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  • Thrilling from start to finish with intrigue, action and romance crackling throughout, this is the new standard in non-superhero action films. Add to that Tom Cruise doing his own crazy stunts and it is indisputable that Mission: Impossible is better than Bond, better than Bourne.
  • The good: Wow. The music, the stunts, the actors, the cities and landscapes. Everything put together amazingly well. And an ending scene that you will never forget. Cruise and McQuarrie did a stunning work here.

    The bad: Im no expert, but Cavill's acting seem from time to time, poor. Something that you don't notice in the fighting scenes. Also, some people may find the plot quite complicated, and it is. You really need to pay attention. I recommend watching MI5, and, if you have time, all the others. There is reference to all of them along the movie.

    See this movie on a big screen with good sound!!! Enjoy the full experience
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Metacritic critics gave this movie 86/100 score(based on 59 critics). RT critics gave this movie 8.5/10 rating(it has 49 reviews). Metacritic critics gave TDK 82/100 score(based on 39 critics). RT critics gave TDK 8.3/10 rating(it has 52 reviews - not including some click baiting trash bloggers🤢🚮)

    Yeah, I know. I'm just a random dude 🤷‍♀️👩 who criticizes these hypocritical critics and some of you don't even care about my opinion, but really 🤔 how can they rate TDK so low and this movie so high😡How dare they❗

    First off, there are needless plot twists that you cannot understand. Why did Erica Sloan turn against IMF? Her reasons are just not reasonable enough. How did August Walker's men infiltrate Sloan's team? We don't know much about it. They don't tell us. Sure, it was cool but my immersion was ruined. They could've been written it more subtle. Second of all, the elevator scene. Walker shows a picture of Ethan's ex-wife(clearly he carries it all the time 🤣) to Ethan and says this and that, but the reason why Walker didn't kill Ethan is his evil friend has a plan for him after he supposedly suicided. But wait, 30 minutes after that scene, Walker shoots to kill Ethan with a machine gun. This right here is the definition of lazy writing. They just tucked a stupid reason in the movie so that they could just ignore and make a fool of the audience. Thirdly, why is Julia in this movie? Don't get me wrong, It was nice to see a familiar face, and she gave herself a pretty good closure, but here's what wouldn't have happened if she wasn't in this: They wouldn't have had to put a reason, which was a really big turn off for me, not to kill Ethan. We wouldn't have gotten an awkward wire cutting scene. We wouldn't have gotten weird dreams. And probably I wouldn't be writing these negative things. Fourthly, Solomon Lane, a pretty genius guy, pulls his enemies to their objective and fights with them face to face. That's pretty cool but why? Why did he aggro'd them? Why did he even decide to stay and choose to die? This writing could've been much much better. They could've given him more clever things to do. Fifthly, the unstoppable bomb stopped by 3 people because they ''figured it out''. Sixthly, a countdown. Suprise, surprise. I really wonder why evil people put a countdown on these things. Can't they just press the damn detonator button when the time is right? Guess what happened in the end. The good guys lost and the bad guys won. Billions are dead. That was totally unexpected and hard to guessed. 10/10 original writing right there 👌💯 But hey, let's look on the bright side, they executed that last shot perfectly. The sunset almost had me for a second. Finally, the ending. You don't leave the theater with ''holy cow!1'' or ''😮'' expressions because they've already ended the movie before the end. Sure, it has a deserved and a great dark/grim ending which every plot and dialogue constantly instigated throughout the movie but you didn't get goosebumps like you did get after the TDK ended. Or, you didn't sit like you did sit after the Infinity War ended

    These are just small things that TDK, a film that critics rated lower than this movie, doesn't harbor. Overall the movie is not bad. It's just that the writing could have been much more in-depth. Or maybe it's just me. After seeing that god tier praises from the critics, I expected something better than TDK. But the dialogues weren't even that close. I guess critics don't care about these small things

    But wait, they do care about the small things. I mean look at their rating for ''Black Panther'' That movie currently at 8.9/10 rating with 51 reviews on RT. And on Metacritic it at 88/100 score with 55 reviews. I wonder what makes that movie so special for the critics 🤔 Is it the stunts or the unpredictable plot twists? Maybe it's because of its beautiful CGI effects. Nah, that doesn't make sense. Maybe it's because of its absorbing and original story. Yeah, that does make more sense. Because we don't see everyday a black man who tries to be king in a fantasy land want to rule the whole world. Yeah, that sounds about unprecedented and 8.9/10 rating worthy 👌💯 But put yourself in some of the big directors like Christopher Nolan position and think that every film that you made got more negative reviews than Black Panther. What do directors need to create to get praised by these critics nowadays? A black Harry Potter❓

