Moideen: Look at this Iruvanjippuzha. It is connected with Arabian sea. Even if it is tried to be blocked, it will reach there itself. If Iruvanjippuzha is for Arabian Sea, then surely Kanchana is for Moideen. This is Moideen's word. Word is the most substantial truth.

Moideen: Its raining outside. Shall we drench?

Moideen: I love her. She too love me. When she said that there would be a lot of problems, do you know what I replied? I replied that even if the whole world opposes us, Sethu will, of course, understand us. But... I got it wrong, Sethu. I got it wrong.

Kanchanamala: I know, Appu, you love me. But I love Moideen a 1000 times than you love me. Moideen loves me a 10,000 times than I love him. If you force me, you will only marry my corpse. I will do it for my Moideen, even if I die like hell in this home prison. Do you know how long I was imprisoned here, for my Moideen? Then, how can you cut my heart off for you? Who else in the world would dare to do?

Ameena: Is she her face very beautiful?

Moideen: [with smile] Her heart is more beautiful than her face, my dear.

Moideen: I have been seeing you since we were playing in the gardens of Balyambra Pottattu. Did you think I won't recognize you with that kerchief over your face, Sethu?

Moideen: You must not cry. You have cried for 10 long years! I won't let you cry any more.