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  • I have accidentally stumbled upon a DVD secret of the Mills & Stills team of lesbian themed porn. Their Girlsway compilations, distributed by Girlfriends Films, tend to be more pretentious than is desired, while they funnel their niche jail-bait porn that is usually more satisfying in its simplicity and directness to the Web Young label.

    The five vignettes in this Web Young compilation support this theory, giving us fine, fresh talent coupling Sapphic style with few frills. Jenna Sativa brings her sizable natural breasts to two scenes, one the arbitrary "A Tale of Two Jennas" that is merely an excuse for Jenna J. Ross to paw her, and "A Late Night Study" where she gets to initiate Miss Beauty Mark, aka Goldie, in the finer points of cunnilingus.

    My favorite scene was naturally the one visiting my favorite porn location, the "Immoral Proposal" mansion. Before spending most of this episode on the bed flanked by the distinctive inset windows, the classic foyer shot of oval-paned doors and spiral staircase sets the milieu. Director Alan doesn't like scripts, so we're stuck with lame improv dialog including landlady's daughter Veronica Rodriguez telling behind- in-the-rent lovely Sierra Nevadah: "You know it's getting really hot in here", the porn cue to shed clothing and hump. I've always wondered what the day rate for porno units to rent the mansion is, and perhaps Sierra can get a rebate for the poor air conditioning.

    Opening vignette is the usual sexual initiation, as big-bust Holly Michaels treats her vastly different body shaped new roommate Alina Li to a dildo lesson with the scene titled "Toy in the Box". Li is a quick learner and is soon not only having her first sex ever, but also orgasms and even squirting for the fans.

    Finale titled "Cyber Celebration" has Sara Luvv giving her boyfriend a Skype styled birthday present consisting of her humping gal pal Chloe Foster for the lucky voyeur. Alan betrays his film school training by shooting the sequence half and half, giving us laptop screen images of the lesbian sex which do not edit well with the "live" action shots, as each cut crosses the center line, flipping the images so that the actresses constantly flit from left to right (and vice versa) on the screen in adjacent shots jarringly. But at least the sex by his talented cast is fine.