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  • This show if exceptionally funny. Many people have been complaining about the show after watching the first episode, which in my opinion is the worst episode. Its still funny but does not compare to the second and third episodes. If I were you I would definitely give the show a go and don't stop watching after one episode It has guest stars Rich Fulcher and Simon Farnaby ( Both of which starred in the comedy 'The Mighty Boosh' Which is also worth a shot. The humor in the show is not for everyone but frankly I love it. The characters are all very cheesy but the cheesiness is played off so well in this, Chief is one of my favorite characters just due to the fact that he is what every 80's cop is imagined as. Watch this show. Its worth it
  • I must say this is the funniest show I have seen in a while. The plot lines are so outrageously in-your-face silly that it The characters develop so well over the course of the series and the plot lines are a real throwback to every cop show we've seen and loved/hated over the years. The special guest characters make each individual episode unique and keep it fresh. It may not be everyone's cup of tea and donut but it certainly has an appeal to a big audience who are crying out for something now and out-of-the-box. It looks like it has just been moved from BBC3 to BBC2 also which is a vote of confidence from the Beeb. Good show 8/10
  • This new BBC comedy from Cein McGillicuddy and Andy Kinnear shows great potential, featuring Steen Raskopoulos, award winning Stand up Comedian John Kearns, Donovan Blackwood and filled with Fun cameos from Simon Farnaby, Alan Dale and Rich Fulcher. Top Coppers has a warm, familiar feel and lampoons just about every Cop/Buddy show from Starsky & Hutch to the Professionals and the Sweeney, throw in a bit of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, Murder in Successville and Police Squad and I think you can guess where we're heading. Silly, Funny, Abstract humour, you can relax and unwind to. Book yourself a ticket to Justice City and giggle yourself Silly!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm not going to beat about the bush; I am a big fan of this show. In my opinion it bears up to repeat watching, with added layers of subtle humour and plot detail being borne out by doing so. I think it may be destined to be somewhat of a cult classic. Familiarity with the characters seems to be where a lot of the best humour in the show can come from. Drawing from such a huge range of influences and references (any cop show on TV ever it seems) also seems to be one of the shows strong points. Chief is certainly my favourite character and there are quite a few scenes of his that always make me laugh out loud each time I see them. Some of his lines and facial expressions are just priceless; basically anything he says seems to be comedy gold mostly because of the intensity which the actor Donovan Blackwood gives to each line delivered. The lead characters John Mahogany and Mitch Rust (JCPD cops and partners) become more endearing as you get to know them, their frequent incompetency being one of the major sources of laughs for the whole series. Helga (forensic specialist) and Zach (communications specialist) the other two main supporting characters both hit the mark in providing extra comedy dimensions to the scenes they are in. Other highlights to look out for are any of the interactions between cockney crime boss Harry McCrane and his staff in episode 1, any of the 'acting' in episode 2, any interrogation by John and Mitch, MFI, Robot Cop and the surprisingly catchy and highly literal background songs sung by the cast. My only negative comment is that the script writers very very occasionally are slightly coarser in their humour than is fitting with the overall feeling of the show; this could be off putting for some more casual viewers. I would say that if you are a fan of the slightly abstract humour of shows like Father Ted and Garth Marenghi's Darkplace then there is a high chance you will appreciate this show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Mitch Rust and John Mahogany are working for the JCPD, Justice City Police department, battling crime.

    I've watched all the episodes so far, and I can't decide if I utterly love or utterly hate it, every Police cliché is intentionally done, and sometimes it works, and sometimes i've been sat here thinking did they really just.....

    The silly side of me is quite enjoying it, and I can't help sniggering at some of the jokes, Steen Raskopoulos has a kind of Michael Fassbender vibe which is by no means a bad thing.

    I'll have to keep watching, even if it's just for more loudness from Di Botcher, or the sternness of Helga, it's so bad it's rather funny. 6/10
  • peter-jf9 September 2015
    So this is a parody of 70s and 80s cop shows, I imagine the intent was to be rather like Leslie Nielsen's Police Squad , but it misses that by several miles, the gags are just not as good. I found it to be downright derivative of other, better comedy. The main interest is in remembering in which shows you first saw the plot lines and jokes. I think it was a mistake to mix tropes from both US and UK police series, the styles do not mesh well and it feels like a very jarring mash up of Starsky & Hutch, The Sweeney, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace and Police Squad with elements from Castle, CSI, The Comic Strip Presents, and numerous other shows. The main characters are just annoying but there are some good performances from the guest stars.
  • I really do not understand what's so funny about this. It's just like every other piece of garbage made by BBC3, that's been branded as "comedy". You can see why the channel's being taken down. The last funny shows released by BBC3 were Bad Education and Bluestone 42; since then, they have been embarrassing.

    Let's start with the Americanised humour, shall we? This, in my opinion, plays too much like an American sitcom. The humour isn't that funny at all. In America, they'd probably find this funny because their humour differs from ours. But shows like this just do not work in the UK. They never have, and they never will.

    The good things about the humour in Bad Education and Bluestone 42, was that it was sarcastic and very British. This however, is not. The acting? Terrible. The main "characters" are about as fun as revising for an exam. If not, less so. They lack so much creativity, it's unreal.

    The background characters are honestly more convincing than the protagonists, and that's not a good thing at all. If I find the background characters more interesting, in anything, then it's just... not right. The main characters are given the spotlight for a reason, and sadly these ones do not shine.

    The show is so unfunny, you'd get more joy out of EastEnders.

    The best thing about this show is when it ends, honestly. Especially when Russell Howard's Good News follows, or something else interesting.