Wyatt Earp had no children of his own but had four common law wives.

Some of the characters didn't exist originally in the comic books (like Nicole Haught and Waverly Earp), but Emily Andras (the creator) decided to add them to the story. Nicole debuted this year ((2016) issue #8) and Waverly is set to debut soon.

Supposedly Wyatt Earp was given a Colt Buntline by Ned Buntline, but there is no evidence that Earp ever used that gun, especially not at the OK Corral on October 26,1881. He carried a Smith & Wesson Model 3 in .44 Cal at that day.

The spells are both in Hungarian and Romanian but they aren't correct grammatically.

Based on the comic books of the same name and created by Beau Smith.

Both shows Emily Andras has been involved in prominently feature characters frequently called Bobo. On Lost Girl, the main female lead's name is Bo and some of her friends occasionally call her Bobo. On Wynonna Earp one of the main occasional villains is called Bobo Del Ray. However, this character originated in the comic book by creator, Beau Smith, who named the character after himself.

Greg Bryk (Jack of Knives) and Billy Bryk (Billy Clanton) are father and son in real-life.

All episodes carry the name of a classic country western song.

Not related to the CW's Supernatural, although both show the main hero wielding an old west style gun able to destroy supernatural beings.

As of the date the series ended, Waverly's cheer-leading dance for Nicole had 430,000 views on YouTube.

Melanie Scrofano (Wynonna Earp), Tim Rozon (Doc Holliday), Savannah Basley (Cleo Clanton) and Paolo Barzman (a director and producer for this show) all end up working together on the TV show, SurrealEstate playing Nick Roman and Zooey L'Enfant respectively. Melanie and Paolo are directors for the show.

Katherine and Tamara previously worked together in "My Ex-Ex".

Black Badge makes mention of orders given from "The powers that be." Season 2 guest star Brendan Fehr previously guest starred on Bones (2005) with David Boreanaz. David portrayed the vampire Angel in Angel (1999), where The Powers That Be were a major plot point.

Wynonna's badge number is 1297. These numbers might have connection to Wyatt Earp who died in January 1929 and "the seven" who are referred to through out the series.

Tim Rozon (Doc Holliday) and Melanie Scrofano (Wynonna Earp) have both worked with actor Kristopher Turner in different TV shows: Tim and Kristopher worked together in 'Instant Star', playing Tommy Quincy and Jamie Andrews respectively; Melanie and Kristopher worked together in 'Being Erica', playing Rebecca and Jordan respectively.

In 209, "Forever Mine Nevermind," Wynonna Earp comic book creator Beau Smith made a brief cameo appearance in the show as a customer in the antique shop looking at a little girl doll, who then exits the shop door just as Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) is entering. These two give a brief "evil eye" stare down as they pass by each other before Smith exits. This was his only cameo appearance throughout Seasons 1-4.

Season 3 Sneak Peak ran on 7/15/2018 on SyFy , home of Wynonna Earp(2016-). The town of Purgatory received vampires for the first time in 100 years.