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  • Dave McClain11 June 2017
    "Megan Leavey" is a solid and touching, but slight movie.
    "Megan Leavey" (PG-13, 1:56) is technically a bio-pic about a U.S. Marine serving as an MP during the Iraq War, but what it's really about is that Marine's relationship with her partner, a military working dog named Rex. Throughout history, militaries, such as the Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Britons, Romans and Americans, used canines in a variety of roles, such as in combat as attack dogs, and as hunters, trackers, searchers, scouts, guards, sentries, messengers, mascots and therapy dogs. Military working dogs in K9 units are assigned a specific handler, with whom the dog bonds, trains, serves and, when necessary, protects. The special relationship between such dogs and their handlers has been portrayed in various forms in movies like 2017's "A Dog's Purpose" and 2015's "Max", which mirrors the real-life story of a dog named Lex, who went to live with the family of his handler after the handler was killed in Iraq. An increasing number of military working dogs are adopted by their handlers after the military deems the dogs' military service complete and retires the dog from active duty, but it hasn't always been that way. "Megan Leavey" is the true story of a U.S. Marine's bond with her dog and her long fight to adopt him.

    Megan (Kate Mara) was drifting. After high school, she had no purpose in life. She lived with her mother (Edie Falco) and stepfather (Will Patton), but didn't actually do much of anything, especially after her best friend died from a drug overdose. Seemingly on a whim, Megan joins the Marine Corps. After she completes basic training, she is trained as an MP, but her lack of self-discipline is still a problem and she quickly gets in trouble with her commander. Her punishment (or "corrective training", as the military calls it) is to work for a hard-nosed Marine called Gunny Martin (Common), cleaning out the kennels of the military working dogs. Megan develops an interest in the K9 unit, but she has to convince Gunny Martin of her reliability and dedication, so she is given an ammo can attached to a rope which she is forced to pretend is a dog on a leash that she puts through its paces on a K9 training course. When a handler preparing for deployment is bitten by his dog, Private First Class Leavey is ordered to step in.

    With little time left before that scheduled deployment to Iraq, Megan works hard to train up, complete Rex's training and bond with her new partner. Rex is known as a very difficult and aggressive dog, but Megan manages to tame the savage beast and they end up making an effective and respected team while serving in combat. Megan and Rex are called upon to patrol ahead of everyone else in an effort to find IEDs before they can harm American troops. After some success, Megan and Rex get separated. She begins to work tirelessly to find Rex and, ultimately, to get permission to adopt and care for him. In the midst of all this, Megan works through challenging relationships with Gunny Martin, a K9 unit mentor (Tom Felton), a flirty fellow dog handler (Ramon Rodriguez), her clueless mother and stepfather and her birth father (Bradley Whitford), but all the while, Megan's biggest concern is her relationship with Rex.

    "Megan Leavey" is a solid and touching, but slight movie. The script by Pamela Gray ("A Walk on the Moon"), Oscar nominee Annie Mumolo ("Bridesmaids") and Tim Lovestedt (co-writing his first film), and the direction of Gabriela Cowperthwaite ("Blackfish"), give us a realistic look at military life and combat deployments, while keeping the focus mainly on the affecting relationship between Megan and Rex. The subplots of Megan's human relationships give us a good picture of who she is as a person and are well-balanced from a story-telling perspective. But in the final analysis, this is still "just" a story about one Marine and one dog, presented as if similar situations had not happened before or since (which they have). The writing, acting and directing are all strong and produce a film which many Movie Fans will appreciate, especially those interested in military life and those who love four-footed heroes. "B"
  • rannynm21 May 2017
    Very enjoyable exploration of emotional bond between a human and animal
    I really enjoyed this film. It explores the emotional bond between an animal and a human being.

    The film is based on the true story of marine corporal who forms a unique bond with a bomb-sniffing dog. Megan Leavey (Kate Mara) enlists to get away from what seems to be a hopeless civilian life. She is an aimless young woman with a deadbeat mom, Jackie (Edie Falco). Megan struggles to fit in as a Marine and, after a disciplinary hearing due to misappropriate behavior, is caught urinating outside of the Provost office after a night of drinking. She is assigned to clean up the K- 9 unit under the command of Gunny Martin (Common). Gunny Martin is a commander who uses tough love while being a mentor.

