Anamaria Marinca previously played an astronaut traveling to a planet for the first time in Europa Report (2013), wherein a journey to Europa, the moon that orbits Jupiter, is depicted.

Elon Musk's image is shown during the introduction. Elon publicly stated his goal of getting a person to Mars.

Is available to watch streaming on Hulu, a week before the cable-TV broadcast on NatGeo channel. Hulu has a "Before Mars" episode which starts the story to the tv series "Mars". The series is available on NatGeo channel and Netflix.

Daedalus was the name of the orbiter in 'Space Cowboys'.

The lava tube they locate is at location tk-421, a reference to the stormtrooper on the Death Star in Star Wars IV: A New Hope who is standing guard outside the Millennium Falcon. He gets knocked out by Han Solo and/or Luke Skywalker who then take his armour.