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  • If by any chance u r planning to watch this movie just watch the trailer. THE RATINGS AND GOOD REVIEWS ARE BCOZ OF THE PAID USERS.

    It is so unapologetic about being silly that you partake in his abhorrent narcissism. Brandishing its ridiculous content with poker faced earnestness, the film's moralistic stand is harmful. Sample this, Guruji with his X-Ray vision explains how non-vegetarian food is harmful for the body. While that's a school of thought we totally respect, but preaching that by citing purist reasons, is stretching it a tad far. Brandishing its ridiculous content with poker faced earnestness, the film's moralistic stand is harmful. Sample this, Guruji with his X-Ray vision explains how non-vegetarian food is harmful for the body. While that's a school of thought we totally respect, but preaching that by citing purist reasons, is stretching it a tad far.
  • Now what can I say about the movie!! Dude, you better go and watch a Reality show. That would be much entertaining and If only If you like to watch a BORING and WEIRD sh*t then this movie is all okay for you. I am saying that the movie MSG: The Messenger is bad because it is freaking worst already. Okay, now I think we are only counting the bad points of MSG: The Messenger. Right? But these are the only thing which I can count!!

    This is not a movie. A whopping 197 minutes long, this is a poorly assembled, terrifically tacky and tremendously ill-conceived showcase for a self-styled spiritual leader — self-styled because no costume designer in the world could match up to this man.

    MSG is an ad that runs for three hours and is painful. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan will test your patience and leave you with a splitting headache! This is probably the first time where I am compelled to give a film a rating as this. 0 star it is for MSG 2: The Messenger.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have lost my faith in IMDb after watching the rating of this movie, This movie is so awful that it should have got 0 rating. it should not be MSG its real name should be OMFG worst movie ever. worst direction. worst songs. worst screenplay. worst story. worst actor. worst action. worst production. worst joke on movie. worst nightmare after watching this movie.the movie has no script and the animation is of very low class. I am giving my view I don't know whats wrong with others faith and review are two different things and that should not make a movie perfect like the review I see. This should not even comes under a movie section or if its coming in comedy movie than its fine. this movie does not makes any sense the class of acting in the movie is very badly played and its a disgraceful rating to other movies.
  • Many things in this movie makes it a perfect family movie.! As in it a lovely Music, Comedy and Action. I liked all the elements which is present in it to make it entertaining. For sure,you also think the same. M Speechless in front of MSG acting! In film it doesn't seem that this is the second movie of this Saint. It seems that This saint has a lot of experience of many films. Incredible stunts leaves everyone speechless.! Great buzz in all fans. As there is always a great Jollity in the cinema/Audi for this movie.! Waiting eagerly for the next sequel of the MSG.! Going good MSG! SPECIALLY LOVED THE HAIR STYLE & THE CAR OF MSG.!
  • tanejasahil15 December 2015
    I m happy to see that there is still a Hero/Rockstar is left who is making his film without vulgarity/Nudeness. Amazing movie with amazing concept. It doesn't seems that this was baba ji's second movie. It seems to be that's baba have done so many movies and have a lot of experience. The section which I liked the most is the fighting section.! A lot of fighting scenes have been shown in the movie which makes a huge applaud in cinema/Audi. Loves the style which baba ji's has chosen to change the state of society.! M sure with entertainment baba will successful for his mission. He will surely changed the way of movies.! Now parents r happily asked to their children that they can go to cinemas. Music was so nice and melodious.! Specially Hasin Waadiyon Mein and Sapno Mein Aana Tera. What a melodious songs by baba! Spectacular. Lots of comedy scenes r also included to make it more entertaining. Loved the movie so much and waiting for the next sequel of MSG 2 The Messenger. Also congrats to baba ji for him movie which is still ruling on the hearts of peoples.!
  • thakurrajni15 December 2015
    A clean family movie, Which we can watch with our whole family without any tension.! Amazing concept, Awesome story, melody music and my most favorite fighting scene makes it a grand movie. A movie which delivers so many social welfare messages! Basically, these types of movie is the need of every hour in our society. Our whole youth is addicted towards Drugs. If it does not change, this is the worst factor in future who will destroy our whole society. Applaudable step by this Saint. This saint has chooses a spellbound platform to deliver his messages to the youth. Fully Paisa Wasool Movie.! Enjoying a lot the whole movie.! Amazing craze among all these fans.! Even in 13 week the craze is same as in the first week.! Eagerly waiting for the next sequel of MSG. Good going MSG.