    And the worst thing is that these hypocritical critics are overshadowing people's own judgments with their dependent opinions that polluted by politics and mindsets like "we're not fond of pretentious directors", ''we don't like blockbuster movies that has bad morals'', ''if you're going to make a blockbuster movie, it has to have family friendly morals and good political interests''. The quality of the film is in the second place when it's come to politics. And their opinion is essential for people who can't form an opinion, and nothing can change those people's mind other than the critics. Now let me say how does this work

    • A blogger(Some of them are SJW who's prone to give a good review to those blockbuster films that has a good moral code and political interests about homosexual people, strong women, what's right and what's wrong, etc. They love to insert their ideas like ''We want to see more feminism in movies'', ''We want to see more movies with black leads'', ''We want to see more homosexuals in movies'' etc.) watches the movie before everyone else.

    • They give their reaction to the site(to the RT) before the audience.

    • People of US see those reactions because they told to do so.

    • They make their mind according to those reactions and everything starts here.

    • If bloggers' reactions are good, they watch the movie without any question. They don't care if it's bad or not. They already have a preconceived decision.

    • If the reactions are mixed, they watch the movie with questions. They already think it's not that of a good movie because that's what they're expecting.

    The next big movie that critics are going to bash will probably be "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)" But not that kind of a big bash. Small bashes like they did for "The Dark Knight", "The Shawshank Redemption", "The Usual Suspects","Interstellar", ''Fight Club'', "Se7en","Inception"... These films, they don't have a family friendly moral code, and they all look so pretentious with their big plot twists, prominent cast and independent directors. But these professional critics don't want to promote these kinds of films, they have to say irrelevant things about them to criticize it so that they could look "cool" to the audience and click bait them. But of course, at some point, they have to keep their reputation maintain too. That's why they show love for some of the classic movies like "The Godfather", "12 Angry Men", "Pulp Fiction'', "Seven Samurai" When they saw a Cult classic movie alike they'll eat each other to praise that film like ''Roma'' They don't want to see depressing movies, or they talk about the importance of ''entertainment'' in a movie, but after they watch "Schindler's List" they forget all about the importance of entertainment. The films that made by docile or unknown directors have always been more convenient for them to praise. IF the message and the moral codes is right, they have to praise those movies that involve feminism or politics, like ''Dunkirk (2017)'', ''Wonder Woman'', ''Get Out'', ''Black Panther'', ''Moonlight''... If the message isn't right, those movies are just another trash for their dump, like "Sucker Punch", "Fight Club", "Watchmen"... Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they didn't like them because they all looked too pretentious. Or maybe they completely misinterpreted the whole message like they misinterpreted "Blade Runner", "2001", "The Shining", "Psycho" They've always been inconsistent and always will be. Next year they're probably gonna say baseless things about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood like "there was too much violence in it", ''there was too much N word in it'', "there was too much blood in it", "the characters were too cold", etc. without considering movie's content. Because they don't like prominent materials. They must say something out of place to criticize it. What they do is something like declaring a horror movie "too scary". The only thing they have is politically overwhelmed and subjective opinions that their big names on. They won't support their opinions with reasons because it's a risky approach. If a random person say the exact same things about a movie like them, nobody would take that person seriously. We wouldn't even care. I'm not saying they shouldn't criticize the big movies, just tryna point it out that their motivation, their method of criticizing is inefficient for the audience. I mean just tell me, how can the same people rate Batman Begins 6.8/10 and Black Panther 8.9/10? Don't we all have eyes to see the difference or are we all just blinded by the politics? Some of the critics made a hobby of bashing pretentious directors who loves to put his/her signature in his/her films. But, unfortunately, some people really worship these critics and nothing can change those people's minds. In their eyes, those critics are always right, no matter what. But put yourself in those directors position and try to envision critics panning your movie for the things they don't understand and people believing them blindly. They want attention and people giving it to them. But still, who am I to judge, right? I don't have some kind of a degree like those guys have. You're probably making fun of me ''But they're critics, that's what they do you stupid.'', "Who are you to make a comment about critics' methods", "An idiot on the internet DESTROYS professional critics with ASSUMPTIONS and LOGIC 😂😂" You have every right because you're right 😂👌🔥💯
  • The story-line was good. Tom looked veteran but yet was good at action scenes. The Cars and Bikes were amazing.Action scenes were the best part to watch. However the relation between different government , Police and Secret Agency could have been better justified.
  • Race against time, missing plutonium, Impending nuclear attack, double-Crossing and plenty of action. You wont remember much afterwords but you will have a good time while it lasts. The job of a movie like this is to thrill you, and this incarnation of Mission: Impossible gets the job done. Everything about Fallout is bigger and better. Every element that has made this franchise so successful is present here.The charming cast, humor, over-the-top storytelling, death-defying stunts and intense action, which are the best choreographed of the entire franchise. But this time around there is also some heart, something that could not be said of the earlier films. At this point the cast is like family and they are working like a well-oiled machine. Cruise, the ageless wonder, is in top form. Pegg, brings his usual humor and Ferguson, is sexy, smart and tough. They are helped by a strong supporting cast. Fallout does have a couple of minor drawbacks; most notably the performance of Henry Cavill, which was not all that convincing. But on the whole, it's a thoroughly entertaining action extravaganza. It's not quite on the same level as Mad Max: Fury Road but if you were going to make a list of the top action pictures of the decade, Fallout would most certainly be on that list.
  • Tom Cruise not only a handsome man,he is the best actor. Mission Impossible:Fallout is indeed a terrific family-action movie from the start till the end. Great Espionage movie.mesmerizing action,great acting and grand direction. I am not surprised if this terrific movie wins too many Oscars. See it and enjoy the enchantment in this masterpiece film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    We all know what kind of preparation Tom has gone through prior to this movie making. I mean, learning how to pilot a helicopter!!

