/10 Voice Acting: 2/10 Overall: 5/10
  • The humor is fast and the protagonists hilarious and lovable because of their humor, not their "coolness". Its impressive that Kyle basically does this whole thing himself, which keeps the feeling of the show consistent.

    The humor is reminiscent of The Lego Movie - rapid-fire and somewhat aware of itself. If you like fun, fast, modern (yet pop-culture-free) humor, then check this show out. With all the recent kids shows that also have a deeper, adult side (Adventure Time, Steven Universe) its refreshing to find one that is just funny and quite frankly silly. 10/10. Want more and would recommend!
  • While the pacing can be a problem at times, the show's imaginative character designs, witty dialogue,fun stories, and AMAZING voice acting over-shadow any negatives that it may have. I'd also like to say that Flash animation and BAD animation are not the same thing, heck this show has some AMAZING action sequences despite their budget, as well as unlike a certain other popular CN show, they know how to shade their characters when needed.

    But more than that, there is a nice underlying satire to this show that I can relate to, primarily in the characters of the main Warrior siblings and Witchy Simone. Prohyas and Vambre are the equivalent of the real world super collector, who at any chance they get throw money away on magiswords for their ever growing collection. Simone's relatable in a different way, trying to hone her magic expertise so she can get back to school, all funded by her job slinging slug burgers. Its fun, its relatable, its the next great show on Cartoon Network.
  • I know there people who'll say this should have just been kept to an online short series only, but if they kept making the shorts people would just demand harder for an actually T.V show. Though I do think The execution of this show fits better for shorts the show it self is nothing to sneeze at. The premise of the show is cool, A brother & sister team (prohyas & Vambre) are warriors for hire that are hired to fight monsters or go on quest so they can make rent and blow the rest on more Magiswords. The Magiswords are the specialty of this show & what the Warriors (not only there job but last name too LOL)use to fight evil & what not, its cool to see them battle and excel with swords that seem pretty useless but The 2 do well with swords like, Dolphin, Cheese, sleeping dragon, snowball And personal favorite Zombie pumpkin. The humor is fast paced & witty much like Tiny toons or Animaniacs, though this type of writing & pacing isn't as good, not to say it's terrible but there are some strange moments like when the duo make crazy faces or when jokes miss there mark it's pretty corny. Also Usually when they draw there swords the announcer States the swords name witch is OK to know the name of the sword but then it just feels like a way to fill the run time and when he announces A location he forces in some sort of catchphrase. Though sometimes they like to have fun with it. Overall this show is fun to watch and I think it can get better with time like some other cartoons have. I got to say this may come down to different strokes for different folks but I do recommend you check it out.
  • I think the Character Design is the most important thing on a cartoon show and i really hated how they look.. the girl looks really cheap and ugly
  • Okay, I literally just created an IMDb account just so I could write this review. What are CN writers doing? This must be the worst show I have seen in my whole life. Worse than TTG or PPG.

    Really, it had EVERYTHING to be a very nice show. Nice swords, nice characters, nice plot; it really looked like you were watching a show made in RPG setting, but did it really have to be a stupid show? I mean, the main characters are two extremely dumb brothers, all the jokes are ridiculous, lots of unnecessary wordplay, and LOTS, and I mean LOTS of the new stupid rule that every single show or movie now decided that is the best thing in the world: making the character explain their own jokes with sentences such as "see what I did there?" or "got it?".

    Let's be honest, if you joke was good, you wouldn't have to explain it...

    I just hope CN does not screw things up with the new Ben 10 Reboot, because it is probably going the same way.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Mighty Magiswords is a show that completely surprised me. Birthed as a online short series, I began watching expecting very little. While Cartoon Networks continued online presence is certainly commendable, very few shows from their online line up really stuck with me. Infinity Train offered a great art style and an intriguing story, Back to Backspace had great music and a lot of charm, but what makes me perfectly okay that this series was picked up before those two? Simple! Mighty Magiswords has all that those shows had and more. It combines great characters, an interesting setting, and a pace that somehow manages to be incredibly fast while communicating everything it should to make one of the best shows I've seen on CN and a while. It remains easily to pick up and watch any episode while still having continuity and a story that inspires perseverance and looking on the bright side of life. Prohyas and Vambre have such creative designs and personalities it's impossible not to love watch them go on adventures.