  • alokattri-7454412 December 2015
    no 1
    If you are an action movie lover or give preference to thrilled movie, then you must go for MSG 2 - The Messenger. This is an type of movie that contains Awesome Music with thoughtful lyrics, fully packed with action and nail biting stunts, An love story and the most important An story of tribal rehabilitation( on which the movie is based on)... Seriously it was an great experience to watch an"जरा हटके" movie. And after that show i'm eagerly waiting for weekend so that i can go to watch another next show. On my 1st experience for this movie i was just like my eyes were frozen while watching this. And if i write a long note for music, it was always always short. I just loved the stunts and i have heard that all the stunts were performed by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan himself. Great enthusiasm . And while watching stunts seriously i was biting my nails. Over all Movie is just "Awesome". An must watch movie by an Saint.
  • alokattri12 December 2015
    MSG The Messenger 2 is based on reformation of tribal as civilians and to integrate them with main stream but its also going to initiate revolution against social evils as it includes lots of messages to encourage youth to stay away from drugs and bad deeds.. I'm totally feeling spell bound after watching the MSG 2 The Messenger . Our youth needs right direction and Saint g has used an Ultimate idea to motivate youth to leave evils and bad deeds to have healthy living . i will love to watch films like this in future.Guru g is a great youth icon and capable to bring desired change in our society.Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh g Insan is rocking the silver screens as well as ruling on millions of hearts.
  • MSG2 is great movie as never seen before in my life ....this movie is made to change the youth of world which is going to the wrong direction and its is a great method to change the youth of our country our world,,,,,simply i wanna say that this step take by MSG is great.....speechless.....hats off to MSG....if i talk about the movie there is everything, suspense,drama,action,entertainment and full of i think parents will not stop their children's to watch movies like MSG because they better know that their children will come to the right path instead of doing bad things.....MSG2 inspires to do good deeds,help needy and mainly about to avoid the drugs which are very i want everyone must watch MSG2 movie for at least once.......
  • This movie is a great movie same like msg1, story is based on Illitrate and on old life of some man who lived in jungle and against the government and system. Government decided to kill them and saint MSG save him and change his life and connect them in social life and learn them how to live. Saint focus on their superstition and show them the right way to live like a social persons. And saint focus on many more social problems and solve also. The movie is full on entertainment, action. Music of this movie is amazing, I would like to listen again and again. All around we can say this is completely different and lovely movie from other movie, we can watch this movie with our family and friends.
  • reenaattri10 December 2015
    MSG 2 is an incredible movie which has all the ingredients to lure youths. The story underlies true events and the plot of the movie is heavily based on the social evils and tribals' lives. The raving music and brilliant stunts of this sequel lured me into the cinema and I was completely monopolized by the story. The dialogues were really superb; all the characters were well suited for their respective roles in the movie. It's spectacular, innovative and has dynamic action scenes. The true events based story is well backed with soulful music. I definitely recommend this movie to everyone. Buy my words you won't be disappointed. Despite the fact that the movie might seem heavily dependent on the MSG, it is turned out to be quite an engaging and intriguing motion picture that is exclusively aimed at an audience highly adept in cultural thinking and its schools of thought. The director successfully plays with the brilliant material available and the actors are exceptionally prudent in portraying the evolution of their characters' personalities. The performance of the main actors will help everyone keenly feel every inner and interpersonal conflict, of which there will be plenty on the screen. I find Arpit Ranka's performance particularly notable. The actor has unquestionably, accurately and believably acted as a dangerous villain, a wicked leader, a vulnerable victim of his own struggles. The movie will be an interesting pastime option for those who are looking for an action packed drama. It was such a delight to watch MSG 2, this one is special for me. So, guys go watch it, it's an award for all the people who love movies. I can assure you will not bat an eyelid throughout the movie. It's way more fantastic than any other action film. The film is interesting and succeeds in keeping the viewers excited and glued to the screen, eager to find out the destiny of the tribals. The film might be a decent w
  • mahesh-6824810 December 2015
    The love charger is back, and he is more powerful than ever before. He fights ghosts, tuskers gone amok, and in between he also has time to battle social evils, in no particular order. The second part of MSG- The Messenger is now running in cinema halls, and here's a warning in public interest: You'll be blown away by the supernatural powers of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan.