    My favorite scene in the movie is when Megan finds out that she will get a dog to train and it turns out to be a can. It seems that newbies practice training a dog with a can. It is a bit humorous but shows Megan's determination to get a real dog. Megan bonds with an aggressive German shepherd name Rex and is given the opportunity to train him. Megan and Rex end up completing more than 100 missions, but an IED explosion injures them both and puts their fate in jeopardy.

    Megan Leavey has lots of wartime violence, strong language and intense themes including trauma and grief. It also shows the strength of women and their accomplishments while not focusing on the brutality of war. This is an inspiring film that I believe is most suited for ages 13 to 18 as well as some adults. I give this film 5 out of 5 stars. It opens nationwide June 9, 2017 so, be sure to go see it and learn what happens to Megan and Rex.

    Reviewed by Juanita Seon L. KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror.
  • easkeen31 May 2017
    The story of the bond between humans & animals....
    My husband and I were fortunate to attend a premier of this movie last night and we really enjoyed it much more than expected. Although it was meaningful in that my own daughter was a Marine and of course the scenes at graduation ceremony in Parris Island brought back so many memories...but it was her loyalty to this dog and the way they were able to capture it on film that endured me. Despite all the odds against her, she was NOT going to let this dog perish in the system. He deserved better and she fought to make sure he got better. THAT is a beautiful thing! <3
  • rgkarim10 June 2017
    Don't Leavey Your Tissues Behind! Solid Portrayal of Military Bonding
    This weekend is certainly a mixed bag of movies from adventure/fantasy to horror/mystery. So why not throw in a military/biographical/drama into the fray as well, this time portraying a different, and more realistic, female super hero. If you are reading past my confusing opening, (and the title of this review), you know I'm talking about Megan Leavey. With leash, and gun, in hand, this movie is the chronicle of her walk into the life of a hero and the struggles she had to climb over to succeed. What's the verdict? You'll have to read on to find out!


    Acting: Kate Mara was a fantastic pick for the lead of this movie. Based on Leavey's history (from the little research I've done), Mara was able to play the emotional rainbow required of this complicated role. The angst of a rebellious young adult is perfectly portrayed, with enough saucy edge to keep things spicy, while only going over the line occasionally. Yet, the real portrayal of her talents is her acting of honor, valor, and trauma that comes with being a real-life hero. You'll feel all the emotional turmoil, or in some cases lack of emotional turmoil, associated with marine life and the sense of duty before self. Many audience members became entangled in all the feelings of the movie, captivating them in the story.

    Good Pace: We know that many military dramas are a little long winded, whether in build up or the tail end of the spectrum. Not the case for Megan Leavey. This movie keeps things moving quite well, blending excitement, suspense, and character development in a decently condensed time. The training portion of the movie is funny and heartwarming as bond between dog and human is formed, adequately building what will be the key foundation for the rest of the movie. Once the exciting deployment begins, the tension only surmounts and keeps one further fastened into the movie, constantly reeled in with each ticking minute as they perform their duty. It's engaging! It's exciting! And it is real!

    The Dog: Let's face it though, the best part of this movie for most is going to be getting to see the dog or dogs trained to sniff out bombs. Megan Leavey may be a tale about a woman transforming into a hero, but the director also does extraordinary work with the developing the dog's status as a warrior itself. Watching Rex perform all the duties required of him is awesome, feeling like a human actor himself rather than a four-legged accessory. If you think Mara is the emotional lure in the film, then yes you are correct, but that would make Rex the lighthouse of emotions drawing you more into the flame of this movie. Watching Rex with the consistent worry that something will happen is the true suspense of this movie, I myself silently praying he would make it home alive.


    Movie magic drama: We know that when it comes to describing drama, many films can exaggerate the truth. While I'm not certain how tough Megan's life was, this movie had many moments and characters that felt a little overdramatic to me. I'm not talking about the war aspect, we know that's hell. No, the real overacted moments come in the form of her family life, primarily the interaction with her mom. Eye-rolling moments aside, fans who like these overzealous characters are in for a treat, but it hit some nerves and took away from the movie.

    The Final Act: Megan Leavey's film is split into three parts for me and the first two parts are epically put together to keep the film exciting. The third part however, is more on the slower side and not the area I would have spent a great deal of time on. I can't say much without ruining things, but here it goes. This finale is certainly emotional, well designed, and a fine example of character development. However, the pace changes at this part, doesn't focus on the chemistry I fell in love with. Yes, it's emotional, and the parts are well put together, I just wanted a little more time with the dog and woman.

