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  • barryfoster62118 August 2019
    Terrible script, terrible acting, terrible directing, terrible film!
  • One more example of what the UK crime film industry gives us since a decade now. So badly played, by unconcerned actors and so awfully directed by so unconcerned film makers. I don't understand why it was filmed in 2.35 frame. This is ridiculous, laughable for such a crap. I did not even count the sequences where the lead and his pal talk together, in a cafe, a car, a living room. There are too many of them. And the acting, oh God, so terrible, at least for most of the actors. Look at their face expression when they talk during a tense moment. The hoodlums tied to each other in the warehouse whilst they are supposed to be shot by the girl. They look at her as if she was a waitress in a restaurant to whom they ask for a pizza. Awful. I prefer forget this feature.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am not sure why it is called "Blood Feud" other than "Grace and Paul Come to Jesus" wouldn't sell with that DVD cover. The film claims it is based on true events, for what it is worth. Paul (Micky Curate) gets out of prison and looks up his friend Grace (Paul King) who has come to Jesus. Grace is supposed to kill Paul, but opts not to do that leading to brief fist fights with the bad guys and saving Paul.

    The film was short, boring, and ill acted. The killings are off screen and there is otherwise little action. Paul Lee King wasn't right for that role.

    Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
  • sammielei-8999617 March 2020
    Great film great team Shae about the bad reviews these people obviously don't understand low budget film making I loved it
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a rehash of the film Stand up guys

    After 12 years, Mickey gets out of prison, and his friend and partner in crime Paul a reformed man and a church goer catches up with him up. The local mob boss, Ray, wants Mickey dead (Rays' son died in a robbery and he blames Mickey) and Paul has until morning to kill him. It's a long night: Mickey wants to party - they visit a cat house; Mickey needs Viagra, so visits the local drug dealer. After a while they and much consideration they both become reformed men. The men decide to confront Ray and resolve the bad blood. Ray ends up taking his own life. Not a very good film Stand up Guys much better.