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  • What a bore, I want my 108 min back. I couldn't stay awake, I actually fell asleep watching it.
  • dgosset-828-80708510 August 2019
    I fell asleep while trying to watch it but woke up before it ended then fell asleep in my nice BLOOM BED TY
  • Rick Weider is one of the most human and believable heroes in a commercial thriller I've seen in a long time.
  • Terribly written and so slow it actually made 2 people fall asleep. Do not waste your time. I guarantee you have seen every plot, scenario and outcome a thousand times before. Well the concept isn't horrible, but whomever put this garbage together doesn't know how to make a movie. When you see people leave mid way its a terrible sign. The writing sucks, the acting sucks, the directing sucks. Do you get the idea that this entire ting sucks?
  • aliqesmat11 September 2019
    The cinematic effect was so easy! the additional reality was like added by snapchat app!
  • After watching this movie, I am certain that doing so was more torturous than attempting to stay awake for 11 days.