    The story line and plot was fit perfectly, easy to understand. No rush to the finishing line but rather a delicate and intricate arrangement of the story. A bit slow in the beginning for me, but luckily only for the first 10 minutes into the it.

    As for Henry, you know you did an excellent job as then antagonist when people who went and watched the movie actually hated you. LOL
  • Simple story, but great story-telling. Ensure you've seen the last 3 MI movies to enrich your viewing experience of this 6th installment. This is why I love seeing bonafide action star Tom Cruise's action movies because he does most of the physical stunts himself.

    Plus, there are no annoying shaky cam, obvious CGI, quick edits, and off-center/close up framing of the action scenes to hide: lazy action choreography/sequences, actors' terrible physicality *cough Scarlet Johanssen's lame Black Widow cough* and/or blatant stunt doubles. Complete viewing immersion and the suspension of disbelief does not get broken once in Fallout for me. I'm not sure if Rebecca Ferguson and Henry Cavill used stunt doubles because that's how great the action stunts are - all perfectly seamless between actors and stunt doubles. My pet peeve when seeing action movies is when the stunts/action are so blatantly done by the stunt doubles *cough Scarlet Johanssen's lame Black Widow cough*. (BTW, convincing action stars Emily Blunt or Rebecca Ferguson would've played a better Black Widow because they have the right physique/stature, athletic physicality, and a great wide range acting chops which would've done justice to the comics Black Widow).

    Every element of MI: Fallout falls in the spectrum of good to amazing. There is also moments of well timed and appropriate light comic relief provided by Simon Pegg that hits the marks unlike in a few Marvel movies. This movie is total entertainment and engaging from start to end. Fallout is best viewed on the big screen and is the best MI movie followed by Rogue Nation. My only complaint is that Rebecca Ferguson's Ilsa Faust didn't get enough fight scenes.
  • Tom Cruise is a machine. He knows what audiences want and he delivers. Not sure how they can top this one (but I thought the same after watching him cling onto a plane). Keep making these Mr Cruise and thanks for entertaining us!
  • As we all know, this is the sixth instalment of the franchise. Supposedly by this time, the series already started long to drag their wear and tear tires here and about, so within so without, sucking every preposterous and ridiculous ideas they can think of. However, Mission Impossible franchise has been one of the few to deny that statement, as the impossible becomes possible, as it suggests that statement is merely a myth, as the ideas never entirely run out, as the stunts are afresh and eye-catching but can this new instalment keep up with the others (putting aside the second one as if it never happens because the majority of us can agree it's the worst) or will it have a serious fallout?

