• WARNING: Spoilers

    If there were a way to go back and correct the one thing you've come to regret most in life, would you, could you, should you? Eric's already decided, he just didn't tell anyone. TREADING YESTERDAY plays out through a multi-decade storytelling witnessed through the eyes of Eric, a soon to be middle aged gay man, who has lived what appears to be a charmed life. The pilot episode opens as a present day drama however by midpoint the timeline resets to 1988, in a historical fiction format, during a period in time when monumental anti-gay backlash had been orchestrated. As the series evolves, viewers will experience life's triumphs and setbacks as Eric attempts to resolve his life's single greatest regret with the support of his friends, finding new meaning in life and appreciation for that which is, rather than, what could have been. TREADING YESTERDAY juxtaposes 1988's intolerance of Gays with present day acceptance while at the same time revealing the inherent challenges existing in both environments.