    Babaji, as the spiritual guru is called by his followers, makes his grand entry through rings of fire that lead him to two kids trapped in a burning house. After dangling for a few seconds mid-air, he saves the bewildered children who probably didn't know about the existence of CGI. During this scene, stones are crushed, rears are kicked and elephants are tossed in the air. Babaji leads to a change of heart in indigenous people when he lifts a badly animated elephant on his palm.

    Later, we see them dancing in Bollywood style, but Guruji stops them as he wants them to bathe first. So much in the name of civilization!However, the battle is not even half won yet as there are 16 clans of indigenous people living in the same area and their head Ajgar is a tough nut. By this time, we have witnessed two songs in Guruji's own voice, and the 60-something lady sitting beside me has danced twice. She doesn't have any qualms in doing so, why? Because everybody else is dancing inside the hall.

    Followers are chanting,the slogan of Dera Sacha Sauda, (IMDb shows mistakes for slogan, i m not able to tell you) a sect headed by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. Meanwhile, some corrupt politicians, valorous army men and common social workers have got involved in the struggle to eliminate the barbaric 'adivasis' from the face of the earth. But, none of them is going to succeed because of one man's noble intention. By the way, that man is also the singer, editor, composer, writer and everything else of the film.
  • mahesh-2298710 December 2015
    Here comes the most awaited sequel of Bollywood Film Industry: MSG 2 - The Messenger. It's the fastest sequel ever made in the film industry releasing after just 8 months of the first part. Since times immemorial, the great saints of the world have used various methods to spread the message of love and humanity which may have been seen as absurd in first place by mortal humans living in this world. Congratulations to Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan for stepping up again and courageously making this legendary saga for the mankind. What a brilliant job this man is doing, if whatever shown is to be believed and if it is reality. It is indeed one of the best with solid social messages. It will create history and would change definition of social reforms, spiritualism the notion of civilized people and of course Cinema too. Change is on the card my friends and it is inevitable. Now coming to the movie, MSG 2 has overcome all the small technical shortfalls of MSG 1. The graphics are just fabulous and special effects add to the awesomeness of the movie. As said by Guruji, the movie is based on reality with some Bollywood taste. The movie showcases that the most important thing in this world is "LOVE". Love can civilize even the most uncivilized tribal people in no time. It is shown that how Dera Sacha Sauda under the guidance of Guruji has done welfare works in the tribal areas of Rajasthan. He completely changes their lifestyle and their evil rituals like Nar Bali, marriage of girls at early age, eating raw flesh and many more. All this he does with only one weapon, that is LOVE. Amidst all this, the thrilling plot of the movie and the locations of shooting are very much commendable. As the movie progresses, you become glued to the movie and curious to know the climax. Guruji has acted superbly and has done a marvelous job. The music of the movie is very enticing and catchy and the stunts performed take the movie to new heights. The movie has shown the world the true meaning of spirituality and selfless service to humanity. The movie is definitely a masterpiece and it will set standards for other movie to come. To conclude, I would say that this kind of movies are really needed for our society and more such movies should be made and the efforts should be welcomed and well appreciated.
  • In a year where some movies pass off as cheap entertainment, this movie delivers and shows the wonders and drama of cinema. It's absolutely magnificent while showing both the beauty and the life of tribal people. The acting, visuals, cinematography, everything about this movie is just flawless. Overall, this is truly one of the best movies ever made. It's freaking awesome!At first I enjoyed the marvelous visuals, both the rendered and shot images. The soundtrack is very beautiful and even the poetry had its moments. MSG 2 film just left me speechless; I literally didn't know how to describe the masterpiece I had seen. So many messages can be contrived from this and I believe it will be a different watch for any single person.Well, about MSG 2, I expected something melancholy, ponderous and tragic. But it made me swell with joy and happiness and a gratitude for my life. I've been thinking about this movie day after its viewing. We witness the creation of life.