    The show follows the two of them and their "Warriors for Hire" business, a cosidence being that the two siblings last name is literally warriors! The show is primarily comedy, but the main and side characters have so much going on that there's a lot more to appreciate then just the humor.

    Speaking of the humor, it's the most approachable aspect, and what detractors would definitely simplify it to. It's hard to explain why the show's humor works so well, but perhaps the best reason behind it is the pace. The show rockets along in a way I can only really compare to the likes of Django Unchained. It presents cheesy yet lovable badasses who flail around the screen with such cartoonish reverency they steal the show of any scene they're in. The town relies on the brother sister pair to be the best they can, and every member of the shows universe has a different connection with them. It does what Adventure Time tried to do (tell a grand adventure story while also having tons of comedy), and arguably outdoes it by planning a world with so much character and charm (I mean, even the titular Magiswords are their own characters for heaven's sake).

    My only complaints would be that some characters are stronger than others. The show's creator Kyle Carrozza, voices the main character, Prohyas, and does a great job of it (in fact that's one of the most respectable and creative things I've ever heard.) but the strain starts to show when he voices other minor characters. Grup is a downright awesome comic relief character. He's introduced as a big threat only to be a big softie with some of the best moments in the show. There's just one problem: Kyle clearly let the stress of voicing multiple characters get to him, because his voice for him is widly inconsistent, and occasionally causes great jokes to miss or him to come of as annoying. Kyle still deserves huge props for the voice work, but I'm not afraid to point it out.

    I don't know how to end this. just watch this show. It's great!
  • hyperpedro27 October 2016
    No,this show isn't bad. But i just found it a bit dumb. The animation is kinda okay,the voice acting isn't bad and the jokes aren't terrible. But that doesn't make this show good. I already expected a mediocre show,especially because CN now has terrible shows like PPG or TTG. It can be a bit random,but it's not like We Bare Bears,that is random but it's still fun. Mighty Magiswords is strange,and i think that CN will milk it in the exact same way they done with Teen Titans GO. That's my opinion about this show,it isn't good,of course. But it's also not terrible,like i have said. BUT WAIT! That's just the beginning,just like Uncle Grandpa,it can be better in the future,so we just need to think that this has potential while this doesn't get cancelled.
  • Just horrible. Don't believe me? Just set your child down in front of your TV or tablet and see if they don't wander off to do something else. Cheap flash animation that looks jittery; like a computer from 2007 trying to load an actual flash cartoon, and the voice acting is okay, that seems to be its only good quality. The only people who seem to vigorously defend this are 30 year old man-children. Just horrible. Don't believe me? Just set your child down in front of your TV or tablet and see if they don't wander off to do something else. Cheap flash animation that looks jittery; like a computer from 2007 trying to load an actual flash cartoon, and the voice acting is okay, that seems to be its only good quality. The only people who seem to vigorously defend this are 30 year old man-children.
  • Wow. Just WOW. Really, Cartoon Network? This is the best you could come up with? You know how Teen Titans Go's ultra fast pacing was annoying? Turn that up five or six notches, and you have Mighty Magiswords.

    Who's idea was this? The concept gets old and limited within three episodes. Different swords? They don't appear to be doing anything eventful with it except random clichés.

    The two characters are one-note and obnoxious. Like Fanboy and Chum Chum obnoxious. And my GOD are they dumb.

    The "humor" (emphasis on quotations) is a forced pun or one-liner ever second. Literally every second.