    Theater Worthy?: This is a tough component because there is a lot about this movie I like. However, I can't say the movie was really something that needed to be in theaters. With few special effects and stunts, and a story that, while touching, isn't an epic, adventure/book like drama that Hollywood theaters have captured. Instead, this movie would have been solid on the History Channel or a Netflix original movie where you could enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. So, don't behead me people, I'm just trying to save you some money to maximize the quality of the film.

    The VERDICT:

    Megan Leavey is one of the better military drams I've seen in a while. A fantastic chemistry between man and dog uniting to portray the honor of military service is a leading factor to see this movie. With emotional sequences captured by beautiful cinematography and epic acting, you'll find this at the top of a lot of drama loving lists. Yet, it still lacks some finesse in terms of perfect pace and even more lacks the theater quality effects that make the expensive ticket worthwhile, unless you get the discount show. Still it is a movie worth checking out when you can, to pay tribute to an honorable woman, her dog, and the heroes that are our military.

    Biography/Drama/War: 8.5 Movie Overall: 6.5
  • scatswalsh11 June 2017
    Not Your Typical War Hero
    Part way through I began to feel the story was a bit slow moving, maybe a little flat. I realized this is not an indictment of the film, but of Americans' movie going habits. Everything these days is a blockbuster - LOTS of action, tons of special effects, one- dimensional super hero characters. Megan Leavey is a quiet, understated film about real life and real people, and they are not always pleasant, exciting or interesting. If you like your war heroes shiny, perfect and larger than life - this film will not be for you. Megan Leavey is about a flawed, troubled, not very likable young woman who joins the Marines with no heroic idealism - she is just looking for an escape from her miserable life - made so very much by her own doing. And Rex is not Lassie. There is no instant, feel-good bond between a girl and her dog. Rather, the story illustrates the importance of showing up - taking one step at a time, and that with hard work and patience - redemption and second chances are possible. Not an easy feel-good film but worth the effort, as is true of most important things in life.
  • Alan Harper23 August 2017
    I will keep this simple...
    As promised, I will keep this simple. If you are a dog lover, don't mind shedding a tear (I'm a 38 year old male former enforcement officer, it got me) you will enjoy this movie. Simples.

    It has been broken into three parts, first is a build up of character for Leavey, second is the relationship between Leavey and Rex in Iraq, third is the "fight". Some people are saying the third part was a bit of a let down, but, personally, i was happy with it. I did not realise I had been watching the film for its run time thinking it still must have a while to go at the credits. Always a good sign.
  • said-buet1011 September 2017
    Is it really that good??
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is based on a true story. I mean no disrespect to the actual people but this emotional journey didn't hit me as much as I might have liked it to. The story in reality is without any doubt touching but while watching the movie I got bored multiple times. Kate Mara delivered a solid performance. Her acting is the only thing that kept me going.

    I think the directional choice of showing the story in a completely emotional way was a brave choice. Not showing much of the war was interesting. But I had issues with the third act. It felt rushed and incoherent in times. In particular I disliked the way her pursuit for the adoption of the dog was shown. I felt it was done in a very bad way. They director could've done a far better job with that segment.

    All in all good acting & an emotional true story but it turned into an average movie in the end.
  • avtiger14 June 2017
    A Heartfelt Film.....
    Really enjoyed this film! A very well acted and touching Gem of a film. The young lead actress nailed the part and was very convincing and quite good in this movie. I felt the sincerity throughout the film. If your looking for a violent action film from beginning to end I would suggest you pass. But if your looking for a film with lots of heart then i highly recommend this one. Two Thumbs Up....Way Up!
  • tk-williamson9 September 2017
    High production values but awful movie in my opinion - contains spoiler
    Warning: Spoilers
    Military movies should always be dead-on accurate when it comes to all the little details and this was another "this is what most Americans think is how the military acts" as opposed to the reality. I know they have consultants - so they do this on purpose I am forced to conclude. The Hollywood explosion where Megan and the dog go flying through the air, literally flying through the air, just made my eyes roll. That kind of force blows off limbs and is instant death. Also, it was apparent to me that there was no chemistry or "bonding" between Megan and that beautiful dog, but there was chemistry with the handler who was always obviously just off camera. I found the acting of most of the cast, except Kate Mara, to be very wooden and painful to watch. I admit I did not finish the movie - too frustrated and annoyed with how ridiculously bad it was. Hey, great cinematography and sound though - thumbs up on that!
  • Gordon-1131 August 2017
    Celebrating a special bond
    This film tells the story of a young female Marine in the United States, who trains and works with a war dog that detects explosives. They work together as a great team, successfully completing many missions. When they get injured during a mission, she fights to adopt him as a pet dog so that the dog does not get put to sleep.