    One thing to talk about is the plot. It is superficially heavy this time, in fact the heaviest out of all the series. Plus, it is intertwined and ultra-complicated for a summer Hollywood movie that you will be exhausted after the 147 mins ride. What makes this successful is that it has that Oscar-worthy vibe and it solves the puzzles very neatly towards the end despite some revelations might come off as predictable. And before I forget to mention, this movie has a lot of deep connections with Rogue Nation (the 5th instalment). Watch the previous instalment before stepping into this new mission or you will hardly relate with the characters. And if you've had the time, revise the 3rd one too.

    Now, you must promptly be wondering, how about the stunts? Let me get to this part. THE... STUNTS... ARE... REAL! Every time you go in watching this best ongoing franchise in the world, you should bear in mind that CGI is a non-existent element. And the stunts are performed by Tom Cruise himself. The daring set pieces are well choreographed and acted in a way that looks real and genuine that puts most of this year's other action blockbuster movies to shame. The BATHROOM scene... will leave you in total shock. The PARIS scene... will make you gasp due to many unexpected moments... The ROOFTOP scene... will make you wonder which one that got Tom Cruise injured... The KASHMIR scene... will make your heart jitters and probably, pees in your pants because... THE STUNTS ARE ALL REAL!

    Acting is well done, of course. Henry Cavill savors his swashbuckler swagness, Simon Pegg brings less comedy to the table but executes a more matured lad, Rebecca Ferguson has improved a lot since her debut in Rogue Nation, and she has lost a lot of weight that perfectly suits her role, Michelle Monaghan makes us miss her character so much and eventually, fall in love with her and Tom Cruise is anything good you can possible talk about. He is a legend!

    What I like is it plays a bit different this time in which there is less over-the-top artificial techs and more to realistic stunts that put the gadgets to rest this time. This is a classified mission where nothing is impossible in reality but it is impossible to commit because of how dangerous and menacing there are.

    They opt on breathtaking locations as they fill with richness and intensity making the movie charges with a load of energy that transmits to the audience who becomes alive and fully realizes that this is the exact location without any usage of CGI.

    When the action scenes come in especially the Paris scene, the sound effect is top-notch; you can hear those tiny details of engineered sound system waving in the cinema hall, sucking the audience as if we are in the action movie ourselves.

    What I dislike is the repetitive dialogues by the characters, it is semi-cool and semi-irritating because they keep saying the same phrases. It comes off as irritating but why is it cool is because sometimes, it uses the third-act solution technique in creating a storyline... and humor apparently.

    Another thing I despise is the scene when the theme song emerges on the big screen. Don't get me wrong... I love and salute the theme song. However, I hate it when it shows glimpses of scenes and stunts that about to happen afterwards followed by its almost-constructed chronological order. In my opinion, that is a big spoiler!

    And I dislike that they fail to tell Jeremy Renner's character whereabouts after Rogue Nation (as far as I can remember).

    Truth to be told, I wasn't a huge fan of the Mission Impossible series until... three months before this movie came out. I felt a whole energy down my spine and knew this is going to be a good one. Bloody hell! How wrong was I! It isn't just good, it is state-of-the-art masterpiece action blockbuster film.

    So if I'm going to rank all the six impossible-made films, it would be: (From Best to Worst)

    6, 4, 3, 5, 1 and 2.

    Is there any hope for this franchise to survive in Hollywood? VERY POSSIBLE! Is there any story left that this franchise can get hold onto for the next instalment? POSSIBLE! Is there any chance you might doze off during the movie at any condition? IMPOSSIBLE! Is there any chance left that the stunts can get any better than Fallout? VERY IMPOSSIBLE!

    Your mission... should you choose to accept it is to see Mission Impossible: Fallout in theaters!

    Overall: 90/100

    This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds...
  • Fallout feels like a direct sequel to Rogue Nation, even though it doesn't take place immediately after in the timeline (based on some dialogue I believe it to be two years later). But a lot of things remained consistent: we finally kept a director around (I'll get to that later) and many of the characters have returned, including one Solomon Lane (played by Sean Harris) with more villainy than ever before. In the past, we would cruise through team members such as Maggie Q, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Paula Patton, and heck even Jeremy Renner who was not in this flick... but we have grown into others like Ving Rhames (whose character wasn't just there to look cool and throw in some one-liners, but rather to shed some actual emotional weight), Simon Pegg (who has finally earned my respect "in the field" where I feel he now officially belongs), flashes of Michelle Monaghan (the Jules factor!) and newcomers Alec Baldwin (underused again) and Rebecca Ferguson (dayum is all I have to say). Yes, they threw in some new characters in this film... I'd say one too many for me to keep track of... but they didn't interfere too much with the chemistry already in place with the other actors/actresses surrounding Tom Cruise and the bigger picture. I'm a bit iffy on Henry Cavill's character still, as he felt a bit out of place from the franchise we've been accustomed to, but he did work in this film as did his mustache. Even still, I think this movie demands a re-watch on my end to understand all of the character motivations again, particularly three of them.

