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  • A juggernaut of unfolding story lines, relationships and cinematography. Excellent script with a series of independent stories that the main characters develop their ongoing stories and provide their back stories with every subsequent episode. This series is appropriately rated MA with full female and male nudity so if that offends you look elsewhere. If reading subtitles are a issue then this isn't the series for you either.

    But if you enjoy a suspense building drama crime series with excellent cinematography and excellent use of music to build tension and horror then don't pass this series up. 9 out of 10 for me.
  • I just finished the first case (first 3 episodes) and I just had to write a review for this show! Its amazing and I'm so happy Netflix decided to buy it. I live in The Netherlands so foreign TV shows rarely air here. It's mostly the Swedish crime dramas that air. It's refreshing to see Finland join in on the fun.

    This show looks and sounds amazing, great music as well! The characters are great and the acting is on point. A very professional presentation here that makes American shows look like a kids game. If you haven't given this show a thought or a try, please do! I'm completely hooked and pray they make a season 2!
  • Firstly, I don't write reviews unless I've watched the whole show or series. I watch a lot of foreign content and loved this series. Whilst I agree with one reviewer who criticised the show for wrapping up episodes a little too quickly, thus making the conclusion a tad hard to understand, this really affected only 1 or 2 episodes. Overall, the stories are well thought out, the acting is good and the scenery superb.

    I liked the way the characters were developed and found myself invested in their personalities and lives. It's not just a cop show - you experience both the professional and private relationships of Kari, his family members and his work alliances. And whilst the stories do stand alone, it's best to watch the series in sequence to fully appreciate and understand the interrelationships that develop.

    I believe a lot of thought went into the casting of the series. Ville Virtanen as the lead character Kari Sorjonen is superb - as well as being a nice bit of eye candy for we ladies. Matleena Kuusniemi, who plays Kari's wife Paulina, is just delightful and I cannot imagine anyone better for that role. Olivia Ainali, who plays their daughter Janina, looks like she could be their offspring and plays her role as a young adolescent, coping with all the complexities of that age group and peer pressures, very convincingly.

    I'm hoping for a second series. Nine out of ten from me.
  • I started watching season two and was IMMEDIATELY disappointed in your horribly dubbed English audio. Luckily I came to the reviews. You can go to your options to change the audio to the Finnish (original) language! Keep the subtitles in whatever language you need. Do yourself a favor and don't watch the series the "Netflix" way. It loses the quality. You need the original actor's voices. Something gets lost without their tone. This is such a great show. Now I haven't watched the second season yet, but I loved the first
  • Taking his leave from hectic Helsinki to find more peace of mind and time for his family, Finnish detective Sorjonen finds himself and his loved ones more and more intertwined with the intrigues of Lappeenranta, a small town near the border with Russia.

    The show is subdivided into several 'cases' covering three or four episodes each, giving you a quick and steady build-up of suspense that keeps you at the edge of your seat and hungry for answers. The characters develop naturally, and their interactions are natural and witty. Cinematography-wise, the film makers went out their way to contrast the beauty of the Finnish landscape with the dull greyness of a small industrial town.

    Sorjonen/Bordertown's reserved characters may be a typical and accurate representation of the overall Finnish disposition, but it's the rough edges, quirky little details and the snarky responses from the somewhat stubborn Sorjonen that give this show a very authentic feel. Sorjonen having to move an inevitable pile of paper clutter from Taina's passenger seat before he can sit down, for instance, is a very natural thing to happen, and would surely be polished out in Hollywood shows. Another refreshing example is Lena, a stocky blonde in her late 40s. As the actual unscrupulous ex-FSB Russian muscle of the show, she won't shy away from a few unconventional methods to get answers. At the same time, she is having a hard time being a mother to troubled Katia.

    If you're looking for points of critique, it would be that some of the characters are surprisingly quick in recovering from rather traumatic experiences, and there's a few loose ends that remain unanswered. Also, there's quite a worrying number of really twisted people in the small town of Lappeenranta.

    If you are looking for rapid action and wild shoot-outs, this isn't the show for you. If you're into natural acting and subtle, dark humour, then this is highly recommended.
  • The stories and build up of this series is amazing. The way the characters match and are not overdone (like us series) is really good.

    Ville put down an excellent role where you follow his pattern of evolving, not only work wise but also as the family man that he is.

    I really recommend people to watch this great series, i've watched in one breathe.

    Waiting for season 2 ;-)
  • Another review noted that Netflix has dubbed season two. Change the language back to finnish with english subtitles. Much better. Very good show.
  • The cinematograpy is unbelievably good throughout the whole series and it makes it the sellingpoint of the show. Although the show is highly concentrated on the cinematography and making the setting feel believable, the show does not lack a good plot or actors. The whole package is a entertaining Scandinavian Crime drama that has the potential to compete with the best shows in the category such as Broen.

    Finnish entertainment production should appreciate this show as the greatest achievement Finland has achieved internationally TV- wise and learn from it.
  • Fantastic series with very skilled acting and written stories with characters that are intertwined together in each episode which makes for great writting since it hooks more viewers. stories quickly enfold even in 2-part episode plots.
  • It is dark and sometimes hard and complicated to watch. There are moments you get lost. But the character of Sorjonen will keep you there.. he is so good written, so human so intelligent. I love this serie!!!
  • About a decade has passed when Forbrydelsen, Millennium-stories and others have spread throughout the world with their wittiness and approach. Until now, all other Nordic countries, even small Iceland, have had their own successful series - except Finland. But with Sorjonen/Bordertown, this shortcoming was rectified. And so vigorously!