    "Megan Leavey" tells a story of a great bond between a woman and a dog that are both very courageous.They have been through so much that it is easy to see why their bond is so particularly strong. The patriotic elements also make the film particularly likable for American viewers. It celebrates a special and intense bond between the female soldier and the war dog, and also celebrates love, courage and war efforts.
  • blackhawk51507 September 2017
    Decent, with a flawed main character
    Warning: Spoilers
    I will try to be vague regarding specific plot points, so as not to spoil any surprises, but there really aren't any big plot twists in the movie to begin with. Kate Mara did a good job as the protagonist. I found her portrayal of a Marine K9 handler to be believable. What I found interesting was that the story did not paint the real Megan Leavey in a very complimentary light. The writer's goal might have been to make Leavey out to be a war hero who was driven by the bond with her canine partner, but instead, I came away with the feeling that she was a self-centered, immature handler.

    The firefight seemed believable, but a question I'd like to ask some of my coworkers, who were Marines, is how realistic it would be for a squad/ platoon with two up-armored Humvees, with crew served weapons, to run from a fight against 4 or 5 enemy armed with AK's and an RPG? They definitely didn't employ the "Four F's" (Find, Fix, Flank, F...). In the movie Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, there is a far more believable scene depicting a small Marine unit's contact with the enemy. The Marines aggressed the target and overcame the opposition. Maybe the firefight scene in Megan Leavey was based very closely on how it actually went down...but if that's the case, it would surprise me. A bunch of Marines running from contact with a handful of guys who had nothing but a few dirt berms for cover just didn't have a ring of truth to it for me.

    I would assume the producers of Megan Leavey had technical advisers. If that was the case, there were a lot of dog handling, and dog training errors. Maybe it was due to poor movie direction, or maybe due to having an actress who is not an actual handler, or maybe Leavey wasn't that great a handler. It could be any number of reasons. But from the perspective of someone who was a K9 handler for 6 years, the character did many things through the movie that had me scratching my head...I mean totally rookie mistakes...and the result was a less believable movie in those areas.

    In closing, I would like to have given the movie a 7, as it provoked a lot of emotional reaction in me (fancy way for saying my eyes were not always dry). But in retrospect, I think a lot of that was due to knowing first hand the bond that a handler and their partner form. My guy saved my life and the lives of others as well, so some scenes were quite emotional. The reason I had to lower my rating to a 6 is that I think without my personal background on the subject, some of those scenes were a little too wooden.
  • Hellmant22 June 2017
    A sentimental tear-jerker, especially if you're an animal lover!
    'MEGAN LEAVY': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    A biographical drama based on the true story of a Marine corporal (named Megan Leavy) and the combat dog (named Rex) that she bonded with. It was directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite; who also helmed another animal sympathizer film called 'BLACKFISH' (a critically acclaimed documentary about the horribly inhumane treatment of captive killer whales). The script was written by Pamela Gray, Annie Mumolo and Tim Lovestedt. It stars Kate Mara (in the title role), Ramon Rodriguez, Tom Felton, Common, Edie Falco, Bradley Whitford and Will Patton. The movie has received mostly positive reviews from critics, and it's done well at the Box Office so far. Being an animal lover myself, I really enjoyed this movie.

    Megan Leavy (Mara) joined the Marines after failing at many other jobs where she had to interact with people. Due to her motivation, and extreme dedication, she exceeded expectations as a Marine corporal, and due to her less than stellar people skills she also became uniquely talented at relating to combat dogs. Especially a really hard to manage military working dog named Rex. They served two deployments together, in Iraq (in 2005 and 2006), and bonded extremely well; which made them both very good at their jobs. The two were also wounded together, on their second deployment, where Rex saved Megan's life.

    The movie is of course a sentimental tear-jerker, especially if you're an animal lover (or especially a dog lover), but it's not overly clich├ęd at all. It's actually really well made and believable. Both Mara and the dog that plays Rex are great in their roles, and I think any compassionate person could really sympathize and relate to their characters (and their characters' relationship). It's not as important a film as 'BLACKFISH', or as educational, but it's just as moving and powerful.

