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  • Second-generation porn director Braun is known for his big-budget parody junk, likely to win awards from his "peers" (read: buddies in the industry). He also cranks out quickie junkers which command little of his attention, like this trifle.

    Wicked Pictures' packaging betrays the oldest trick in the marketing book: the DVD stills look far better than the live action presented inside the box. Siri in particular has been styled glamorously elsewhere -looks larger than life in stills here but is wasted.

    Her vignette with Evan Stone is particularly bad, directed like a stag film premise of thirsty neighbor coming to sun-bathing Siri's house for some water. The rest of the segments featuring top-heavy women are boring gonzo junk, with no attempt to generate or hold the viewer's interest. Wicked labels it "all-sex" in the fine print, so we've been warned.