The hospital scenes in "The Accident" were filmed in a non-functional wing of a working hospital.

The van that breaks down in the "Siren" segment actually broke down on-set during production.

A gig poster for the band from the "Siren" segment (The White Tights) is visible at the bar in the "Jailbreak" segment.

For the entire final sequence of "Siren," all of the footage is flipped.

When Mitch and Jack enter the truck stop, Sutter flips her magazine repeatedly and the word "FEAR" is visible on the top corner.

The filmmakers had previously worked together on "V/H/S" (2012).

The movie "Carnival of Souls" can be seen playing early on at the start of the movie in Roy's roadside cafe.

The characters Shane, Cait, Jem & Daryl are named after members of The Pogues (Shane MacGowan, Cait O'Riordan, Jem Finer and Darryl Hunt).

Throughout production, the house used in "The Way In" housed cast and crew.

The segments were filmed in the following order: Jailbreak, Siren, The Way Out, The Way In, The Accident.

The medicine given to Kim and Ava is yogurt mixed with buttermilk.

The tattoo on Jack's arm says "Only God Can Judge Me."

The score by The Gifted was created using analog synths.

The bar in "Jailbreak" is named "The Trap."

Only practical filming locations were used.

The floating creatures can be seen in every segment.

There are numerous hidden connections between the first segment ("The Way Out") and the last segment ("The Way In"). These include: 1) the truck from the first segment is visible in the Freez'n Over parking lot at the beginning of the last segment, 2) the house is the same in both segments and many of the same shots are used, including of the hanging lights outside and when the daughter walks down the same hallway where Mitch gets trapped, 3) in the first segment, the creatures stalk Mitch and Jack in the exact same fashion that Mitch and Jack stalk the family in the last segment, first from afar before then closing in, 4) Jack is grabbed by the creature in the bathroom with a t-shirt, which is what he kills Cait with in the last segment, 5) the shaking in Roy's Cafe sounds exactly like the ground that opens up in the last segment, 6) when Jack is killed by the creature, he dies in much the same way as Cait did when he killed her by chocking and suffocation, 7) the knocks on the motel door that lure Mitch into the room are the same pattern as the knocks from outside the house in the last segment, 8) in the first segment, the motel room is numbered 6255 which is the same as the house's address in the last segment, 9) the mask that Mitch wears in "The Way In" is visible on the table in the last shot of "The Way Out," it's what he was looking at when he first heard his daughter giggle, 10) the songs "Don't Let the Party End" and "Goodbye, Goodbye" are used in both, 11) the DJs voice-over is in both segments however the ending version has slightly different dialogue.

Actress Fabianne Therese can really bend her elbow back as she does as character "Sadie."

The room number (6255) in "The Way Out" is the same as the cabin address in "The Way In."

Portions of "The Accident" surgery scene were shot in David Bruckner's living room.

Bullet holes can be seen on the door of the motel room at the end of "The Way Out."

The same dispatcher (Zoe Cooper) can be heard in the "The Accident" and "The Way In."