  • I love the concept of movie...the way the story is visualized is remarkable job by whole team of MSG2. Amazing concept of showing the tribal and their extreme animal like lives and with empathy, perseverance and belief in human life, MSG succeeds in turning them around, changing their destinies. I like the parallelism between their lives and modern day lives,this is forcing us to think about present day lifestyles, being armed with all the tools, we still tend to give up easily. Moreover this movie is packaged with melodious compositions, suspense, action and high drama.Unseen combination of traditional+Western music with self generated style.. These qualities made "MSG2- The Messenger" differ from others Movies.
  • MSG 2-The Messenger is about conquering negativity and giving confidence to people to tide over their defects and difficulties. It contains numerous messages like: Avoid non-vegetarian food, avoid all inebriations, build your character high, always do good deeds, removing the curse of child marriage, and most importantly, it gives message that, if our intentions are right, then with GOD's name, we can conquer whole world. Every scene has something for us, to learn. Everything in movie is nicely choreographed, projected and moreover, very nicely it is presented to public at large. While portraying the lives of tribal folks, the movie carries a profound message that when an uncivilized being can live a noble life, why civil people of elite society indulge in filthy acts of binge drinking and obscenity? The movie is intended to evoke selflessness, patriotism and sacrifice among the youth for the country. It inspires the youth who wish to do something for their nation.Moreover, we can say movie is providing a right direction for the creation of HUMAN BEINGS that cares for others as well. GREAT CONCEPT..
  • MSG 2 is a great mix of gripping storyline, heart-throbbing action, superb background elements, and amazing musical compositions. Noteworthy point is this, whole composition has been done by BABA RAM RAHIM HIMSELF.. Simply amazing..I liked HIS appealing looks in the movie, I mean, HIS way of dressing, talking and expressing were majestic, even HE has not taken any training in all that.. Great work by Baba and I am so impressed with the fact that A Spiritual Saint can take the step to make movie.. Amazing..The eye-catching designer cars, dresses and sets are the center of attraction in the movie. Specially designs of cars were very unique. I loved the green coloured car the most,which BABA drives to go to minster's home.. Fab.. When we look at the sets designed by Guruji, it seems he imports these marvels from the heavens. The scenic beauty of all songs takes me to heaven.
  • MSG 2 the Messenger (2015) is a movie based on true events that how anything can become possible by working hard by the Almighty's blessings. The movie revolves around how the tribal people used to live in the jungle and the jingle rules are applied to them, their life style which is totally different form ours and like this. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan played the role of a warrior who fights against the wild & primitive lifestyle of tribal and succeeding in turning them into civilized human beings. This is what the Saint ji has tried to convey the message to include the tribal people, after converting them into civilized beings, into the main stream with the society. Since its a true story, so it is possible to make all tribal people a civilized people.
  • shiffaligrover20 September 2015
    Movie MSG-2 The Messenger is directed by Saint Gurmeet Ram rahim Singh Ji Insan.The movie content is fantastic.MSG 2 is packed with Action,Comedy and Drama as the essence of a movie. The presentations of scenes are also amazing. Script is purposeful and entertaining the audience till end. A good movie without vulgarity and obscene scenes. MSG 1 was brilliant and now with MSG 2 you would get happier. Great completion to an awesome theme.To put it shortly, it is good as people make it out to be. The plot is great,the score is superb and actors deliver solid performances. After showing exceptional confidence in the film by holding the Paid Preview show on Wednesday night that grossed an incredible 3.60 crore, the makers are now releasing it at over 1800 screens across India.
  • MSG2 is Guruji's attempt at recreating Tribal people sentimentalism and complexity, and fully succeeding at all of them. The visuals are decent, but MSG1 is pale in comparison to MSG2. For a movie that happens in normal world, its cinematography felt very natural (the camera was perfectly close to its subjects), and wide shots are also beautifully done.… I was always dreaming about very powerful people, kings and things like that. I was just always impressed by people who could be remembered for hundreds of years or even for thousands of years and MSG is the one I believe will rule the hearts of billions of people, movie MSG 2 is easily the best action movie of the last many years. It's a visual masterpiece.
