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  • lor_6 March 2018
    When a Bluebirds Film lists "Marc Twain" as director, you can count on sludge, as that guy, perhaps the "Steve" as listed on the clapperboard at one point, always delivers mindless content. This first volume in a two-part series is poor as usual.

    We have five actresses in some warehouse housing dinky sets telling us they're working for Bluebird and then proceeding to hump Chatsworth studs for fun and profit. It's another example of a porn DVD equivalent to wallpaper.

    Bearing a 2009 copyright but released (according to IMDb) in 2012, the cast's young age amplifies the video's having laid on the shelf. Lexi Belle is her young self and so is the brunette version of Kim Kane, each wasted in nothing scenes. Kim comes off as an airhead in her brief talking to the camera intro, which she isn't in real life but like those hostage videos shot by terrorists in which the captives are forced to recite treasonous things I assumed Kim was sending the viewer a message regarding her disdain for this particular project.