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  • timoulrich12 June 2017
    Typical add everything to grab some fast cash
    I don't mind emotional war movies with animals. But you have to keep it realistic. I know this is based on a true story, but this doesn't mean you can add to the story whatever you prefer and hope the viewer would not notice that this is not realistic anymore. I was really disappointed about that Steven Spielberg movie with a horse in the World War. Here it's basically the same. This might shock you but the dog is only a dog even if ppl want dogs to be war heroes. It's really ridiculous how much they praise the dog and the emotions shown. For me it feels like they looked for something every1 likes and made a movie out of it. As much as it is based on a true story it still feels like a simple formula for some quick cash. Animal + War + Female Hero + Tons of Emotions = We gonna get dem money
  • tardis4320026 July 2017
    Excellent, Effective Film Deserves a Wide Audience
    For some reason, my wife and I had not even heard of this film before watching the trailer here on IMDb yesterday. We went to see it today. One of the best films we've seen this year. Thoroughly believable and engaging. Well-made, well-paced, and well-acted. Not the literally flag-waving war endorsement of its own poster, but a universal story of finding meaning and connection.
  • catwoman166816 September 2017
    Lack luster
    I have been looking forward to renting this movie for months. I must say that I am horribly disappointed. The subject matter is great. Who doesn't love true stories especially when they include heroism and animals? The problem is that the movie lacks in the area of heart and soul. I feel most movies these days lack that. Maybe I'm just old, but in my day, movies like these had more character and spirit and so did the actors.

    I personally felt like the dialog was boring, the story line was boring, the acting was boring, and the pace was slow. Lack luster. I was bored 85% of the time. Only when there was a scene where there was bombing and shooting did I feel something.....startled out of my coma probably.

    Most of all, the acting was awful and utterly unmemorable.
  • jfrost-5490319 June 2017
    excellent movie
    Its obvious at least one "reviewer" on here has no idea what the military working dog is capable of accomplishing, the lives they actually do save, and their dedication. Nor does the reviewer understand the bond that has to develop between a handler and the dog in order for them to be effective. Megan Leavey is a great movie when it shows this bond developing.
  • James Graham5 September 2017
    This tells the true story of Megan Leavey who becomes a Marines Dog Handler after being made to clean dog kennels as a punishment.

    I was looking forward to this film but it was very disappointing. The actress playing Megan was very poor. The dog Rex seemed to be a better actor than her. She did not portray any bond with the dog, which I am sure any handler has with their working dog. She did not seem to have any emotion.

    It was a good story and the way she fights to keep the dog after it is retired from active service, the love and bond she has for the dog was not even slightly portrayed.
  • jasontheterrible27 June 2017
    Why this film bombed at the box office
    This should have been a huge success, and I could not understand the low numbers. Finally I went to see it yesterday. Fantastic story about a great dog, traumatized by war in Iraq. They go light on war horrors and keep away from suffering-animal-scenarios. That is good for people like me who began avoiding animal films after Bambi. It becomes apparent however, that this film was set up as a launch pad for rapper Common. He is shot in heroic, aggrandized angles and gives long, ridiculous speeches, barely understandable and woefully inarticulate. His scenes, and there are way too many, are unbearable. We are to believe a gunnery sergeant cannot speak English. Please. He is not going to earn respect from troops, dogs, or the audience. Worse is his acting. He cannot act. It is so distracting I got up several times to leave. I only hung in for the dog. The rest of the cast is excellent, the story is well done and much of it is riveting. The actual person it was based on and other actors deserved much better.
  • Reno Rangan4 December 2017
    At the end, every hero's life should be 'happily ever after'!
    From the director of 'Blackfish'. It could have been another fine documentary, in the end it was a right choice to be made as a feature film. This is a biographical film, a war drama. The story of a young woman who joined the US army and developed a close relationship with a military dog. They both served in the Iraq war and later separated. So she fought for the dog's custody, especially after it retiring from the service. A touching story about man- animal bonding. You might have seen many dog films, but this is different and so good.

    People have rights to choose what they want to be. Most importantly, they can change the field at any time. At least that's how things happen in a democracy. But that's not the case for animals, especially human pets under any kind of the ruling system. Why should animals fight human wars! There were many kinds of animal slaveries abolished, yet this kind of legal things still going on. In the present world, it could be okay, but as an animal lover, I hope in the near future, it'll be called inhumane.