  • All critics claiming this movie isn't good, due to its complicated nature, are saying more about their inability to understand as opposed to the quality of this movie. I can't remember any social message oriented movie over the last few years that even came remotely close to this in terms of quality. An absolute masterpiece and quite easily the best film I've seen in 19 years of my life. Everything about it was just so incredibly epic and the detail to Humanity theory was beyond amazing. We often use the exaggerated saying of "jaw dropping", but for this film I can quote that literally. Don't Go with those movie whose budget and common sense are less than the amount of calories you consumed from Popcorn.
  • This was an unimaginably beautiful, intriguing, and intense film. Despite being over a 2 hour movie, it keeps your attention with twists, breathtaking imagery, and thought-provoking themes. If you have a developed attention span and an open mind, you'd be a fool to not to see this. MSG 2 is the best movie I've seen all year. It is good investment of time and money, trust me it won't let you down. The greatest thing I hear is that announcement made by MSG is the earning through the premiere show of MSG is donated in "Skin Bank" for acid attack victims. As per me message is clear from the movie is that "MSG is already rehab these tribes earlier" and this is your time to choose the option whether you want to be "Educated tribal devil" or "Educated Human". Choice is yours. I want to be "Educated human"
  • I think this is a start of the new age of Indian cinema ,where we have a movies with such a happening messages. MSG-2 is a complete movie with a genius script with foreshadowing and a mind blowing original plot. And Good acting by the artists. Let us not talk about the music because we all know that it has made spell- bound everyone even before the release of film I didn't find the movie similar to the few bad reviews on this site but I was in awe of undoubtedly the best movie I've ever seen. The way things work out just blew my mind and the perfect way of showing human nature left me dazzled by the movies brilliance. Actually MSG is trying to re-connect us with our Indian culture which we somewhere forgot. ATB to Team MSG
  • tarunreddy-8279121 September 2015
    MSG- 2 is simply a masterpiece, it's one of my favourite movies till date. The movie gathers a lot of great aspects as it brings a more realistic view of tribals. This is a great movie with an interesting story which has an ancient feel, excellent pace and awesome stunts. This film provides an expert glimpse into the cultural habits of remote tribes and the not-so-apparent social change in their lives. The presentation of the cinematography could be largely enhanced. The stunts performed by the MSG did create more attention. MSG 2 is hilarious from the beginning and until the ending credits. The makers have really managed to create credible and convex characters: a nasty-looking Azgar; open-hearted and clever tribals. Though the plot is truly based on the personal experience of MSG with the tribals, watching MSG2 is really interesting. This movie will definitely have a long term effect on the youth who always enjoy an action packed drama.This movie transcends a genre into new territories and with it enhances the entire level of Cinema. Just about every aspect of this movie was flawless. Though it abides religiously to its title, "MSG 2 The Messenger" but it completely remains a spine-tingling well- staged, chillingly relevant, and brilliantly monumental addition to the MSG dynasty. Rockstar Saint has no equal for sure. It's everything that you come to expect from a film, taken to a whole new level. This is not just a superhero movie but also has equal parts of drama and thriller and it's a well written story offers some interesting new characters. For a movie filled with such joyous, danceable beats, there's still a note of sadness playing through. It's not surprising, the sequel really gives me a new perspective to consider MSG 2 to be more than just a movie. Thumbs up to the directors and script writers. Without giving any spoilers I would like to state that MSG 2 is a must watch.
  • Yes MSG2 is a stellar movie. Like MSG1 the film takes cool humanity concept and does some interesting things with it. The story is engaging and suspenseful even if you can predict it. The film is long but it allows you to feel the length of the journey and let the characters breath. The stand out is the presentation with the film being beautiful to look at and is a must see movie... Another solid film from Guruji. As a big fan of action exploration I was more than pleased. Cinematography and visuals were breathtaking, capturing both the warmth and beauty of heart and also the subtle message in it surprises you. It surprised me with mind bending concepts, some of them I wasn't even expecting. MSG2 is just a perfect film. And in fact, the first hour amazed me totally. If I were home, I would have seen it again BUT no God I was not and did not. MSG2 simply blew me away. I'll definitely catch it next Sunday. MSG 2 has amazing heart wrenching inspiring story/visuals and soundtrack. It makes you think about what we should REALLY be aiming for in life. I was crying my eyes out on more than one moment in this masterpiece. Pros: Great action Scenes.
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