    All told it does feel like a sequel to RN in the sense that you should not see this one if you don't see that one. I think it is enough of a companion to make 3-6 part of a larger something when all watched together, even though 4 is only loosely connected at this point from a story perspective. In terms of feel however, it is not like any of the other M:I films before it. Instead of going for sleek and stylish, they chose raw and gritty in more ways than one. It really had its dark and serious moments, even played by the score through the opening credits (which I had to close my eyes for because they tend to spoil movie moments lol) demonstrating it would carry more epic impact than normal. Sometimes it delivered on that, and other times I think its reach exceeded its grasp, but ultimately you would feel it. It still had light humor time-to-time, but this was not a light-toned film in the slightest. I don't know if "grounded" is the right way to describe the film's attitude (because any time it is literally off the ground it is quite ridiculous as far as action films like to go!), but any time that it is on the ground everything is pretty simple. This film isn't built around stealth and technology; in fact, outside of masks and GPS-tracking (and some thing reading off a mission), I honestly couldn't name a single piece of technology that was more advanced than that in this entire film (EDIT: I thought of one more thing but it really won't wow you, and you probably won't even think of what I'm talking about after seeing it). Outside of some of the camera work, it definitely had a throwback feel to it, pulling the reins a lot but not in a forced way. This one just didn't call for a lot of futuristic technology.

    The action this time around really was all about chases, gunplay and hand combat. I mean if you like hand combat, then you'll really have fun with 2-3 particular scenes in this movie. This is all good and great for an action movie, but good enough for Mission: Impossible? Because of the characters involved, YES. Outside of one of the beginning set-pieces, every action scene in this movie is heavily built up and driven by the story around it, and felt like the story's impact of the moment was always bigger than the stunts being pulled off. This is a good thing, but that also means it's not all surface-level entertainment. You could pop in your Blu-ray of any of the previous three M:I films and watch an action sequence and just go: "Hell yeah." In this film, each moment is earned a little more as the story progresses, and they are very character-focused moments. I can't say it really compares to the other films in terms of action, but it worked. At one point I think it got a hair too ridiculous, but I was on board because of the situation at hand. This doesn't really have the summer blockbuster tag that the last two felt like they did, though. I can see some high schoolers not understand the progression of this franchise and walk out going: "That was stupid and boring." Go watch Transformers, little ones.

    Now it's time to sing some serious praises for two individuals. The first one is writer/director Christopher McQuarrie. Given the state of this franchise, they found the right person to steer the ship. Even in the middle of this 2.5-hour-long film when the action feels a bit bogged down and mundane from something you'd expect out of M:I, McQuarrie does enough for it to still feel different. Many scenes are shot so practically, the music is always original, tongue-in-cheek moments are injected without taking you out of the scenes, and you're always exploring the space around you so that nothing is ever too stationary. There is one action setting that didn't work for me at all and I honestly don't know what was going on, but it dynamically moved away from there fast enough and continued on to the next immediate action moment that all was forgiven and I was caught up to speed again. He understands the characters so you're not left with thinking they're making irrational decisions, and he understands how to showcase his stars so they can give him all that they have to offer. He captures it in a nice wide frame and only cuts when he has to. Sometimes he mutes the score for the sound effects, and there is this one really awesome moment where he drowns the sound effects from the score and it works so perfectly. If there is another film, I expect him to stay a part of the team.

    The next person is Tom Cruise. Good. Lord. This guy is the reason we watch these movies. Talk about a guy giving it his all. Stunts in previous films may have had the panache that sells you watching the trailer, but I can tell you first-hand that nothing is as demanding as what he went through doing some of his stunts this time around. This guy doesn't age! When I say that, I mean he literally looks younger in this film than he did in Rogue Nation or Ghost Protocol! This dude shows you what it means to sprint, and his abilities handling a weapon, riding a motorcycle, now doing things off the ground (which means more than one thing really), and everything else just makes the action that much more convincing. You don't have to have CGI, green screen, stunt doubles, or quick-cuts to try and convince you otherwise (I'm looking at you, Taken 3). It's only unfortunately that you're actually taken out for a moment only to sit back and say: "Holy ****, Tom Cruise is actually doing that in front of our eyes." Kudos to what he does, and apparently it is worth every penny of everybody watching it as well. He will break bones for us to make this happen, and it really is a delight. He is an ageless wonder, and I can't wait to see what he is willing to do for us next! I just hope he makes it out the other side each time.

