Preacher: We've come to the place where we joke about the idea of the devil. With the horns, and the tail and all that. But that is Satan's lie to distract us from the reality of who he is. He's no mask in a Halloween store, he's not what you see in the movies. He is an active, violent, anti-God personal reality. And as much as we refuse to admit it, he lives through us. He uses us to carry out his unspeakable deeds. For we are his pawns, we are his demons on Earth. We satiate his hunger. If you have the slightest bit of greed in your heart, he will turn it into an avalanch. He will slither into your soul.

Zooey Hellman: [about a painting] That's the thing for the bank?

Jesse Hellman: Yeah. Yeah, that's the comission.

Zooey Hellman: Butterflies? *So* not metal.

Zooey Hellman: Oh, my God! Dad! I said I wanted a flying V and he's given me his! And a Marshall, dad, he's given me his Marshall... Dad! I can keep 'em right? Please! Please!