    Boy CN, once Regular Show, Gumball, and Adventure Time end, you're royally screwed. Nickelodeon has a new juggernaut in The Loud House and you have this pile of garbage.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Before discussing how great this show is, I'm going to quickly go over the negatives. The animation is sub-par, and the stories can be a little chaotic and incoherent. But... those are the only negatives I can think of. I can easily forgive the choppy-ish animation because this series used to be a low-budget webtoon. And some incoherence is actually necessary when it comes to this cartoon, it adds to the insanity that is "Mighty Magiswords". The story is, a girl named Vambre and her brother Prohyas Warrior are paid to go on quests(usually to retrieve something) for people who are in need of adventurers. Vambre and Prohyas collect "magiswords"(different types of swords designed to do different types of things) while going on adventures. They live with a blue dragon named Grup and have a couple of enemies as well(Witch Way and Gateau, for example).

    The humor in this series is sharp as a dagger. The humor is so fast-paced and beautifully executed that I can't help but admire every writer behind these episodes. The characters speak very quickly, but the way these jokes are delivered make it a truly enjoyable watch. I know I thrashed on the animation earlier, but I do really like the designs in this show. I was interested in Kyle A. Corozza's art since he was a storyboard artist on Fish Hooks, but at this point I can't help but appreciate his work. These designs are flawless. I mean, they aren't the most beautiful things you'll ever see in your life, but there's just something smooth about these characters(it's funny how the designs are smooth but the animation isn't, huh?).

    There is also a large amount of personality in these characters. I mean, Gateau, one of the villain's sidekicks, has more personality than a typical superhero. The voices really help put this into perspective, too. Each voice seems to match these character's personalities. I'm not saying other cartoons don't this as well(trust me, MANY animated series have great voice actors), but it's still refreshing to hear nonetheless. Heck, Kyle A. Corozza voices half the characters himself. He's clearly a talented guy. I also like how this show has a small budget, but that there is still innovation oozing from it. This shows that hard work is put into here, as choppy as the animation is. Not many cartoons handle a low budget quite like this one.

    I truly appreciate the creativity and clever humor that comes from Mighty Magiswords, and I hope it gets renewed for another season.
  • Mighty Magiswords is a filler show at best, but it does have good potential. The concept itself sounds entertaining; Two siblings become "warriors for hire" and go on adventures while collecting magical swords called, you guessed it, magiswords. However, the show has a few flaws. If you are looking to watch this, I have a bit of advice. You really need to go with the flow while watching MM for reasons I will explain in the rest of this review. Don't overthink it and just enjoy it for what it is.

    First, the show is way too fast paced! I think it is cool how the show is written and designed like a comic, but the episodes seem rushed. Perhaps if they slowed it down a little bit, the comic effect would actually take place instead of a clustered mess. I also think that not only is it too fast, but it's too short as well. I love the comic book like style, but it's just a bit too quick for me. It seems to be so rushed and short that you will forget the episode in only 10 minutes.

    I love how vibrant and over dramatic some of the characters are, but honestly they were annoying at first. I think the characters would be much more memorable if they had some character development or backstories in the show. Some of the episodes were kind of lame because the characters and the world didn't seem to be properly introduced, and it was hard to get into it. Maybe I need to watch the Webisodes to understand the world and characters more? I like how Mighty Magiswords goes against the status quo by not having a huge plot or character development, but I fear that it may not prosper without them either. I'm not saying it should go all out drama, but just a tad bit of depth for the characters would be nice.

    In conclusion, Mighty Magiswords is a bit too rushed, too short, and too simple for me. I do like to watch it, and it is a nice change from TTG. The show just isn't binge worthy you know. I would suggest this show to young kids. This title gets a thumbs up and down from CriticalBunniez 👍👎
  • I feel slightly guilty for trashing someone else's art, because that's definitely not my style, but as a 33 year old die-hard loyal Cartoon Network fan, as well as the mother of a bright 6 year old boy, i feel BETRAYED by Cartoon Network's decision to green-light this piece of garbage. GARBAGE!!!

    The character design is HIDEOUS!! The premise is idiotic, but worse yet, TERRIBLY EXECUTED. The characters themselves are boring. The voice acting is decent, but the voices are SO INCREDIBLY ANNOYING! I literally cannot believe that there are so many annoying sounding characters on this show!! This is the cartoon equivalent of candy corn. Aesthetically displeasing, cheap, and toxic!