    I'll admit I was a little shook with how different this film was than the others, but it didn't make it any worse... just different. Connection-wise it feels more like a M:I sequel than any other one, but tone-wise it couldn't feel more separate. I have to wrap my head around some of the plot points and character motivations I didn't quite grasp watching it, but if I am going to grade it on M:I standards I can't in all good faith put it above 3 or 5. That doesn't mean it is a worse film, though. It was a great film, and by all technical merits it hit too many right notes, and I believe more so than any of the ones before it. Just a little bit of unevenness, but I like that characters were the focus and that they dug deep into what Rogue Nation gave us instead of just making something another wacky episode in the wide world of Ethan Hunt & crew. It was not as flashy and full of blockbuster moments as the other films were save a couple of items here and there, but I think if you are a fan of this franchise you would be way hard-pressed to find too many downfalls in the final result. Leaving the theater I award it a strong eight mustaches out of ten, and sandwiching it around the middle. If this is on the merits of being a film and and of itself, I would place it above Ghost Protocol easily and it could potentially top 3 and 5 for some. If judged against films for being in the Mission: Impossible franchise, GP may sneak above it by a hair. But because of the strong connection to Rogue Nation leading to some consistency for once, I'll currently place my ranking at:

    3 5 6 4 1 2

    I think this is a movie that will get better the more you re-watch it, whereas the other films really peak their excellence the first time through because there isn't much past surface-level. I can't wait to see this one again.

    • - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    P.S. I don't know where else to fit this, so I'll just place it at the end. There was this recurring line in the film that characters would say, along the ilk of: "I'll figure it out." It was always in response to a character asking how they'll approach something next. I don't know if this was a gaff in the screenplay or a wink at the audience in some way---maybe as a response to the previous movie having two different characters literally anticipate every outcome of the film's entirety since the planning stages---and now showing in this film that they have to improvise scenarios reactionarily to something that was unforeseen. I don't know what it was, but it felt like it was said a bit too much. I'd really like to hear McQuarrie bring that up in an audio commentary.
  • 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' burst onto the scene this weekend, rejuvenating what had been a mostly baron summer of action-blockbusters. Sure, we had 'Equalizer 2' and 'Skyscraper,' but those were both meh. Thankfully, this film is far better than meh. Actually, it's excellent.

    Its excellence comes from a commitment to the craft. Normally, three months of intensive training are required for someone to qualify for a helicopter pilot's license. Tom Cruise, in preparation for this film, did it in half that time. How? By training 16 hours a day, seven days a week. He did all this for one action sequence. That's the level of commitment to the craft that went into this movie.

    Each grand set piece (all of which are glorious) fills the frame just right. Very little CGI is used, which makes everything look real because it is real. We aren't watching a contrived creation of what is supposed to look like Tom Cruise zipping through town on a motorcycle-he's actually zipping through town on a motorcycle. And that helicopter pilot training? That paid off in a big way. It delivered what is one of the best, most intense action sequences in years.

    Each scene flows smoothly into the next, rarely pausing to catch its breath. It brings to mind memories of 'Mad Max: Fury Road,' which featured a similarly breakneck pace and continuous propulsion. Fallout's action doesn't quite reach that level, but the feel is certainly similar.

    I've waited this long to mention the plot because I hardly considered it essential, which might sound weird or as though it's a detriment (it's not). There is a lot to know and also very little know. Early scenes feature some rather extensive exposition. The density and length of these conversations may cause some viewers' minds to wander-that's okay.

    While the dialogue is crisp and the details are helpful for better understanding the plot, all viewers really need to understand is that a group of terrorists called The Apostles want to wreak havoc, and it's Ethan Hunt's mission to stop them. Basically, he and his team need to save the world.

    There's nothing wrong with action taking center stage over the story in this case. After all, this is an action movie. The minute reasons why something is happening become less important when what is happening is so masterfully executed and thrilling to watch.

    The camera whirls majestically around each chase sequence, and the fight scenes pop off the screen. They're brutal, well-shot and coherent, which is not always the case with big budget action films. The violence feels real, as do the consequences. I know jaw-dropping is a bit of a cliché description to use, but these fight scenes (and a few additional action sequences) literally made my jaw drop.

