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  • Going into this season I had plenty of questions as to the structure it was going to go by. The choice to not have a true big bad (at least as of now) was a risky but interesting move, and it's paid off so far. I'm just as invested in the trial of Frank Castle as I am anything Daredevil is doing on the streets at night. That's a tribute to the incredible writing of the show.

    Unfortunately for Matt, his job at night and day came in direct conflict with each other as he struggled to balance the two (much like most superheroes). Matt showed up late for the opening statement of the trial, forcing Foggy to step up for the team. He recuperated well after a rough start, but this put another cog in the relationship between Murdock and Nelson. Neither are wrong in this situation and I almost have to side with Foggy. I don't see why Matt couldn't have at least given Foggy a heads up about Elektra. Again, Matt's not wrong either, but you would think he would learn to keep the lying to a minimum.

    Really it all comes down to Elektra messing things up for Matt. I don't expect Karen and Matt to break up, but they can't go down this path of lying and avoiding the truth with each other. It never works. On the other hand, I love seeing Elektra and Daredevil out in the field together. The hand to hand combat is consistently immersive and I'm becoming increasingly interested in the mafia that they are after. I'm completely on board with where this is heading.


    +Foggy's not really wrong here

    +Intriguing trial reveals

  • Warning: Spoilers
    As the case against Frank Castle goes in full motion Nelson and Murdock, Nelson particularly, has been going through tough times. The evidence, as well as body count, is mounted against their client and they are scraping any defense for any reduce in sentence. Meanwhile, Murdock goes for another side quest with his side companion.

    In a mutually affecting relationship, Daredevil and Elektra are gradually changing. Daredevil is showing more violence, though still also some restraint. Elektra herself heeds her ally's advice not to kill, not out of sympathy or mild conscience but for keeping their alliance intact. Oddly enough this partnership seems to be working as they find camaraderie in each other.

    Unfortunately, this has negative impact on his day time work. Murdock pushes away Karen and Foggy who are struggling to maintain a proper defense. The court scenes are pretty well done, they are not only needed to push the plot, but also to develop the characters involved. From the looks of things, it won't be in distant future that Murdock has to make a choice or simply come clean as the lies are getting harder to maintain.

    The latter parts show a more action-oriented pace, and also a good return of the mystical and mysterious flavor the first season had.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The main problem I have with Matt's 'sidequests' in this and the previous episodes is that I don't get why he has to help Elektra. It doesn't look like she couldn't do it alone. So why does he help her? He knows the trial is the most important thing right now. Considering that the whole plot is based on the premise that Matt can't deal with those two things at once, this is a very loose ground.

    The two plots feel kind of forced to me because of that. Why don't have Elektra go on those adventures alone and have Matt find out about them later? Same conflict, works better imo. And Matt could do his own thing as Daredevil at night to find out more about the case and not really be ready for the legal defense this way. That would be much smoother.

    Besides this kind of big issue: Foggy and the trial have been amazing and are saving the episodes right now.