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  • freys222 September 2015
    If I had to liken Gate to another television show, it'd be Stargate SG-1/Atlantis. Of course, Gate is (besides being an anime) more fantasy than sci-fi, but Gate has the same sort of character dynamics and plot. The leader/main character has a very cavalier attitude and acts like he really couldn't care less about his work, but in reality he's a do-gooder at heart. The fantasy land is plagued by the Empire which doesn't think twice about sacrificing its plebeians, and the people of the fantasy land are of a medieval era and think that the earthlings' technology is magic. The main character(s) go around rescuing the common people and expect nothing in return, but their superiors are more interested in the gains that an unexplored and easily conquered territory can offer. Of course, Gate is an anime, so the main character has his own little harem conveniently drop into his lap (I'm not complaining; that's 90% of what makes anime awesome).

    The specifics of the plot: Tokyo suffers a surprise attack by forces of the "special region," who arrive via a suddenly opened gateway that links Earth to their world. Although the invaders have tamed dragons, their weapons are of the medieval era, and their forces are easily defeated by the JGSDF. However, the sneak attack results in massive civilian casualties. In order to prevent this from happening again in the future (with some obvious ulterior motives), the JGSDF sends troops to the other world to occupy the other side of the gate. In order to get the lay-of-the-land, the JGSDF sends Lt. Itami and his squad to make contact and initiate negotiations with the locals on the other side of the gate.

    I'd say that the animation is 9/10, and the plot is, while somewhat unoriginal, also a 9/10. The characters (or at least the main character) are a 10/10, as they're easy to relate to and like. The action, while not being of the typical anime mecha or superpower clichés, is a 10/10. Just my personal opinion, but there's something about medieval action sequences that's just awesome, and this anime has the added bonus of exploring what a battle between medieval weaponry and modern weaponry might have to offer. The result: a very subtle, unique, and almost philosophical juxtaposition regarding how very efficient we as a species have become at the art of killing (with a lot of anime charm thrown in).

    Overall, in my opinion, this is the best anime of 2015.
  • Tweekums4 April 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    As this fantasy series begins a portal, dubbed 'The Gate', to another dimension opens in the middle of modern day Tokyo; an invasion force of mythical beings and monsters comes though… and is promptly defeated by the Japan Self-Defense Forces and its modern equipment. Japanese forces then go through the gate and establish a base on the other side in the so-called 'Special Region'. Some of the locals fight back but they are swiftly defeated. Protagonist Youji Itami is soldier who just happens to be a bit of an otaku, he leads attempts to befriend the local population and quickly establishes a harem of female fighters that includes a demigod and a couple of elves. As time passes the Japanese get more involved with the local people's problems such as dealing with a menacing dragon and ultimately taking sides in a local war against the megalomaniac who has taken over the empire that ruled the area before the JSDF arrived and still controls much of the territory beyond the gate.

    This is an enjoyable action/fantasy anime; the way it combines traditional fantasy elements with modern military equipment was rather fun. Some people have said that it is far too nationalistic but to be honest I couldn't see that; it is certainly no more so than many Hollywood action films. The characters are well designed and likable where we are meant to like them. Youji is a good protagonist and the girls he acquires are fun without being mere cyphers. They are each distinctive, strong in their own right and bring something to the story. There are plenty of secondary characters but not so many that the viewer gets confused. The animation is of a high standard and the action is exciting. Overall I'd recommend this to those looking for an action anime with a fantasy setting.

    These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You know when you watch a terrible show and then you look at its IMDb and you're amazed by the people praising it? I started watching Gate expecting it to be bad as the friend that suggested it. He often suggests bad anime for me to laugh at and to be honest after the first episode I was feeling two emotions. The first was a sense of excitement as I thought that this was going to do something interesting with a worn out concept of traveling to a fantasy world and the second emotion being dread as I saw all of the brightly colored girls in the op.

    I choose to focus more on the excitement.

    This was a bad idea.

    The first episode had no tension what-so-ever and there were multiple points where it failed to make any sense. I could explain this in detail but - to be completely frank with you - I didn't care.

    What actually made me realize just how bad this show was lies in the second episode. The first half of the episode consists of a kingdom luring the other nearby kingdoms into a battle with the self-defense force, (because the SDF are gods in this anime). In this we see multiple commanders that don't realize the trap they're walking into besides this commander that makes sure his army isn't on the front line as he has a bad feeling about it. As cheesy as this was I held onto my hope.