    And of course, in between the fights, we receive a hefty dose of Tom Cruise running really fast. He's one of the all-time best movie runners. Tremendous intensity. Beautiful form.

    Cruise is exceptional. This franchise would crumble without him. Ving Rhames, who has been at Cruise's side for all six 'M:I' films, is a steadying presence once again. Simon Pegg provides his usual comic relief, and Henry Cavill steps in as a younger, stronger super-spy, to remind us that Cruise can't do this forever.

    Overall, this is an exceptionally satisfying movie-going experience. It's one of the best films of the year and one that will stick with you well after leaving the theater.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The set pieces are gorgeous as you'd expect from a huge budget. The actors are A list. The special effects are very good. That's where it ends. The script was an egofest for Cruise and unintentionally a laugh out loud comedy that has all the laughs from unrealistic early movies.

    Plot. Tom Cruise is just too damn nice. He's the super agent with a huge heart, willing to risk the fate of the world for his friends or even for an innocent police officer he doesn't know. He's just that kind of awesome sweetheart. But it can cause problems. And now the US government doesn't know whether Tom is just another ticked off agent who is double crossing his own people! Oh no, not that All American boy we love!!!! Can he and a team of geriatric looking jokesters top the world's most evil man, save the world and save everyone they love? Well, not for a minute did I think anyone believed old Tommy was in danger, in spite of doing the most craptacular stunts.


    1. When a character criticizes Tommy and says "no one will fall for that trick" and everyone in the audience knows what's going to happen next.

    2. What happens when a double cross double crosses the double crosser who double crosses the double double crosser because it needs to be done in order to double the double cross?

    3. When Tom needs help from Hollywood, he gets it. Time slows down, high elevation becomes nothing more than a hit the ground and roll fall, the bad guys simply take their sweet merry time so that Tom can arrive... you name it. Every laughable exaggeration from old films made it into this one.

    4. The obsession with getting even with Ethan Hunt will distract everyone from their master plan. Hmmm.... so let's see the choice.... get away or get even with Ethan Hunt and potentially screw up all my perfect master plans which would kill Hunt anyway? The obsession must go on and Ethan must always win.

    The audience was laughing at this lazy tripe. These reviews are fake.
  • Not sure if the critics are bought or not, but surely this is mostly overrated. The plot is much contrived and coincidental. Based on a cliched "saving-the-world" story, most of the scenes are not realistically set. Hunt is just like a Superman or something. There is no tension or thrill, because you know everything will be fine and there will be another cash grab sequel.
  • Mission Impossible Fallout is the best movie of the mission impossible franchise, everyone involved in the production of the film did an outstanding job. The action is amazing (props to the stunt team), the acting is great and the story is very interesting and beautiful.
  • Seriously? I do not understand all these high ratings. I agree with the only thing. The action is good and some of the scenes are quite surreal but the rest is A trash. I guess it all reflect the current state of the society. People LOVE TRASH!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Action all the way!

    An action packed and visually stunning movie, worth watching, but lacking in story quite a bit. The actors does their best with what they are given, Henry Cavill being the most captivating of them all. But the looks can't make up for the weak writing. The story contains a few plot twists and keeps the viewer guessing, a quality a look for in a movie.

    But... if the writing isn't strong enough plot twists can lead to serious plot holes and this movie has a lot of them. I couldn't take this movie serious halfway in because the story and the characters didn't make sense at all most of the time. It's way to obvious where the studio put their effort and money, on the awesome stunts and the great visuals. But that, unfortunately, can't make up for the sub par script.

    I don't know if it was the script that was weak or if it's a result of bad editing and rewrites but the movie doesn't work for me in its entirety.

    Still, it's worth watching for the visually stunning action... and Henry Cavill :)
  • "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" is maybe the best the best film of this franchise. The non-stop action story is engaging and funny, there are good plot points and it is worthwhile watching. The unbearable 56 year-old Tom Cruise convinces in the role of Ethan Hunt. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "Missão: Impossível - Efeito Fallout" ("Mission: Impossible - Fallout Effect")
  • Let's get straight to the point: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT justifies the need to watch action movies on the big screen. Every single action scene works, particularly the final one. Tom Cruise never disappoints when it comes to fighting, chasing and of course, running! He officially killed it in this movie!

    It was a pleasure to see Henry Cavill join the show. All actors were impressive as well, but he was very effective throughout the movie.

    MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT showcases a perfect blend of breathtaking action, eye-catching locations and exhilarating cinematography combined with suspenseful thrills. Even though the summer's come to an end, the film made me feel it just started!

    I don't think just one viewing is going to satisfy me. Halfway through the film and I was thinking of a second watch. IMAX viewing totally justified.

    When I watched the previous 3 MI movies back-to-back yesterday, I had no idea I'd be in a complete treat today! I knew FALLOUT would be great, but it just surprised and surpassed all my expectations!

    I can talk about this movie all day. I love action movies and this is easily one of the best ones I've seen this year. Apart from entertainment, it also provides lessons on how to make action movies, efficiently. It couldn't have been any better than this. I would easily label this as my finest IMAX experience of an action blockbuster, ever.

    In one word, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT is PERFECT. Recommended catching it on an IMAX screen.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Another mysterious group who wants turn the world on it's head, Ethan yet again gets stabbed in the back by supposed friends in a twist that surprises no one, goes rouge again, saves the day and ends up showing yet another opposing branch of US intelligence why they need IMF.

    It's not a bad movie. Well shot, good acting, cool action and interesting characters... But it feels like I've seen this before.

    In the end, I was thinking "Do they actually have the balls to make this a bittersweet or sad ending?"... But, alas, the world was saved due the biggest distance-leap in movie magic history.

    So all in all, it's a Mission Impossible film... They're keeping to the formula that's worked before... Sadly, a bit too much. There's nothing new to it which makes it a mindless action flick.
  • The first three plot twists in the first 90 minutes were great. The next 47 plot twists in the remaining 57 minutes were almost unbearable.
  • If you scroll down through all these 10/10 ratings that make this movie an 8.1, it's pretty clear that these aren't real reviews. "best one yet!" "best one yet!" "best one yet!" interspersed with much lower ratings claiming that the movie was awful.

    I thought the movie was about average for a tom cruise action film, which means below average for the kind of film I consider worth my time.

    it's not great. it's certainly no 8.1. and I am convinced that that is not an organic score.

    so I post the question again: if you can buy likes here like on facebook or instagram, what is the rating system worth? nothing. it just means the producers had a budget to buy likes. IMDB, please don't allow this. I've been counting on these reviews for decades. thank you.
  • I saw an early screening this last Saturday and was extremely hyped going in. Two and a half hours later, my expectations had been exceeded. I've been a fan of all the Impossible films, and rewatched them all many times. I can firmly say that this is the best in the franchise and my new all time favorite action movie. The stunts leave you breathless, the acting is well done, and the cast dynamic is better than ever. I cant get this film out of my head and hope Cruise and the cast get the recognition they so truly deserve.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Don't watch it in 3D. In fact, don't watch it at all.

    I couldn't believe the low quality grainy 3D cinematography. Did Tom Cruise get a deal on some Chinese 3D cameras. I saw it in a VIP theatre and it looked like this thing was shot on a consumer 3D handycam.

    The storyline was predictable and overly simplistic. I don't demand a lot from an action movie, but Michelle Monaghan's reintroduction was confusing, unnecessary and appeared to be written in as an afterthought.

    And all this talk about them doing their own stunts for added authenticity. Well, I for one would like them to go back to using professional stunt persons. This whole do your own stunts thing came off an an ego driven attempt to impress other cast members, that fell flat. Very flat.

    Finally, the writing was absolutely terrible. I couldn't help but wonder through the entire predictable movie if Tom Cruise also wrote and directed this himself. It was that bad.

    When I see the ridiculously high ratings on IMDB it makes me think that writing fake positive reviews is now just part of the industry.

    I really enjoyed the first few films in the MI franchise, but now it's just the same old rehashed storyline. I really wanted to like it. But instead I now feel obligated to expose this cash grab for what it really is.

    I'm confident that the truth will slowly come out and today's 8.5 rating on IMDB will eventually drop down to a 4.5 - which is still much higher than it deserves.

    No spoilers on the plot here. Just imagine a bunch of overpaid aged friends getting together to travel around the world to show off their fitness level. Even Baldwin dropped a few pounds.

    Come on guys. Speak up next time you see such a weak script. I'm sure some of you still have standards.
  • You would think this franchise would run out of ways to "wow" you but they really don't disappoint , the critics did not drop the ball on this one as they do on many others, it supports its ratings to the fullest... CRUISE is great! Best he's played Ethan hunt and he's played him very well ... worth it for the theatre, which you have to be careful with saying these days , cause it could cost you a weeks salary...go see it!!
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