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  • ibrahimabdulsttar18 September 2019
    Love Cilek kokusu and the actors are incredible lovely funny and very professional, special burak Asli My favorite and I hope the writers continue with this TV serie and don't stop. Greetings from New York
  • One of the most remarkable series that i watched in my life i didn't love watching romance series's until i watched this awesome series !
  • chandranibiteie29 November 2019
    Each and every character played their role so perfectly Chemistry between Burak & Asli was awesome so refreshing this series needs part 2 Love from India
  • If you are looking for one of the best Turkish romantic comedies this is the one. Love and chemistry between Asli and Burak is fantastic. They are a joy to watch. High recommendations 10/10
  • Great show! It's not Erkenci Kus or Ask Laftan Anlamaz, but it's really good! I love Demet Özdemir! Please translate this into English, though!!! Thank you!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Do not waste your time watching this one. There are so many better series out there. The idea of çilek Kokusu is very simple, it's just a love story between two people from different background (the guy is rich, the girl is from the low class)and there are no other Worth watching stories. but this is not the worst. The worst is that everything is childish and naive, not deep enough, there is no plot. We discover easily that they are in love with each other, from the first episode, but than goes 20 episodes of repetitive issues. I got bored at episode 4 and I thought the series would get better by making a love challenge with the second guy : Aslan. but unfortunately, the scenario is not interesting. I have watched the whole series to give it a chance and now regret wasting my time.
  • veronicaloiacono15 February 2021
    Bella bella bella Una storia d'amore fantastica con attori davvero bravi! Specialmente Demet Özdemir.. Che dire, continua così Demet, farai tantissima strada
  • selandrade29 December 2020
  • kharwarsonia20 May 2020
    The story is so good, actors r good, demet is so cute in this, and her acting is also good , conclusion, i really liked it
  • makropoulouk16 February 2020
    The leading actors are good looking,young.Unfortunately the plot is too simple and it is repeated.acting is childish .The best part ?Buray music