This show is also known for being animation artist Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson's first recurring character voice-role in TV animation.

The theme song is performed by Dan Avidan, the lead singer of the band Ninja Sex Party, and the co-star of the let's play show Game Grumps.

The series started as games for cartoon network anything, an app game. The show was later adapted into shorts before getting a full series pick up by the network.

The characters were created by Kyle in high school in 1996 as "fish out of water" characters for a potential personal comedy idea called "Zeddy" but they were scrapped.

Kyle pitched this originally to Cartoon Network as Legendary Warriors for Hire which Princess Zange and Phil are main characters as well with different and similar personalities and Vambre wore pants but it was rejected. He later pitched this as an adult concept called Dungeons and Dayjobs. The Magiswords were actually the last thing added which got the show the greenlight.

Musician The Great Luke Ski works on the show as a storyboard revisionist, writer and voice actor.

Show creator, Kyle and employee, fellow musician, and friend Luke Ski host a bi-weekly podcast in which they discuss animation - from working at Cartoon Network (sometimes interviewing crew and voice actors) to their opinions on future, current, and former animated/cartoon properties.

Character design influenced from the anime/manga series Slayers - which was one of the most popular shows in Japan during the 90's.

The Kingdom of Riboflavin is named after a real-life dietary supplement that prevents migraines. Why it is the name the kingdom is Unclear.