    They then try attacking the IDF and during this he watches all of the other armies get slaughtered by mortar/fire. This was at this point I thought that this was an overall cool concept, and that they would do something with his character. I didn't expect anything groundbreaking, but I was expecting him to be a middle man in the conflict. I thought that he would lead his kingdom remembering both what the SDF did to his people whilst also being weary of the other kingdom remembering what they did too.

    I was further baited into this idea by the fact that he pulled his army back to regroup and probably retreat. But no. He then re-attacks and dies because why would you need interesting characters when you have guns and waifus?

    There are a few other moments like this where I think "oh that's cool," but then they do something different and uninteresting (like how I thought that the village they visit later in the episode would hate them but would be explored). BUT NO. the villagers love the INVADING army that killed literally one hundred and twenty thousand of them (AND I'M NOT KIDDING WITH THESE NUMBERS).

    Anyway, long review short this anime constantly teases you showing the potential depth it could have and then goes out of its way not to have it.
  • GATE, an anime based on the genres of War, Adventure and Action, areas of my enthusiasm. Having completed the anime, I'm noting down the overall performance and the reasons.

    1. Story - 3/10. I take the Story into the highest consideration, regardless of the other factors, even they must be inadequate to a certain degree. GATE has somewhat failed in this regard.

    Excluding the spoilers, the story takes part through a lot of conflicts between the modern JSDF and the hostilities of the Special Region, as mentioned in the anime. A lot of a bloodshed takes place (expected of War movies/shows), but in the end, there weren't much feels over the death and the evils. Why? Because, the anime isn't taking the severity and consequences of the genre well. It's always the victory of the good side. That's a thing I can compromise, but here the feelings of war trauma aren't even seen (expect for one character), even from the view of the antagonists. In real-time sense, WW2, Vietnam and the modern wars had brought home troopers with a part of their souls lost due to their involvements in the conflicts, and here, it feels as if the JSDF are enjoying their hearts out with their downright slaughter. It seemed the author was simply trying to feed his ego with sole-JSDF involvement and aftermath glory against the Imperial Japanese defeat in WW2.

    Since, this story is somewhat based in the real world, I believed it to hold true to some of the basic logic in the modern-day. But, that was shaken up when I realised that the main character is an otaku, a JSDF trooper who'd 'put his hobby before work' was selected as one of the leading explorers in the Special Region. Fine, it can be tolerated to an extent as the show was made on anime demographics, but then the concept of power difference seemed too outlandish. It also shows the JSDF taking down special agent troops from military-enhanced troops from the US, Russia and other nations of the world. The JSDF were better in combat and strategy and almost every other aspect. On contrary to all the glory, their heavy military advancements are having a hard time against Dragons. Wow.

    The opening theme of the anime puts down a feeling of hope of the war-feels, for critical viewers against this show. Seriously, if you can't tolerate graveness in destruction, this is not your show.

    2. Characters - 4/10 The story section itself explains the basic depiction of the military characters. As for the co-protagonists in the show, I wasn't moved much. The lack in depth of characters makes this show blunt. On the contrary, Itami, the main protagonist can be the only exception with a better storyline than that of any other characters in the show. But then again he's an elite and an otaku. The perfect combination of an anime superhero.

    3. Animation - 8/10. I will agree with the animation and art quality. A-1 Pictures is keeping their good pace.

    4. Direction - 5/10. Nothing much to talk of, except for the heavy action scenes.

    5. Music - 4/10. Average. Neither the openings, nor the soundtracks caught my attention.

    Conclusion - 4.8/10. Another anime/story, which could've been great, if it hadn't fallen into cliché tropes, lack of war empathy, self-glorification and the author's self-ego feeds. Seriously, making it regrettable against its potential.

    If you are okay in tolerating with average shows, then GATE should be pretty much of a leisure relief. Good looking anime girls, and some heavy actions, I guess it can be given a shot to the watch list.
  • Try to think if modern era is mixed with medieval era (with dragon, elfs, mage, and gods exactly) Uuuh, that's must be awesome.
  • peterfmodel26 August 2018
    Another surprising tv series from japan and this is a goodie. It grabs you from episode one and for the bulk of season one you are always wanted to find out what happens. The character development is good, so you begin to care for the princess and the various JSDF troops involved. The only issue is by season two it becomes a bit too predictable, as well as have a number of good characters missing. Apart from that there are a number of simple things which could be done to put the tension back into the show, but as of now there is no season 3. SEason 1 and 2 are well worth a watch. Parents will need to be careful letting their children watch as this show, like many from japan, deals with very adult and confronting topics. But there is no fan based content here, so nothing too naughty.
  • This series fluctuates between a care free attitude and brutality quickly, this can be a bit jarring for some (as can be seen in the reviews) but I suggest an open mind and looking at it from the view of a "survivor" using copping mechanisms to keep sane, and keeping real world history in mind.