    Anyhow, this is a must watch if you are a pet/dog lover. If you ever had a dog, you will feel more connected to it. The story was told from Megan Leavey's perspective, but Rex, the dog was the real hero. Both, the real and film dog. I have seen many films of Kate Mara, but when it comes dominant performance, this is the one. This is not a multi- star cast as her most of the film, so she did an awesome job. Slightly emotional too, a good film for all ages. Particularly this is a chic film that's not a romance or a comedy. Equivalent to any men's films.

  • keithl-418 May 2018
    Bioflick about a real marine
    I generalized what I write below, in hopes of avoiding spoilers. If you haven't seen this movie yet, I hope this will help you see the story behind the story.

    This is not an action movie, or a dog movie, or a documentary. It is a somewhat fictionalized story of an imperfect young woman who learned to be a successful marine though her devotion to a bomb-sniffing german shepard. The movie accomplishes THIS mission, which may not be what spectacle junkies or accuracy fanatics demand.

    Dogs are not actors; imagine the tricks, cleverness, and patience required by the entire cast, crew, writers, and dog trainer to depict a dog seemingly devoted to actor Kate Mara. Viewers should be patient too; this is the only way we can experience this story on a screen. Appreciate the craft, and imagine the difficulty. Imagine the risk; if that particular dog got hurt, this expensive production might have been cancelled.

    Accuracy? Some reviews complain that explosions don't throw bodies without dismemberment. The actual incident (you can read about it) involved deeply buried explosives; that reduces shear forces. In 99% of cases, the victims would be killed and shredded, end of story. This story isn't about the other 99 whose stories ended in an explosion, but we should never forget them. We are lucky that Ms. Leavey survived to tell her story; we can only imagine the others, and mourn them, and grieve with their survivors.

    The settings portray Yankee Stadium and suburban New York, Camp Pendleton, and multiple locations in Iraq. The actual locations were in the American south and in Spain. One urban scene ("Baghdad?") reminds me of urban action scenes in 2016's "Guernica". The sets and crew must have been enormously expensive - the credits list thousands of participants. Viewers who demand "more authenticity" aren't going to get it at this price.

    I watched a DVD from the library. I experienced what I hoped to; a little more understanding of what motivates imperfect young women to become heroic warriors - without shedding all their imperfections. This will help me relate to the many ex-marines in my life.

    Hollywood rarely produces movies like this; it is too expensive, the risks are too high, and most audiences demand mindless fantasy, not complex characters. Those of us who appreciate the craft and the difficulties involved should support efforts like this movie, and thank the team for the risks they took and the money they spent to make it. I've seen it once "for free", but I may buy the DVD anyway, to say "thank you" and "mission accomplished".

    For myself, I would rate this a "10", but these reviews are to guide you, dear reader, and many of you will NOT find what you are looking for. I hope this review helps more people like me find and appreciate this movie for what it is. Megan Leavey herself may have began as a "4" human being, but this movie shows how she became a "10".
  • adonis98-743-18650311 April 2018
    Based on the true life story of a young Marine corporal whose unique discipline and bond with her military combat dog saved many lives during their deployment in Iraq. Well directed, well written and well acted 'Megan Leavey' benefits from terrific perfomances from Kate Mara, Tom Felton, Common and and the friendship between Megan and Rex was so inspiring and tear jerking plus despite if you're someone who loves animals or dogs in general you won't be disappointed from this terrific War, Drama, Biography and Mara gives her best perfomance yet. (10/10)
  • marygreene-895-4146068 April 2018
    Reanimating movie about what is truly valuable in life
    God, thanks to the man from neighboring house, who told me "Just watch this movie", when we met on the street walking our dogs; thanks to all the people who made this movie, it's great. And thanks to Megan Leavey and Rex. You are the greatest.
  • traine-19925 April 2018
    Worth the watch - most definitely
    Warning: Spoilers
    Great story. Great movie all in all, seeing the effort that was put in to get the dog back was something that is pretty inspiring, the dads speech to her before the time she does start working hard to get it back, I will warn you will want to make you work towards any goals you have! Ha

    But all in all a rollercoaster of emotions, with a great movie and a great story
  • alreadyseenbeentaken3 April 2018
    Ninjas cutting onions
    The movie has a good amount of tension. But Kate Mara does an awesome job focussing the viewer on the core of this movie. It gets pretty emotional and seeing her character and the dog help each other in and out of combat shows the wonderful bond and symbiosis a human and an animal can have.
  • beastiebros21 March 2018
    Don't waste your time
    This movie is a bland formulaic movie. The acting is bad and the dialogue is terrible. The movie attempts to make you cry with a plot that is so predictable that I could practically predict everything the movie did.
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