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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Rated R for Nudity" is a 3-minute short film from 2011, so this one is already over five years old. i personally am entirely sure that this one would be entirely unknown and forgotten today if it hadn't been made by Oscar-nominated director Denis Villeneuve (turns 50 this year) from Canada. The voice we hear in here is by successful Canadian actress Macha Grenon. Now about this one here, Villeneuve was already in his mid-40s when he made it and it was past "Incendies", so the argument early career effort to excuse this one is not to be applied. It is basically a piece of comedy where Villeneuve plays with the eye-ear coordination of he audience. What you read is not always what you hear. As somebody who is fluent in English and French, I never found this very inspired or interesting to be honest. people who don#t speak both languages will be completely lost anyway as the inclusion of subtitles would really complicate matters to an extent where it is impossible to understand this one. It's a very disappointing work and a contender for Villeneuve's worst. I really like some of his other stuff, but this one here is a failure. Stay far far away.
  • Not very good, mostly a waste of time for the viewer