    Conquering nations were rarely kind and slavery and the abuse of the captured was very common, if anything "Gate" downplays how bad it really would be.

    Here's to hoping there will be a 3rd season.
  • goirishsb18 March 2019
    For me this was a through back to classic anine like Macross of Samurai warriors (main stream). It has all the prerequisites for most dramedy anime a mix of good guys bad guys a protagonist hopelessly at odds with his character. Some how funding himself surrounded by this odd collection of supporting characters. All of whom are made up of classic archetypes the grizzled old noncombatants, the quiet stable medical officer the gungho soldier. Than you have the girls demigod badass, wise wizard, than the traumatized victim that once she wakes up yet another badass. Look in short you want to watch an anime that has some laughs and drama not to mention some kick but animation this is for you if you are looking for something way more serious highlighting the horrors and trauma of war I suggest Beserk or if you want to go way back Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise. Trust me there is enough of the terrible Hell that is war in those movies to sufficiently depress you.
  • "A gate to another world opens, and..."

    Anime that start out like this are a dime a dozen these days, and this one starts out exactly the same. However, it soon takes that familiar start and does its own thing with it. What would *really* happen when the world discovers a gate to another world? Would politicians want to make peace with these new people, or would they want to scavenge this new world's resources? Would everyone welcome the newcomers to their respective worlds with open arms, or would there be fear and distrust?

    If you were to just judge Gate by some random screencaps, you would be hard-pressed to tell it apart from any other anime like it. A lot of the tropes it uses have been done a million times before. Cute, big-breasted girls fawning over well-intentioned, cool-looking guys. Fantasy creatures galore. Wonder at the differences in their respective worlds.

    But Gate takes a much more realistic approach to what would happen if something like this were to occur for real, and that's why I'm okay giving it a 7. It's still tropey as hell, but it manages to stand out from the rest because of its realism.

    Do I recommend you watch it? It's only 2 seasons for now, and there's a lot of stuff out there that is better, but if you're wanting to watch something isekai-ish that is not just the same thing repeated for the 1000th time, Gate is for you.
  • The theme of Gate is what would happen if a modern country somehow connects to a Medieval Fantasy World, a clash of automatic guns against swords, a Humvee vs Cavalry, a modern fighter jet vs dragon. It is a fun world making for the fans of genre with the modern world having realistic take on politician, press and otaku's, all having their own agendas. Lots of interesting and fun characters, this anime really surprised me with its storytelling. At times kiddish other times too mature for kids, so I am not sure who the target audience it, still a fun watch. Ended up binge watching both the Two Seasons.
  • The first episodes of this series started out with an interesting (if simplistic) premise: the Japanese discover a portal to another world, are attacked by an army from said portal, and go in guns blazing.

    Beyond that the writers, directors and producers should be ashamed of themselves for the repeated theme of "offer my body for the good of the Kingdom" and at least one scene of sadistic rape presented in the anime (I didn't watch any further than that episode 13 scene).

    Japan has a much-deserved reputation for anime underage sexualization / violence theme. This series does nothing to eliminate that stigma. I made it through 12 episodes of "suggestive" theme, until the 13th pushed it over the edge and took it off of my watch list. One has to wonder about the mentality of people who put such things in the middle of an anime series that up to that point gave no hint of such.

    For the record, I'm a guy and found this offensive in concept and execution. It presents the worst of outdated Japanese thinking and culture: the way to solve a problem is to kill 100,000+ people outright because you can-- and women are to be used and abused rather than respected. Ignore the token female "power images" presented-- their primary purpose seems to be a mini-harem for the main character. This is sado-chauvanistic presentation that ruins a decent premise. Anyone with mature sensibilities may want to give this a skip.
  • S1 was great in all, but S2 was an terrible, many character protagonist has been not getting there screen time and that the storyline is a downhill