    Somehow, my son likes it, even though he knows I can't stand it. We have agreed to respect each other's wishes, so he doesn't force me to watch it and I don't forbid him from watching it, but every time we watch cartoon network, we are BOMBARDED by so many ads for this terrible show!! The bombardment is inescapable! I downloaded the cartoon network app and was again bombarded with adds for the world's worst cartoon show ever!!

    I would give the show 0 stars if it were possible.
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  • lucascarpenter18 February 2020
    I can not get enough of this show. Their wit and humor and gut busting
  • leoeastend22 February 2019
    Bad show. The end

    OK OK! CALM DOWN! So, lets see why this show is bad 1) the art style actually looks ugly which is a shame since i love flash animation with thick outlines 2) the animation is not that smooth 3) the stories are random like at one point they are caring for a scare crow but in a few minutes, they start singing out of nowhere
  • jasonorantes30 December 2018
    This is the worst show ive ever seen the pace is so fast the transitions are too fast paced the show is ridiculous and idiotic they make anything up at anytime and it makes no sense its like they try to fit a 30 minute show in 5 minutes and they squeeze whatever they want in it if your going to have a 5 minute show then make it a 5 minute show and dont pack 30 minutes in it overall just terrible and stupid.
  • pyro-780431 October 2018
    Normally, shows of a fast pace can turn lots of people off. However, despite the lighting quick pace of its first season, this shows is one of cartoon network's best. In the new wave of shows there has been may ups and downs with their programs, Steven Universe and Adventure Time suffer massive hiatuses that tend to derail the story arcs when things get really good. Uncle Grandpa was annoying but met well and had some rather funny moments. Regular Show is a personified Cartoon Network classic in a modern age, same with We Bare Bears , OK KO and Crag of the Creek. The Amazing World of Gumball stands at the top of the charts as Cartoon Network's greatest modern show.

    This show however is strange, not goofy strange, or overly wacky strange, this show feels like an anomaly. Like it happens out of nowhere and you're stuck wondering,"what was that and where can I get more of it?". I like binge watch shows that catch my attention, but this is the first cartoon that I ever seen that's so marathon friendly.

    Due to it being a flag ship series for the CN App, Mighty Magiswords was a series of shorts that followed the Warriors, a brother sister mercenary team that use strange magical swords to solve unusual problems and battle bizarre foes. The world alone is amazingly inventive with a plethora of interesting characters and locations. This cartoon does what a cartoon does best, be a cartoon.

    However, their is a down side, the early season had very quick dialog and humor that would easily go over the heads of most kids. Due to its 5 minute short origins it was hard to break the habit, but by season 2 they really managed to pace their selves, and even use it to flush out the characters.

    Overall, this is a fantastic cartoon with nearly endless amounts to fun to be had with it. If this had come out in the 90s or early 2000s this show would have been a mega hit that would rival that of Pokemon in merchandising and fame. All in all, this show is the epitome of fun, but seems more deigned for an older audience, while still pandering to the younger. Which in fact is how many classic cartoons were like.
  • legoultra12 June 2018
    No spoilers since nothing ever happens or changes. I give this series, mostly Season 1, a 6/10 for a multitude of reasons, but essentially for just a few major ones that I'll list here: 1. The pacing was bad but had since improved (though really, it should've done that from the start); 2, The main duo, who you're stuck with for the entirety of the show are really not that special or unique other than looks, plot devices and gimmicks; 3, The Magiswords (which are the selling point of the show, mind you) are typically uneventful or exciting; and 4, Although the other characters (usually those from the Academy Shorts) show promise, they get shoved to the side in favor of the ones we're already used to seeing (with a few exceptions; Cattus and Simone for example). There are but a few genuinely good things to come out this, but because the show is so heavily flawed and nothing ever changes, it ultimately comes out as 50-episode filler. Season 2, however, is a lot more interesting than much of season 1 with it's own improvements, but unfortunately, I don't believe it is enough to recover from all of the past episodes we've already seen. If the show were to be rebooted, or perhaps given a continuation of some kind, I hope that the makers of it will consider the details to truly make it one of a kind ;). There is still potential in it, but at the rate it and it's fandom are going, I don't know if we'll ever get to see it or not.