    Indeed, Sorjonen is no sneaking in, it is a versatile and well created story, with interesting characters and powerful performances (particularly Ville Virtanen as Detective Inspector Kari Sorjonen; somehow I have missed to follow this character actor before), where all members of the cast have their important contribution, there are hardly no excessive characters or events; even some story lines and scenes you might think lead to clichés, they have not (until now), but something has to be expected or understandable, otherwise all the plot would plunge into tedious mysticism and supernatural conclusion of cases. True, there is one case per 2(3) episodes, but there are strong links among them and new stuff from the past is explained, thus it is advisable to watch all them in succession.

    Well done, guys! And beautiful Finnish nature provides additional value the whole concept. Looking forward to Season 2 already.

    PS Season 2 is meaty as well, although Sorjonen himself is a bit less main character there. I hope they create more seasons.

    PS Season 3 is even more psychological, emanating from a certain sad family event... The cases are more discursive, but still - it is a good series.
  • deanccurry21 September 2017
    Bordertown is an intelligent, entertaining Finnish drama series. The first season is divided into several two part chapters, each connected to the proceeding ones. The story vignettes, and the characters, are well developed and have a wonderful Finnish "feel." Hoping for season two!
  • What's working? The cast Kari, Lena, the supporting officers and story lines are great especially in the earlier episodes of season 1. This show has the capacity to really really go deep if it adjusts its trajectory. Kari is an incredibly unique character and Lena is equally incredible and intriguing yet different and the complementing case/family members are great. The one psychotic bad guy on season 1 was awesome too.

    What's not working? They are overly involving the 2 main detectives kids too many times as victims in the plot lines... This just isn't realistic. I mean both kids have been separately involved twice in life threatening plot lines in the first season alone spanning half the 1st season episodes. If 50% of the season 1 crimes their trying to solve involve both lead detectives kids it just doesn't hold up... This is supposed to be a serious investigative crime drama. I have a hard time believing someone on the writing team didn't feel this as incredibly cheezy.

    I really love the show and think it has serious potential but they need to keep it more realistic... and less forcing the teen angle into the story lines where it just doesn't fit.
  • I was immediately pulled in by Sorjonen, the main character. A of few words, he's got a preternatural puzzle-solving gift along with an unnatural ability to obsess. But his obsessing is neither self-conscious nor neurotic. It's ponderous. WhIch becomes mesmerizing. Because you don't just watch him, you become him and experience his obsession to solve a case that pulls him away from life & never lets him rest.
  • I totally enjoyed 1st year series. Could not wait for the second year to come out. Watching now. Same great storylines and acting. BUT, the english language dubbing is horrible. Voices are 2nd rate, mutes many sounds on the original soundtrack. Sounds like non-actors speaking. PLEASE go back to original language and captions.
  • dulanytroop14 September 2017
    Maybe a few cliche's, maybe not all that deep, but suspenseful and exciting enough keep your interest. All of the characters work, and their relationships are very believable. Finland looks beautiful. Nothing is overdone. Violence and sex is just graphic enough to get the message across and the plots are not nearly as complicated as your typical English mystery.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I do like this series but the daughter Janina well she's not really has a great time which might explain her mood.

    1.She been drugged and kidnapped 2. Arrested for murder. 3. Her boyfriend gets shot in front of her. 4. She's held hostage in her own home. 5. She worked at the same place as the cannibal killer and knew him.

    Let's hope she has a much less eventful life in series 3
  • If you like the Swedish/Danish crime drama...then maybe this is for is for me at least...and i am this series...even the intro...well made...european crime drama...enjoy...
  • It's a compelling crime drama that I found quickly addictive. The character development is well done, and there's a nice mix of suspense and twists. My only critique is the dubbing is awful. Luckily I saw the advice of another reviewer to change the audio to FInnish and turn on English subtitles. This allows you hear the proper tone of the actors.
  • I'm so happy Netflix decided to get this Finnish show. I really loved it and I hope to see what will happen in 2 season. :D
  • Bordertown is an endearingly intelligent, moorishly entertaining Finnish cime-noir drama series of the highest ilk. The first season is divided into several two part chapters, each connected to the proceeding ones but can be viewd as isolates (though not as pleasurably). The story, the vignettes, and the characters, are well developed and expanded and it have a wonderful Finnish "feel." Great that Lapperentaa is also on the world TV map!

    I hope there will be a second season
  • Watching Season 1 of this Finnish detective series was a wonderful breath of fresh air. Intelligent and progressive characters, story lines, cinematography and script; what a pleasure.

    Season 2 however is quite disappointing, the teenage daughters of two of the main detectives are involved in far too many hectic violent cases, even though they had had already been involved in traumatic violent cases in the first series. This is far too unrealistic, unlikely and unnecessary. In addition, although the two detectives move heaven and earth to save their children, the teenage daughters demonstrate no gratitude or love, only anger, and become extremely frustrating to watch. Is this a crime/police series or a teen drama. I can only wonder what happened to the intelligent and thoughtful story lines of the previous series.
  • jeannies-196074 April 2019
    I absolutely love this show. Its not as action oriented as a lot of the English shows we normally watch. But i enjoy the transition from starting a new case to finding the villain. These guys are great. They work well together, even though you can tell that Kari is the key.
  • Such a shame. I don't feel I can watch it now. The dubbed voices don't teally match the characters well and it spoils it for me.
  • maggiewalker426529 December 2018
    Clever, well acted, great cinematography, well thought out plots. This is not for people who like popcorn TV or special effects to tell a story; this is a serious piece of acting and television. The lead character is a super intelligent and quirky man who finds it difficult to relate to fellow humans on their terms; his brilliance is in his intellect and individuality and bringing that to the fore to find answers and draw conclusions that others cannot fathom. The Nordic and Scandinavian TV shows are always very good, this is probably the best of them.
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