The surname of the family, Milgram, refers go the Milgram test of obediance to authority, a theme dominant throughout the film. It is also revealed that the family resides on Stanford street, a reference to the Stanford Prison experiment which studied similar themes of perceived power and authority.

Holly Weston and Sam Gittins 3rd film together. The 1st being Howl in 2015, which is set on a train and when it is attacked by werewolves after breaking down, they must join together to survive. The 2nd being Sacracide in 2017, an indie horror film exploring unexplained deaths on a paradise holiday island.

When the mother is pleading to the TV, she reveals that the family's name is Milgram, and that they live on Stanford street. The Milgram Experiment and Stanford Prison Experiment are famous psychological experiments.

Has a basic premise eerily reminiscent of the Hammer House of Mystery and Suspence episode "Childs Play", in which a family awake one morning to find all the doors and windows of their house blocked by an unearthly metal barrier.